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Anyone can do call control, but Parallax can do integration.

This is what happens when observes "Bring Your Kid to Work Day!" We had to curb their enthusiasm - to the cage! 🤪🧐🤨🙈🙉🙊🙄😬 One question: When should we let them out??

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Parallax design for the super naturalistic painter, Danish Josua Justesen

This shit is seriously cool on black and white sketches. Someone should go back and do this for the Fighting Fantasy books... (Hang on, I'm having an idea)

It's quite a cool technique to use to fake some depth and see if you want to take it farther - with the amount of masking needed though, you may as well go the full hog and do it properly in After Effects or whatever. But for 10-20 minutes work... not bad.

Guests can initiate work orders like requesting new pillows through HotSOS with Parallax integration software.

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Connect concierge, valet, spa, and more to your PMS via Parallax integration software.


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The PING Ultrasonic Sensor provides a low-cost, precise and non-contact distance measurement

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Out of curiosity, once I have free time again, would anyone be interested in a blog about one of my projects, Parallax? It’s a sci-fi animated TV show about a group of queer disaster colleges students (alien and human) and used to be called Space Lesbians.