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Visite de l’université de konan à l’institut international de Rambouillet - de langue

A 1944 unexploded bomb was earlier carefully detonated in a secure way by experts in the north of Paris. This after previous attempts failed.

Tras el éxito de , y vuelven a formar equipo para presentar un nuevo single bajo la producción musical de . Descubre cómo luce entrando en

Before we allow back to the UK to face prosecution, we should stop and think of what it is she and her fellow terrorists stand for...

Expat Frank Barron's American-style cakes have gone down a treat in Paris! He shares his story with in our new March issue, on sale now>

Mobilisation pour le dans le 20e arr, défilé du dans le 13e et échanges avec des Parisiennes et Parisiens autour de Michou dans le cadre des rencontres de l'association .. Un week-end à sillonner !

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Supposed sketch of Robespierre at his execution by David. On the 9 Thermidor, Robespierre asked to address the Convention once more, but was refused a hearing. Robespierre and many of his followers were then put under house arrest. The most ardently patriotic Parisians immediately rallied to Robespierre’s support. But they quickly lost their impetus. They were not prepared for a head-on confrontation with the much feared Convention. While under house arrest, Robespierre tried to take his own life, but only managed to blow away his lower jaw.

In the chaos that engulfed Paris, Saint-Just was sabred, Robespierre the Younger also tried to kill himself by jumping from a window but only succeeded in breaking his legs. Robespierre the Elder was to be sent to the guillotine, the same guillotine under which he himself sent many to their deaths.


Bibhu Fall 2018 Runway show