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作業をしていたらこんな時間に…!😵 そして、お花に癒される毎日💐🥀🌹 街にはお花が溢れています☺️💖 おやすみきてぃー。🍀

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Unarguably the greatest name in fashion in the 21st century, rest in peace . Thank you for sharing your genius with the world!!!

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My last post to honor the great . His wedding gowns, like all he designed, were dream like.

Woman with a message meaning in French , as she participates in a rally against , , 19 02 2019, .

Famous figures from across the fashion business and beyond , the most prolific fashion designer of the 20th and 21st centuries, who died in on at the age of 85.

Our Team in , is getting everything set for the keynote speech of our President on "Taking to a Practical level in the Travel industry to top executives of worldwide airlines, hotels, and railway companies". Join us!

Early for the 1st in my fantastical, historical mystery trilogy. Coming in 2019. In the final days of Paris' liberation, artist, resistance fighter, and sometimes cat, Mademoiselle Rousseau solves a series of baffling murders that threaten liberty itself.

Luego de un comienzo adverso, Jacques Brunel se inclinó por la juventud de Romain Ntamack para ocupar el puesto de apertura en el encuentro que sostendrá ante en .

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