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to this time last year when I joined the for the summer quarter substitute teaching in the program at . A great experience, and I ended up learning a lot too!

a to join the Office of General Counsel in to perform complex paralegal research & administrative support. $41-$56K/yr +benefits. Apply by 6/23.

RT CITMAuk "RT ParalegalAwards: This weeks winner spotlight is shining brightly on Rebecca McBride, Best Trade mark Paralegal in the . Becs_Law is a Law Graduate & CITMA qualified Trade Mark and a Representative on CITMAuk… "

This weeks winner spotlight is shining brightly on Rebecca McBride, Best Trade mark Paralegal in the . is a Law Graduate & CITMA qualified Trade Mark and a Representative on Council.

I just wrapped ⬆️ anthr course Mon., & passed w/ a B+! 2 more courses 2 go, starting next Wed. Once I'm done w/ those, I'll become a Bryant & Stratton College graduate, w/ an Associates n Paralegal Studies! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿👨🏿‍🎓

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I have 3 interviews with 3 different companies 3 days in a row!

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Getting Rid of Metadata In MS Word Documents Before You Email The File.

This subject comes up often. Many large firms have built in Meta Data Scrubbers in order to remove those things that should not be shared with anybody else. Meaning, the info was part of the development of the work product and not meant for the eyes of the client or any other individual or entity.

We are talking about comments, revisions, annotations, personal info, hidden text, watermarks, certain info in headers and footers, objects covered by other objects etc.

Info getting into the wrong hands can be very damaging to the client and/or the law firm itself. So, how does a smaller firm get rid of the Meta Data and you as an individual get rid of any info that you do not want to carry over to the recipient of the document?

Remove Metadata From Word
Click the File Tab in 2010-16 and click on “Info”, then Check for Issues and select Inspect Document.

To view the Personal Information click on Show All Properties to the right. In Office 2007 click on the Office Button, Prepare and then Inspect Document.
To view the Personal Information before removing it click on Prepare and then Document Properties.

Under Document Inspector I would select all of the choices.
If you need to send the client a black line ten run the black line and send it to the recipient as a PDF.

If Word finds metadata, it will prompt you to Remove All. Once you click Remove All, it cannot be undone.

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Ok, so having read through most of your blog, made me realize I want to avoid law school and the lawyer career path I once thought of doing but killed the dream of once I figured that I would be in debt and depressed, so thank you in the genuine sense for putting that thought to sleep. However, I am questioning if you know anything about the paralegal path and if it’s less hellish than the lawyer one? - thank you in advance from a high school senior who has no clue what to do with her life

The paralegal path is so much less hellish than law school. Most colleges offer two year programs which are actually reasonably priced for your earning potential and you often have to complete practical training as part of your schooling, rather than having to do it independently on top of all your other commitments. 

It is a much better learning model and the paralegals I know love what they do and are generally less depressed, less substance dependent, and have more financial freedom earlier in their careers than lawyers

Ya girl finished her compressed paralegal certificate!!

Crying because my Torts professor suggested that I go to law school because I’m a natural AND that he’d write a stellar LOR 😭

You know the phrase “lost a year of my life” that people use for terrible circumstances?

I feel that way about my little over a year working at the worst law firm ever. Except not simply because it was an actual terrible time and a waste of my time, but because while working there, I started to think I was a year older than I was.

Which was a ridiculous because half the time, I worked with paralegals the same age as me. Yet over the course of that year, I went from knowing my age, to thinking I was a year older.

There’s a couple reasons for this. (1) I simply worked with people who were in their late 20s, early 30s more in the latter half of my time there. (2) Because of how terrible of a experience it was, it just made me feel like no one should be as young and new to the workforce as I was and be experiencing that.

It quite literally aged me in my own mind. Exactly a year.

It’s been two years almost since I left there and I still assume I’m a year older than I am. I have to consciously remind myself to subtract a year from the age I imagine.

Sorry for all the minimum wage posts but I’m getting fed up and wish someone would do something about it. I worked my ass off in college for 4 years graduating with a 4.0 gpa, only to get hired at a law firm for $11.50/hour (the California minimum wage is $11). On top of that I only get paid 35 hours a week regardless of how much time I put in. Fuck anyone who tells you going to college will help you get a better job.

My Attorney: So, given that you’re leaving in a few months, I’m going to start transitioning some of your cases to [his other legal assistant].

Me: That’s great! It’ll ease the pressure while I prepare for law school.

My Attorney, two days later: I think I’m going to transition these five cases


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Your girl just dropped her 1st payment on her student loans and it stings like a bitch a bit.

It’s like paying for a Lexus so yeah and I can afford it just… Im definitely gonna need a higher paying job if I want my life of travel, BTS merch, going out to eat, taking my brother on trips, getting clothes, treating my friends and so, getting mostly natural/organic food, and having a comfy space to live in.

😂 Im not asking for a house and a bunch dogs y'all this is my idea of 20 something not married luxury really. Im a simple person. Seriously. I live on a grocery bill of ~150 a month im pretty frugal.

🤞 I get this job and pass security out in DC. Then I know I can haha 😅

Valentines Day 2019 started off a little rough with some grumpy coworkers and a disappointing civil settlement but that all pales in comparison to how special he makes me feel! I was the only one in the whole office to get flowers and look how beautiful they are! It definitely put a smile on my face and helped me get through the remaining hours before I could see him.

If I’ve learned anything in my three years working personal injury, it’s this.

Americans have a reputation for being litigious. It’s not completely unfounded. But rather than tort reform, I think what would curb this is access to affordable healthcare.

Lawsuits are a bitch, and if you didn’t have to worry whether an ongoing health problem that someone else caused is going to bankrupt you and destroy your life, I can guarantee you’d avoid getting into one.