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#Repost @blackwealthrenaissance
A study by the Brookings institute in Gallup has shown that homes in majority black neighborhoods are undervalued, appraising for 48 k less on average contributing largely to the wealth gap. Now some will say that this is because of the conditions in the black community (crime, schools, etc.) but it was determined that those things only accounted for about half of this devaluation. What about the other half you ask? Purely based on racial discrimination.
Our purpose for sharing this today is not to highlight the discrimination against black people; we’ve all been aware of that for some time now and talking about the problem does not get you closer to a solution. We are advocates for changing the narrative of black wealth and allowing this injustice to continue is like giving someone the permission to rob us of our wealth. In order to create change we must to have more people from our neighborhood’s performing these appraisals so that WE can determine the value in our own communities. Less talking, more doing. Let’s be the change we want to see. •

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Yall shocked me yesterday 😮

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What makes people afraid to make more money?

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