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If you started a business tomorrow, what would it be and what would you do to get customers? family Check out our top 3 questions to ask your kids

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17, 18 my young men you've grown fast Childhood no longer seems to last It saddens me how quickly time has past The future that awaits is vast. But our luv for you is steadfast.

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anyone else have the kind of parents where you can come to them with any problems but you better have a solution ready or at least a plan how to solve them else you just get very unhelpful ideas shouted at you and a free guilt trip

Working together and Becoming One

           One of the greatest things that will help make a marriage strong is working together. Husbands and wives are meant to be equal partners who help each other as they build their life and family together. In other words, they need to be united as they lead their family through life. The Lord has told us that,

“By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners” (The Family: A proclamation to the World, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

I have been lucky in my life to be surrounded by many couples who are great examples of this principle. A few of those people are my parents, my grandparents, my older brothers and their wives, and my oldest sister in-law’s parents. While all of these people are great examples for me (and to all those who know them), I know that they have had to work hard to make their marriages what they are today.


           Being equal partners, building a strong marriage, and becoming one is accomplished as we turn towards each other. But we also need to turn towards our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s by following His example and relying on the strength of His atonement that we are able to overcome our shortcomings that would weaken or even destroy or marriages. My parents learned this when they were first married. My dad was still going to college full time to become an engineer and my mom was busy taking care of their first two little children. My dad was constantly at school, doing homework, and working to provide for their little family. My mom rarely got to see him or spend time with him. Things were difficult for both of them, but they knew that they needed to support each other in every way possible in order to maintain and build their relationship. They are both very strong and resilient people, but they couldn’t do it on their own. They needed each other and the strength they found from their Savior. They made sure to include the Lord in all their decisions and they turned to Him whenever they didn’t get along. In those early years they learned very important lessons about love, forgiveness, and working together. These lessons have helped them on their way to becoming one.

           Our Father in Heaven and our Savoir want us to be happy and to receive all the blessings that they enjoy. They know that we can only accomplish that through marriage.

“They would give us perfect union and eternal happiness. Satan, their enemy and ours, has known the plan of salvation from before the Creation. He knows that only in eternal life can those sacred, joyful associations of families endure. Satan would tear us from loved ones and make us miserable. And it is he who plants the seeds of discord in human hearts in the hope that we might be divided and separate” (President Henry B. Eyring, “That We May Be One”, Ensign, May 1998, p.66, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

If a couple will work together along with the Lord, they will be able to withstand those trials that are thrown at them. They will grow closer together and to God until they are one for time and all eternity.


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Well hello there, Leign here! Today I shall be talking about my problem with what I want to do for Art. Um I want to practice anatomy, but the best way from what I’ve read is to draw someone naked so you can she how the body naturally looks. Now my parents look at my art, and are very judgmental about what I draw, they think it’s already quite inappropriate, so imagine this:

You come back from school, only to see you parents waiting, you hope your unspoken wishes of them finally excepting you for being non-binary has finally come true. You open the door and smile only to here the words “why are you drawing naked women.” Escape your fathers lips, you die inside knowing that this won’t be let go of till you move out.

Well I know exactly that’s probably how it would go because the last time I did anatomy practice I did females wearing bras and underwear and that caused hell in my household. I wasn’t allowed my drawing stuff for awhile too.

This is just me ranting so then my head isn’t always thinking about it. Yea, ideas on what I should do???

why do some parents find having dominance over their children more important than having a REAL relationship with them? why is instilling fear in your child a way to discipline? why if your child doesn’t agree with your opinion YOU will kick them out? and sever a relationship you could have had???? just by simply talking???? compromising????? understanding????? nope.

like what do you think teaches YOUR KID????

oh, let’s throw it all away because this relationship is no longer under my circumstances. because that is CLEARLY the best and most influential way to handle this …… i’m the adult but i’ll act like a child since this is NOT going my way.

I don’t wish on anyone to have a parent who is an addict. I don’t wish on anyone to sit back and watch their parent fall so deeply in their addiction where the last tiny sliver of hope left for them to reach into recovery is disintegrating. Now you just feel so hopeless for them, and yet feel like a failure that you cant help in any way, shape or form.

I’m a proud Atheist, I’m a proud LGBTQ+ supporter, but these two things are kept secret from my family. My parents know, and they’re afraid that this information will ruin the way people see them, specifically my younger brother. I care for them, but I’m tired of doing so. They’ve been brainwashed to see secularism as bad, to only ever see conspiracies as true, to only see the world in a box, to only care about how you’re seen. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of them. If their love will kill me then goddamn it I don’t want it. If family will make me feel horrible, make me feel untrue in who I am, then they have another thing coming.  Having blood related people by my side will never mean more to me than being happy in myself.

Even if they do.

Abuse isn’t just your parents’ secret.

Isn’t just something they did. It’s something they forced you to experience. They’ll say you have no right to tell people their private business and they’ll lump their abuse of you into their private business. It’s sort of true, we don’t really have the right to run around telling people everybody else’s private business, however, because they did it to you, it’s also your experience and your experiences are your business and you have every right to share your own private business whenever you want.


