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USCIS has sent the final version of the proposed registration rule to the USCIS. This infographic offers a snapshot view of the new process.

Incredible story of Eric Blackmon who got a education while wrongfully imprisoned built his case & got conviction overturned. Attys assisted *after* he got Circuit Ct to take the case but in true paralegal style, did the major work himself.

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To the firm’s internet inquiries

I say this with every ounce of love in my heart:

I fucking hate your ringback tone. Please just send my call straight to voicemail and deliver me from that MIDI-soundtracked hell.

My firm had a Holiday Party today. We played a game, and I kid you not, we had a joking dispute on rules. Had an in-depth discussiom whether we should adopt a Scalia styled interpretation of said rules, and then delved off into how really the interpretation was more like Gorsuch as a textualist. After all, we couldn’t consult the game develpers old letters to know what they meant.

Of course, the end result was to go by “common law” (a.k.a. house rules).

I got a 3.93 GPA, and that A- physically hurts me.

Next semester I’m going to try something new. I’m going to write mini-essays in an effort to “teach” lessons from my courses. I always remember things best after having explained it to someone else. So, if you are interested in learning snippets about civil litigation, immigration law, and family law, stay tuned!

100/100 Days of Productivity!

OMG I DID IT!!!! 100 days of productiveness in the bag!! This has definitely been a journey, I am a bit proud that I actually followed through all the way to the end on this. I’ll be honest it was hard, I had a lot of difficulty trying to stay motivated. But having this platform held me accountable in a way, not that a lot of people read my posts, I still felt like I had to post everyday and so that’s what I did. Today has actually been one of my most productive days in awhile so I’m take a little break…. Bye

Goal for today is to finish my civil litigation class completely and start to work on contracts. My original goal was to have everything done by the 30th, but honestly, getting it done a couple days early will be a huge savior on my sanity since we are having guests in town for the last couple days of the month. 

Today I’ve already finished reading the chapters and watching the presentations on the evidence presentation trial phase and the appeals process, participated in both discussion boards (and only wanted to rip my head off once!) and just took the lesson 13 quiz. Only the lesson 14 quiz and one more module to go and I’ll be DONE! 

Tons getting done today! I’ve been communicating back and forth with the HR rep for the company I applied for and even though the hiring process takes between two and three weeks, I’m feeling very positive about it. 

I finished reading the chapters on RFAs and on trial preparations methods and read through the extended presentations on both. I posted in the discussion boards on trial prep methods and then again in the board on depositions versus interrogatories. I also took the lesson 11 quiz. I’m hoping to get another 2 to 2.5 hours of work done today, but I’m also STARVING and really want something to eat. 

Interview today might go somewhere but it also felt like a huge waste of time. The attorney started with “Well, we aren’t sure we’re actually hiring or if this is going to be an intern thing.” So…. there’s that. -_-

Catch-up is almost done. *collapses*

Finished the chapter on e-discovery and started the motion practice readings.

Watched the lesson 9 presentation. 

Discussion on ethical concerns related to e-discovery.

Lesson 9 quiz. 

If I finish lesson 10 and all its reading today, I’ll be completely caught up with where I wanted to be but this lesson has 4 chapters of reading involved and I’m just… not going to be finishing that. Two of them are done, but that’s still another 60ish pages to read :( It’s already 4:30 and I need to get started on some actual household chores. 

89/100 Days of Productivity

I worked on the same assignment as yesterday. I will definitely finish it tomorrow. Today was a pretty chill day and I struggled a bit with concentrating on school work. So i’m a little disappointed because I know I could have finished a lot more than what I actually did. But the day is over so there isn’t anything i can do about it now except to focus on getting stuff done tomorrow

Does anyone else go to a college or program that requires business professional attire? Our paralegal program does and I have what I would assume is a common high school wardrobe besides my debate competition clothes. I’m trying to figure out how to put together a business wardrobe in a little more then 9 months.

I was talking to the housing officer earlier today about the apartment housing for the college and she said “The paralegals are all on one floor of the apartments. We see them studying together and walking together almost all the time!” And all I could think of was Ali Wong saying “It’s like the walking dead. You’ve just got to hook up with a crew to survive”