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Can an artificially intelligent device replace the PPC manager? How effective will be machine learning to manage PPC campaigns? Let’s explore.

Google Ads to Provide Users With More Assistance After Ad Disapprovals MattGSouthern:

Ever wanted the ability to customize ad copy or landing pages based on a visitor’s age or gender? Google’s demographic targeting for search ads allows you to do just that:

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Icebrkr: Hi all! I'm Gwen, Social Media Mgr at Click Control. We're a digital marketing agency specializing in and ! My biggest social pet peeve is spammy comments on my IG posts. I'm a social media mgr, I don't need you to manage my account for me lol!

"Optimisation alone just doesn't cut it". strategies have evolved. Lean about Winning strategies in this extract from the .

LiveArea stitched things together for premium athleisure brand combining authentic visual elements with versatile functionality and , to accommodate expansion into new territories and languages.

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Interview with Paid Advertising Expert Kelly Cooper of MOZ