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Today is In the 90's I was a fan of the animated series. These are from my school diary of 1994, when I never thought I'd show them through something called the Internet. Colored with Tria markers.

Saturday brunch, anyone? 😉 📷 art by mydailypantone on IG

Dal 1962, dà significato ai mondo del é indispensabile nella moda nell'architettura di interni e del . Oggi, sbarca nel mondo degli di per renderlo piu vivace. Incontra la collezione in

я дико сохну по одному цвету, да именно цвету, в моей жизни всегда существовал только черный и все его оттенки (слишком черный, в меру черный, светло-черный дада), а теперь я с ума схожу по , я его называю цвет Антон, потомучто это мой colour года.

We were ahead of the game when we designed this packaging for Fashion Girl in the 70s. colours and were spotted strutting the catwalk this

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i1 Display Pro. (2) Incheon, South Korea, September 15, 2019.