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İstenmeyen 3. Şahıs gelmiştir..🤨😂 . . .

We're having a & sip on February 9th at 1pm. The $25 price includes supplies, instructions and 2 glasses of . Sign up & pay in the bar. Seating is limited so reserve your spot today!

At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, engineers have recently announced the development of a new ultrathin coating, reported to camouflage heat when viewed through infrared technology. more about the technology, here: /

Today we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Happy MLK Day! Title: “MLK” Artist: Nathalia Martinez

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Hey guys!

Those of you who follow my Instagram stories are probably already in the know, but I decided to upload some story highlights here :) Back in October I started painting portraits of friends, and now to date, I’ve painted over 50 portraits and have been selling my abstract pieces internationally! Here’s some of my work, along with some timelapse of my process. Interested in a portrait for you or a friend? Or an abstract piece perhaps? DM me on Instagram or email through my website :) Also, new music soon! 

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Over the shoulder leather bag for sale!

It is made with leather, a woodburning tool, and acrylic paints. The strap is crocheted.

It is my first piece that is actually for sale, and since it is a bit imperfect and such, I am not charging for materials or shipping. At 10 hours of work, the final price comes out to an even 100 dollars.


The art process video is available on YouTube, link in my blog because tumblr is a dick when it comes to links. I am also open for commissions.

Behold another Print for my Booth I am doing in February. Due to many many DC Comics Cosplayers and one really good penguin cosplayer I was inspired to do art of The Penguin…Well a Penguin dressed as The Penguin. Because I am not at a good enough skill level yet to work on that and sell it, also I am good at drawing Penguins and they are so cute.

Oh for those curious I used a Gentoo Penguin for ref, why you ask. Well Emperor penguins are too big for The Penguin, and like rocker penguins way too showy for a classy Penguin sooo Gentoo penguin for the winner of The Penguin. If you are in the Bartow Area for SyFy Bartow on Feb 15th I will be selling this cutie as a print.


A small acrylic painting I did to test out the cool new Arteza acrylic paints I got for Christmas! I really like the paints, the colors are beautiful and they worked really well. The canvas panel is also from Arteza, and I don’t have any complaints about it either. I got a lot of them in different sizes, and I’m digging these small square ones. They’re the perfect size and shape for quick little fun paintings like these. #notsponsored lol