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so @merle-casts-zone-of-truth brought up this tidbit which i hadnt considered before n im gonna d i e

Parley | C&F


It was the second night after the full moon, and Fenrir was left feeling hollow in wake of his wolf’s retreat back into the prison of his human form. It was always like this after a full moon. He had just one night to enjoy the freedom and power of his wolf, to run and hunt and kill as he was meant to. For one night he was limitless, unrestrained, one with the earth and the moon, and as wild as hurricane tearing through the coast.

The nights following his shift were always the hardest for him. Something like depression made him forlorn and introspective. Broody, his wolves called it. 

It was that desolate emptiness in his chest that kept him rooted in place even after his business with the wizard was done. Fenrir stared up at the night sky. There were only a few clouds that streaked across the starry blackness. The moon was on her waning cycle, and he sighed as he stared up at the rapturous glow. It’d be another month before he was free again. 

He clenched his jaw and forced his gaze away from the heavens down onto the man at his side. Caradoc Dearborn was nothing more than a man he occasionally did business with. They weren’t friends. Fenrir tolerated him for his goods and services. There was no reason to linger on the moonlit bridge with the other male. 

But he had no desire to go back to the compound, to do anything but soak up the moon’s silver light in the companionable silence that stood comfortable between them. With a clench of his teeth, Fenrir huffed out of his nose and strode the few steps to the old bridge’s thick, brick railing. 

A leg lifted over the railing, then the other and Fenrir sat down on the edge. There was a slow moving stream that passed underneath, black as ink in the night’s pitch darkness. He reached into his overcoat and grabbed the flask he kept in his pocket. The lid was screwed off and he took a swig of Rod’s expensive ass whisky. Its burn was comforting as it went smoothly down his gullet and into his gut. 

Without looking away from their surroundings painted in shades of black and blue, Fenrir held out his flask in blind offering.
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Been feeling a bit better today, so I did alittle doodle
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why are you so reluctant to go see the district attorney?

Dark neglects to answer, instead bringing his aura back into himself and causing his skin to take on a fleshier hue.
Huh. It’s dark outside.
…And raining.


My Second Call out post

@charmingsides Is a person I’d recommend talking to and you should overwhelm them with love and support because they deserve it and I love them okay Charley you keep doing whatever your doing bc its good and your good you adorable b e a n

Solo quiero hacerte mi esposa, y darte una casita en la colina, en la que solo estemos tu y yo, y pueda tener esos ojitos cerca de mi… todo el dia, todos los días.

Parley’s Trail / Dudler’s Wine Cellar
Salt Lake City, Utah
April 2018


adidas x Parley

Earth Day Kits

MLS WORKS Greener Goals initiative


Corona x Parley - 100 Islands Protected by 2020

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“Wow, you’re really strong.” (from seungmin to john)

boi if i knew // @ncvrrmind

      “ Are- I’m sorry, are you making fun of me or being serious ? ” 

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💀@ your darkest muse

send me a 💀 for some violence // accepting!

I killed him, and I’d gladly kill him again . ” It feels strange, almost, to speak so frankly about one of his dearest friends.  But the question had been asked, and as a beacon of truth he was inclined to answer. I’ll kill you too, once we’re done here. I promise it only hurts for a second . ”

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‘ one of my greatest fears is that someone will trick me into doing heroin. ’ ( jinhwan to john )

buzzfeed unsolved / / accepting

              “ Of everything in the universe, you picked one of the most statistically improbably things to fear. Why ? ”
Adidas and Parley for the Oceans unveil swimwear made from ocean plastic
Adidas has teamed up with Parley for the Oceans to create a collection of swimwear made from upcycled fishing nets and debris.