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Generated color palette

I used โ€œLid Stuffโ€ palette today from their โ€œsheโ€™s a glamour purseโ€ gift set that they so kindly sent me and Iโ€™m in love. The shades are beautiful and subtle enough for everyday use! . . โ€ฆ

VILLAVERDE London - Feel the Autumn with our warm leather colours. Discover the MONDO collection, designed by CLAUDIO MARCO for Villaverde London.

I attempted to depot my and they are crumbling and disintegrating. I was very in the and now this...I will not purchase from again.

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I wanted??! To try something different?? So here’s rev au Ben, I used a random palette from a challenge for the colours but I kinda like the way I did the hair-


Some pictures from a web project I did in mid 2017 for an event in Berlin, all the geometry is generated in code and procedurally enhanced, no tools were used. It’s rendered using an orthographic projection, simple directional lighting and a palette of 4 colors with 3 shades each. To maintain the highest performance possible this was bare webgl without any frameworks. Unfortunately this never made it to release but all rights belong to me so I’ll eventually repurpose it. These are early screenshots I had still lying around in its current state there are cars driving around on roads and some other nice animations…

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I HAVE PALLETTE TOO! I actually started using it because cryptic-pastels suggested it!

Yeah! That’s awesome! It’s honestly such a great app. (Tip if bored: put selfies in it and see what your skintones number code is) (( try it in different lighting and see how it changes))

Pretty palette! Really love the scheme of it… it’s pretty much my aesthetic, lol.

Painting was very freeing today. Didn’t paint straight line… just little paint strokes. It’s pretty scary at first but painting… it shouldn’t be stressful. You can always fix your mistake and a painting, especially fauvism, it’s made to express reality in the way you see it, in the way it makes you feel


Today in the studio: Time lapse video of today’s color production: green. I’ll definitely need a lot more of these to complete the current piece. 6 or 7 more colors to go!! Continuing with my exploration of paint as fabric and texture. I’m enjoying the results so far ~ Stay tuned!!
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