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Congratulations on a beautiful episode of w “Success means being able to savor this moment in all its’ textures and colors.” “When the ego loses, the soul wins.”

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CODE ● SCROLL TON CORPS Locomotive fournit une bibliothèque de défilements fluides avec la prise en charge des effets de parallaxe, le basculement des classes et le déclenchement.

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Alex – Zane is a photography portfolio template with freandly SEO, modern design and gallery which supports iPhone, iPad, Blackberry 6 , Android and desktop.

Erin; next episode (Episode 10) of the 3-episode mini-series is releasing on Aug 19. In Episode 10, we focus on how mindfulness and the ego interact with one another. Here’s the preview! to Mondays!

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Meeting in Leeds City Centre this morning after a great train ride in from York nice waiting area 😍

Locomotive Scroll | Detection of elements in viewport & smooth scrolling with effects.

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Good boi Parallax and his garish hero color scheme. I feel bad because this poor bugger has been around for like a year and this is my first time drawing him outside of tiny doodles.
TvT RIP my hand. I dunno why doing traditional art is more physically painful than digital, but I need to try not to get rusty.

Like giant robots and want to hang out?  There’s a Transformers Discord Server for that  ->

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Courte vidéo dans laquelle j'ai testé l'effet “parallax”
Bon c'est pas un dessin mais je trouve ça sympa 🙂
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