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Reposting .us: NEW ARTWORK! Check this one at my page! . BASQUIAT, 2019 | for sale . Painting on paper (watercolor and mixed technique with acrylic ink and pastels) . 70 x 100 cm .

This is what my hand looks like when I face paint. I had so much fun! I haven’t done that in years!!

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa - Hokusai. If you’re interested or would like a pair with your own idea, place an order on my website! (Link is in my bio)

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A D&D style map I’ve been working on for a while. Making it up as I go along.


New video up!

And this is what all the Jackdaw sketches were for!! This is my practise and experiment with gouache paints and I learnt a lot from doing this which is good :D