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「#Cookie Jar」 #68dcff

Fuck you, Palette

Palette - @angexci

NaJ - @blogthegreatrouge

RedVelboards turned into RedVelette ♥️

I open requests on moodboards AND palettes. To start this new adventure I’ll post a “Cookie Jar” inspired palette!!

Luv you all my reveluvs

Commission for @mangy-hyena of their new Striped Hyena fursona, Jezebel “Zeb” Ahlström! I’m super happy with how this came out! Enjoy!

❥ 4U // Shop the Look

I am choosing a palette for next month but for this month I have been using the Shade and Light palette from Kat Von D a lot.

praying that i stay within the top 2.5k range, i want that title :“(

i am rank 1.2something k, I’m just praying that i’ll stay up there

if not, i’m ok with staying in the top 5k range :”“(

One of the people I follow currently has a selfie of theirs as their icon and…they look uncannily similar to Sylvester McCoy when seen in my peripheral vision and I’m not sure whether or not it would be weird to tell them this

anonymous asked:

Could I get a palette for my human cleric? Shes from the desert, where she used to be a member of a tyrannical temple before running away. She loves the reds of the desert as well as the sky, and the blues/greens of the oasis she used to govern.

those are some lovely aesthetics to work with! i’m glad she could escape the temple, and i hope you like this palette!

request a dice palette!

#262216 || #656f39 || #903b23 || #421b12 || #e42111


I never know what to write here, so I’ll keep it short: to the mutual I’ve known the longest (since the Craig Ferguson days) and the leader of the Chris Evans mustache defense squad, @captainevans, I love you and I hope you have an awesome day! 💗💜💙


                                                    🍒 ❄️ 🍒


some practice with band madoka

  1. I need to get in touch with Supergirl palette
  2. I appreciate the rescue palette
  3. I can tell when someone’s lying to me palette
  4. I dreamed I was flying and you were carrying me palette
  5. I promise you I’m the only one who knows how to do this palette
  6. bonus I don’t know how to call this but Reign saved this scene

ps I’m sorry everything is LQ extra.


The fourth band is Pastel Palettes! Aya is my fave girl in the whole game, but Pasupara isn’t my fave band :p

a boy