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Fox wedding. A scene from the movie ‘夢` [Dreams] by Akira Kurosawa in paper collage.

I Made A Eyeshadow Palette!

So I was bored and randomly decided to design a palette! The images I used on the casing are not mine, but some I found nline and I edited them into png formatting.


So Halsey is on the palette because she is the definition of artistic individuality. I find her as a huge role model for my own art, and so that’s why she is on the packaging.

Everything is Blue is based off of Halsey’s song, “Colors”. I knew that I wanted to include a line from one of Halsey’s songs in here because of how much she means to me and how her music has impacted/saved my life.

Stressed & Depressed is obviously based off of school and mental health. I feel that the balance between school and sanity is SO UNEVEN. Education has become almost too dangerous to consider safe education. I am a huge advocate for changing the school’s structure to include safe mental health options for kids and teens.

Media is named because of how important the internet has become. Youtube and social medias have become a big part of my life personally. Media is to help remind everyone that although it is helpful and entertaining, we need to have a healthy balance of instagram, snapchat, etc. and our true lives.

SlytherSlyther Pride is based off of my Hogwarts House, Slytherin. I am a Harry Potter Fanatic, and so I just HAD to put something supporting my house on the palette. Also, I have/had a blog called SlytherSlyther Pride, but I don’t really use it, and I created it on a whim randomly like a year ago. I do weird stuff like that a lot.

Songs that Save Lives is a shade that is really important to me. The light color is one I used basically every day, so I knew I wanted one here. Also, songs that end up saving lives are some of the most underestimated ones, and I thought that the common-ness of this shade would bring appreciation to all the artists who have written songs who have saved a life.

When I Get Home has an interesting story. I go to a private High School, and I hate it. I have to wear a horrible uniform every day, so when I get home from school, I strip the cursed uniform from my body, and put on usually a pair of UO overalls, a cute Shirt, some DARK lipstick, put my hair back in an artsy bun, and turn on some lo-fi hip hop or some other stuff. It makes me happy. So I sort of remind myself throughout the day that once I get home, I can truly be myself.

Beach and Books is a simple shade. I love the summer time, reading casually in a paradise-worthy shade of a hammock under a tree. Yeah, I want to go somewhere warm right now if I’m being honest.

Bi Dreams represents all the things that I cannot truly share with the world as a closeted queer person. It represents my hopes of a free future.

Lo-fi is a type of music I mentioned earlier. It is raw demos/samples of music that are so inspiring to listen to. Most people say that they sound sad, but they make me very happy for some reason.

So yes, happy Monday everyone! Happy Belated Easter as well!


TAG YOURSELF 🤘🏻 i’m my jeans 👖
COVERRRRRREDT in nothing but mine 👩🏻‍🎤 and beatriz’s 🧖🏻‍♂️throw up.. i even tried to wash her, give her once last chance, but i threw her away so #rip👖overrrrrr her thank u, next 👩🏻‍🦰
this video is here to save not just mine but OUR mental health 🤪 you welcome (sadie voice) editing is fun and I’m bored at newly wed’s beatriz house while she’s asleep next to me.. DOUBLE TAP 👹 if you think I should prank her by socking her 😝
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