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6 Best Eye Shadow Palettes For Women

👅 vs. 🎨🍷🍴Come meet the of the Month, Sabrina Fey, AGAIN in our Gallery Hall on your way to dinner (8/21)! Check out our for Two for Tuesday BELOW!

Can being "Lost and Found" be unexpected, like this interpretation by summer mentee Jacky Yam, age 16? See you at the opening reception tomorrow, Aug. 22, 6-8 pm, at :

A table full of finishes for some of our active interior design projects, each with their own individual color palette

I'm here until 4 p.m. Have a bite to eat and pay me a visit while you're here. Ask me about my art and if you like what you see, you can buy it.

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Showing some love to the pieces on our floor, the Table by Spanish designer . A delicate composition of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials that come together in harmony to create this exquisite occasional table.

of all the paths in life you take make sure some of them are dirt. colour tool via @waltonflooring1

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The End Of The F***ing World || 2017 ||Created by Jonathan Entwistle

disaster--lesbian  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a dice palette for my tabaxi wiizard? her name is Bird and she specializes in transmutation magic bc she wants to be like her mom (who is a dragon). Shes got brown and yellow fur and really like gold and bright shiny objects. your dice palettes are always super cool!

Tabaxi come my way so few and far between! I love this palette of yellows, browns, and golds. It reminds us of riches and the way magic is ever shifting and changing, much like your transmutation wizard! I hope you enjoy it and wish Bird well on her quest!

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anonymous asked:

I am in love with your blog. Any chance you could do an aesthetic for my character? She's a half-elf ranger named Ennafrey (the party calls her Enny, which she hated at first and refuses to admit she kinda likes now) and she just reached level 3 and found a panther friend (she's the beast master archetype). She has no family, and for a ranger, she actually has a lot of trouble hunting. Like she's good at it, but killing really bothers her. Her general tone is gentle but powerful. Thank you!!

I know it’s, like, so typical, but rangers just always make me think of greens and browns.  Which maybe is more druidic than rangeresque?  But I love how much Enny is a gentle soul!  It’s such an interesting conflict to have in a character.  And, of course, love love love those animal companions!  Hope you like your palette!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Sugar Glow Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit

I only recently hopped on the highlighter train. I never was before. Then, one day, I had this overwhelming urge to buy a Becca Highlighter. And then, a week later, I bought this palette. Let’s dive in.

Packaging: As mentioned in my Bling Boss post, I strongly prefer hard packaging to soft packaging. But here I am with a soft packaged highlighter palette. That being said, the packaging is beautiful with an ombre pink/purple case and shimmer all over. The pans are a good size, and leave the possibility of popping the pans out to repot. I am not on the repotting bandwagon (yet) but to have an easy way for it to work is nice.

Swatches: Each of the swatches I did were blinding on my arm. I am fair skinned, so this palette works so well for my skin. (ABH has the sundipped palette for medium-to-tan skin tones. I am not sure how well this works for deeper skin tones). Each shade had their own distinctive color and shift. I didn’t have any patchiness with my swatches, and the formula felt almost buttery and super smooth.

Use: The first two shades I used out of this palette were Marshmallow and Starburst. Starburst was beautiful along my cheekbones and made my cupid’s bow pop with the lipstick I was wearing. Marshmallow was great as a brow highlight and inner corner highlight. There was no fallout at all when I used these highlighters, so I didn’t feel like I had glitter all over my face.

Pros: Very pigmented, very smooth. The highlighters were not patchy at all and blended into my makeup well, and it didn’t pull my makeup away.

Cons: Soft packaging, again just a preference, and one that it seems like I’m abandoning with my purchases. I would be interested in hearing peoples’ opinion on how well the SunDipped Palette works on deeper tones.

Would I purchase again? 100%. I am so impressed with these highlighters so far. I am excited to try out Butterscotch and Gumdrop, as well as to mix the different shades.