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I actually passed my two 8 week law classes with A’s and I’m in shock?????

Like I pulled straight C’s and B’s in high school, skipped, didn’t pay attention, etc.

Now that I found something I love, it’s great to finally make it on the Dean’s list.

Your girl just dropped her 1st payment on her student loans and it stings like a bitch a bit.

It’s like paying for a Lexus so yeah and I can afford it just… Im definitely gonna need a higher paying job if I want my life of travel, BTS merch, going out to eat, taking my brother on trips, getting clothes, treating my friends and so, getting mostly natural/organic food, and having a comfy space to live in.

😂 Im not asking for a house and a bunch dogs y'all this is my idea of 20 something not married luxury really. Im a simple person. Seriously. I live on a grocery bill of ~150 a month im pretty frugal.

🤞 I get this job and pass security out in DC. Then I know I can haha 😅

can’t believe it’s only been a week that i’ve been at my new job… but also can’t believe it’s already been a week. it still feels so weird that i won’t ever go back to my old workplace. i was there, at my boss’s house, 40 hours a week for over 4 years… and tbh i’m so bad at mentally processing any changes to my usual routine.

i think i am really gonna like my new job though. the company is so well organized and seems to run pretty smoothly, there is a system and process in place for everything, and all kinds of different departments and positions that work together. and luckily i like the people who sit near me, and my general desk/cubical area. it’s fun to be in a bigger office, i’m slowly learning the social atmosphere and the personalities of the people i’ll be working alongside the most.

honestly it’s just fun to have a grown up job (not that my previous job wasn’t grown up, it was just more lax and casual) at a nice office in a fancy building, working for a company that actually has HR and payroll departments, etc. and it’s nice working for an attorney who actually shows up on time and acts professional and completes the events on his calendar in a timely manner, lol. he seems like a decent guy too, not like the typical egomaniac attorney.

Valentines Day 2019 started off a little rough with some grumpy coworkers and a disappointing civil settlement but that all pales in comparison to how speacial he makes me feel! I was the only one in the whole office to get flowers and look how beautiful they are! It definitely put a smile on my face and helped me get through the remaining hours before I could see him.

If I’ve learned anything in my three years working personal injury, it’s this.

Americans have a reputation for being litigious. It’s not completely unfounded. But rather than tort reform, I think what would curb this is access to affordable healthcare.

Lawsuits are a bitch, and if you didn’t have to worry whether an ongoing health problem that someone else caused is going to bankrupt you and destroy your life, I can guarantee you’d avoid getting into one.

My firm had a Holiday Party today. We played a game, and I kid you not, we had a joking dispute on rules. Had an in-depth discussiom whether we should adopt a Scalia styled interpretation of said rules, and then delved off into how really the interpretation was more like Gorsuch as a textualist. After all, we couldn’t consult the game develpers old letters to know what they meant.

Of course, the end result was to go by “common law” (a.k.a. house rules).

Goal for today is to finish my civil litigation class completely and start to work on contracts. My original goal was to have everything done by the 30th, but honestly, getting it done a couple days early will be a huge savior on my sanity since we are having guests in town for the last couple days of the month. 

Today I’ve already finished reading the chapters and watching the presentations on the evidence presentation trial phase and the appeals process, participated in both discussion boards (and only wanted to rip my head off once!) and just took the lesson 13 quiz. Only the lesson 14 quiz and one more module to go and I’ll be DONE! 

Tons getting done today! I’ve been communicating back and forth with the HR rep for the company I applied for and even though the hiring process takes between two and three weeks, I’m feeling very positive about it. 

I finished reading the chapters on RFAs and on trial preparations methods and read through the extended presentations on both. I posted in the discussion boards on trial prep methods and then again in the board on depositions versus interrogatories. I also took the lesson 11 quiz. I’m hoping to get another 2 to 2.5 hours of work done today, but I’m also STARVING and really want something to eat. 

I was talking to the housing officer earlier today about the apartment housing for the college and she said “The paralegals are all on one floor of the apartments. We see them studying together and walking together almost all the time!” And all I could think of was Ali Wong saying “It’s like the walking dead. You’ve just got to hook up with a crew to survive.”