The third of four in this punchline series. This is the first time we see karma come in to touch Charli’s life, but it certainly won’t be the last. I did a strip recently that was a replay of this scenario a bit, which is funny, because I’d forgotten this one existed. This is the first original strip where (outside of the string hair) the character models are almost what we know today. Also, even in 2001 I knew that the police were assholes.
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Ed and Junior

this is a fiction WIP that I really came to enjoy quickly so I’m sharing for feedback and to encourage myself to finish !!! Please read I will love you for eternity 💜💜💜

Ed was eating breakfast, and Willie Nelson was singing on the radio. A yellow porcelain bowl struggled to hold how much cereal Ed put in it, and there was a wet halo forming on the table from where the milk spilled over the edges. A newspaper crossword stared back at him from the table, half finished. A turquoise stone pen lay across the puzzle. A mug of coffee sat on its top right corner, black but for a spoon of milk and drop of honey. The mug left rings too. Stains from thousands of previous breakfasts covered the table, dried and eroding circles of exactly two sizes that spread across the faded wood with dizzying repetition. When Ed was stuck on his crossword, he took to studying these rings and his old table. He looked deep into them and lost himself in their orbiting hypnosis. He circled his fingers lazily inside ridges of varying depth and thought about inevitability until a clue to follow would come to his mind and bring him back to the crossword.

“Dissipate,” Junior said and he turned off the radio. Ed jumped at his voice. He’d been standing behind Ed for a few minutes without Ed noticing. He did this. “Fuck you,” said Ed. Junior exaggerated his chores through the kitchen, capped the milk and returned it to the refrigerator, put the cereal and honey back in the pantry, tossed the pantry closed so it’d shut loud. Ed filled in 74 down when Junior’s back was turned.

“You gonna come with me to lunch? You haven’t seen Jack and Claire since we were kids. They miss you.” Junior’s words floated out into the kitchen and didn’t land anywhere. Ed studied his table. “Claire was talking to me last week about Saturday Sounds. She’s got a record now, Dad. You made her want to be a musician back then. Jack still has a bookmark you gave him when he was in third grade. Uses it all the time. He’s published.” Ed continued tracing circles in his table and tried to focus on the crossword, Junior not sounding much different to him than a gnat with a lower-pitched buzz. “You know, they just want to talk to you for a while. They’re staying at Jack’s mom’s. Mrs. Iris only lives a mile away.” Ed screeched his chair back and drank the milk out of his bowl, picked it up along with the mug. He walked around his table the long way to the sink to avoid Junior, clattered the cereal bowl into it loudly. Junior was standing in front of the refrigerator, and Ed navigated around him like he was a spill to get the milk back out. He slid over a step to the pantry for his honey and then to a coffee pot that was at least ten years newer than anything else in the kitchen, and he refilled his mug. Holding the carafe in his hand like a pitcher of beer he looked at Junior for the first time that morning. “You try to get me to leave this house one more time and I’ll break this pot over your god damned head.”


Junior had trouble bringing the box in through the door. It was almost too wide and he worried he might have to open it up outside and bring it in piece by piece, but he was able to inch it through. He had to take his hands in from the side of the box and hold it from underneath, gripping hard with his fingertips for a few seconds until he was beyond the door facing enough to take a better handle of it again.

When Junior got to the kitchen, he set the box on the dining room table proudly, right in front of where Ed was sitting. Ed looked up to Junior and back again at the box. “Should’ve gotten you a table instead,” Junior commented. He looked at the worn sides of wood that had rounded into gummy edges, the ringed stains that sprawled across its surface. He noticed Ed looking over the box and grinned proudly again. He took his keys to the box the way Ed used to go at Junior’s Christmas presents, same motion, side tape first and then a long jagged slice down the center. The box popped open by itself, the air it had trapped inside finally able to escape and breathe again. It was one of those state of the art coffee makers that had stainless steel and a heavy, sixteen-cup pot, equipped with a milk steamer and espresso machine and a tap for hot water. “There’s not a better machine out there. I spent a month picking this thing out. I’m also an expert on coffee machines now, if you’d ever like to know about them. I must have read a thousand reviews of coffee makers in the last four weeks. There’re more varieties of coffee maker than there are flowers. At least Amazon would have you think so, the month I’ve had. Anyway this is the one. Can’t find a better unit. It’ll do anything you want it to.”

Junior continued unpacking the machine and it took him over an hour to assemble the thing properly. He tried talking to Ed the whole time but Ed wasn’t having it so he talked to himself. When it was finally done, Junior beamed as he made the machine’s first pot. He’d come prepared with a brand new tin of Bustelo and the smell of the grounds invaded Ed’s kitchen like a siren when Junior peeled back the sealing. He made the coffee a bit stronger than was called for, the way Ed used to when Junior was a boy. Junior continued trying at Ed’s conversation while the pot blackened, with no real success. Within minutes though, the machine sang a shrill, major-keyed theme to announce its completion and Ed winced like the song raised a fist at him. “Two and a half,” Junior said as he looked at the clock on his phone, “as promised. Sixteen cups. Damn.” He shook his head in awe of his purchase and his good homework. Now Ed rose from his seat at the table and moved toward the coffee machine. He poured himself a mug and a spoonful of milk into its center, watched the chemistry of his coffee shift. A few moments later he squeezed a drop of honey into it, and it stretched down into the middle of it like a loogie. He returned to his chair and was quiet a moment and sipped his drink before announcing to no one in particular, “Don’t bring another new thing into this house again.”

while working on my thesis I was making a list of the artists I am researching and here what I discovered. ALL OF THEM LOOK ALIKE :)
Let me introduce you to:
Andy Stott
Nils Frahm
Kanding Ray 
Roman Kulichov (aka my dad) 
I am still hoping he is a part of the German electronic music scene (he spent his school time in Berlin) and he is just pretending to like “Russian prison music” while secretly releasing albums on the cassettes of the East German independent music label.