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What is your purpose in life? #

Back from weekend with this piece of advice always discuss with your and ask them will learn more from them.

Wow! Amazing support from our Reception parents on Wednesday afternoon. 40 wonderful parents came to our Chinese New Year party.

"One Great Read." Becoming a superhero is hard. Add in paying rent, taxes, and keeping up a positive public image, then it becomes almost impossible. Doing the right thing isn't always enough.

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Good afternoon!Did you play with firecrackers during the Chinese New Year?It’s fun, right?But that sound is really scaring!Photo from pixabay#Chinesenewyear

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No child picks up whatever there doing faster then at 3am when they hear there mommas footsteps walkin past that door.

I already know that you don’t care about what I have to say! You don’t have to yell at me for having an opinion!! You don’t have to cuss at me for bringing something up!!! I’m just anxious about it and thought I’d ask you about it!!!!! Stop yelling at me every time we talk!!!!!!! You’re killing me! You’re really killing me! Please stop!


This random ass dude posted this about Kobe on FB and I’m just shattered.

It would be one thing to know you’re going out so your kids can live, but to know one is going with you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Fuck.

I couldn’t imagine being in that situation with my kids and I hope I never am.

kids learn from example

My little sister grew up watching the way my parents would treat me and mimicked their behaviour. she’s rude and hurls insults and names like it’s a game and enjoys seeing me in pain. she laughs when she physically hurts me. and this is the girl who is going to be a doctor

today I’m cooking and she comes in and starts frying up lunch. then cackles when she splatters oil all over my arm and goes: why did you splatter yourself into the oil?

I don’t expect her to change and we’re not close. I’ve accepted that fact long ago. people don’t seem to understand how we’re not best friends since we’re so close in age.

my parents have come home and they’re currently only talking to her and telling her all the things they bought for her. which is the same as always. it’s better this way. if they ignore me, they might forget about me long enough to leave me alone for today. I hope that happens

when i came out to my dad, he brought crystals and hung them up in the windows so the kitchen would be covered in rainbows when i got home from school each day. he made an effort to understand and support me and the people i associated with, and made a note to remember the flag my sexuality is under.

i’m so thankful for my dad, but it really saddens me that others experience any less than complete acceptance. if my dad could speak to every homophobic parent out there i can almost garuntee like half of them would understand and become more accepting

parents of gays take note


various things things such as

- realizing that hey most people don’t feel short of breath like this or this often in response to specific things you idiot and you should probably see if you have a mild form of asthma on top of the other shit

- oh! i trust my mother even less now!

So my family meeting with my mom went as expected yesterday. She told my sister and I that she’s dying, its official. At 65 y/o she’s been set up with hospice to visit her twice a week.

She’s got chronic COPD which kills the lungs and she’s in the final stages and nothing else they can do for her but make her comfortable now. I lost it yesterday and I’m beside myself today. I don’t know what to do.

I feel like this post is all over the place, but then again so are my thoughts. I flipped out in the backyard, not bad, and told her how angry I was at her. She smokes cigarettes and she did this to herself. I’m not mad at her, I love her to pieces.

I just wanna have a sleepover at my mom’s house and be in the bed with her when she dies in her sleep. 🦋🧓🏻💜👩🏼🕷️

List of Things Mom Did To Piss Me Off (so far)
  1. Yelled at me for unknowingly letting the dogs eat raw chicken. I didn’t know there was raw chicken outside in the first place. Maybe if you told me before hand I wouldn’t have let the dogs eat it. Instead, you yell at me for not knowing.
  2. Got mad at me for asking her a question she didn’t know the answer to. Her boyfriend told me something in when I was in the shower, so I didn’t understand a thing he said, so I went to ask her because I thought she heard him. And she got pissed and yelled “I DON’T KNOW, ASK HIM!!!!!!!1!!!!@@@@”
  3. She was teaching me how to peel potatoes, and I got scared because I thought I was gonna peel my skin off instead, so she MOCKED my “being scared” movements. I had my shoulders up in a shrug position while I was trying to cut a potato. How mature is that, mocking someone? Not mature at all, actually. Not only is it childish, it’s also extremely rude and disrespectful. I know I do it sometimes, but I know where my limits are. Mocking someone for being scared is just pathetic. I was worried I was going to slice my skin off. I know if I did she would just be all “Well, you should’ve been more careful,” which doesn’t help at all.

I really haven’t been speaking to her for the past 3 days because she has been very un-motherly towards me and I don’t tolerate it. I only speak to her when I NEED to, or when she talks to me first. I just hang out in my own little world, listening to music and writing my stories.

Me: Mom, something terrible happened and I feel bad. Please I need some advice. I can’t stop worrying about this…

Mom: Well, other people have it bad too.

Me: Dad, I don’t feel good because something brought back bad memories today…

Dad: *shrugs* Can’t help you with that, also I am busy.



Parenting tip of the day! 😊 Keeping kids interested in their toys 🤖

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