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Got our 2nd location filmed and edited! Anson Call House (The Viewmont House) in Bountiful, UT. β€’

Have you written a book? Something non fiction on the paranormal or supernatural? We’d love you to come in and be interviewed on you experiences πŸ‘»πŸ‘½πŸ‘»

A CIA agent wants to use Kandi’s psychic talents to steal twelve endangered white tigers. The mission’s crucial to prevent a terrorist attack. Wait! Terrorists? What had she gotten herself into?

Recommend to all to read - The book runs along at a good pace, building up to a terrific ending that made me want to read more tales with these characters.

Love in the Key of Magic by Sylvie D. Parris Can Claire and Alex figure out their magic and fall in love before it's too late in this fantasy romance?

RT GHOST HUNTERS: A MATTER OF FAITH β€œAnother fabulous book. Read it in one sitting. Characters are so realistic they feel like part of my family. Amazing.”


Join us Friday, October 2nd through Sunday, October 4th, 2020, for Vulture City II located in Vulture City, ! Click on the link below for more info!

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I think that my favorite thing in paranormal shows is when the investigators talk to the ghosts like you would any live person. I 100% believe in the paranormal; there’s so much out there that our human eyes don’t see but could exist. It’s ignorant to believe it’s just us here.


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Spirit box session with multiple responses. Can you understand what they say? 🤔🤨

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(at Phoenix, Arizona)

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Flashing orbs seen during the daytime.
Follow @mysteries.unexplained for ufo and paranormal videos.
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There’s always those odd things you can never quite explain… I took the dogs out one last time before bed. I’d put Dottie, my old Italian greyhound, in the grass. She was sniffing around when I heard wind chimes. At first I was curious, because there was no way there could be any wind chimes around. So I followed the sound, and I felt so peaceful. In that moment, I felt like I could follow the sound anywhere, and probably would. And that snapped me out of it. I am many things, but serene or prone to blindly obeying are not among their number. When I realized that I was heading into the back of the property, which is several acres of pasture backed by square miles of unbroken forest, I just about had a heart attack. Welp. I think I may also discontinue my late night walks. To put it mildly, it terrifies me just thinking about it. 

Remington Arms
Bridgeport, Connecticut

Remington Arms in Bridgeport Connecticut first opened in 1867 as the Union Metallic Cartridge Company, but was bought over by Remington arms in 1915 and was expanded into a 73-acre manufacturing plant. During the early 20th century, Remington Arms was one of America’s biggest munitions companies employing over 15000 people and producing tons of munitions every year.

Like many factories, Remington Arms has seen its fair share of accidents – many of them fatal. A few of the deaths on these premises include two employees who fell into a giant bat of molten metal and several more in an explosion in 1942. The explosion occurred at the height of wartime efforts, right on the production floor.

Seven employees died and around 80 others suffered injuries. It is believed that the shadowy figures that are frequently seen on the factory floor could be the spirits of those who perished in the explosion!


Ghostly Face Photographed at an Abandoned Hotel

The photo was reportedly taken at an abandoned hotel and appears to show a ghostly face peeking from behind some bushes. The image was posted to Reddit, where one user named “HRMark” claims they were present went the picture was taken.

In response to a theory that suggested to face was a hanging potted-plant, “HRMark” said, “I was there when this was taken, and there was nothing hanging like that anywhere near.” He also added that one of his friends reportedly saw some strange activity while inside the hotel. “Another guy with us went upstairs inside the hotel and saw a lamplight coming from one of the rooms.”

Many still believe there is a more conventional explanation for this figure. Some believe it to simply be part of the shrub, while others think it could’ve been a person dressed in a costume.

Woman Photographs a Ghoulish Entity Emerging from a Campfire

This eerie image was captured an Asheville, North Carolina resident named Miranda S. She claims she took the photo with her mother’s Blackberry while the two were at the Asheville fireman’s camp. At the time, neither of the two knew of the horrifying evidence Miranda had inadvertently captured.

Hours after arriving back home, Miranda says her mother suddenly woke up at 3 a.m. screaming about how she had a dream of a man who told her to look at the fire. The two quickly grabbed the Blackberry and began sifting through the numerous photos Miranda had taken at the camp sight (about 130 in total).

Eventually, the two came across this image, which appears to show a wailing, hollow-eyed entity emerging the campfire. Appearing on the right hand side, directly next to the entity’s head, is a bearded man’s face. It’s been speculated that the bearded man could be the spirit of a Civil War soldier.

Ghostly Figure Photographed Outside Georgia’s Bulloch Hall

This eerie picture, which shows a ghostly figure dressed in a long, black gown, was captured at Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia. John Avena, a ghost hunter and leader of a ‘Roswell Ghost Tours’, says many strange things have been reported at the 19th century mansion, such as rocking chairs that rock on their own, unexplained music that plays somewhere from within the home, and full-bodied apparitions.


Ghost Captured at a Louisiana Bar

While spending time out with some friends at a bar in Shreveport, Louisiana, a woman named Kim believes one of her friends may have inadvertently photographed a ghost standing on the dance floor. Kim explains that the image above was taken about three years ago.

The photo shows a figure standing next to one of Kim’s friends. The person who took the image reportedly didn’t even know they captured the supposed spirit until a few days later when they were reviewing the images he’d captured that night.

“This was taken at a small bar downtown Shreveport about three years ago. A group of us went out, and the person that took it was up on the balcony, hanging with the guys while taking the picture of us on the dance floor. Unfortunately, I’m not in it, but those are my friends in the picture.”

“I believe a couple of days later he looked through the pictures, and there it was. It is crazy because you can see it from head-to-toe, and it looks like the laser light is bending around its shoulders; so that part is pretty solid for the light to do that.”

The fact that the apparition appears to be transparent on certain parts of it’s body has led people to believe this could be a real spirit.
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Northeast paranormal guide part 2

This time we cover:

Ghosts… Yep the most common phenomina you will find up here is ghosts. There are plenty of cryptids and curses, but when it comes down to it the northeast is full of these spooky guys.

Tips and tricks: have some respect

Seriously have respect for the land you’re on. Greet them and 9 times out of 10 you should be good. Don’t be buzzfeed unsolved.

For that one time however there is always the trinity. Not catholicism, the ones the catholics could get rid of are all mostly gone.

The trinity of iron, sage, and silver.

Iron can redirect most spirits fairly peacefully. Little filings, blades, nails, etc

Next is sage, it is a bit more agressive, but functions as a fairly powerful means of warding when held or burned.

Finally we have silver. This is your ace in the hole. Silver is only good for one thing: warding off ill intent. An earing, cufflink, pin, etc should suffice.

And there you have it. Paranormal advice for the northeast us. Remember be safe, don’t taunt the ghosts, and bears are invulnerable to small arms weapons.