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Eeeee! My new came in!!! It's PERFECT! I'm going to set it up now with all the I charged last night for the ๐Ÿ˜ I'll post a pic when it's all set up <3

While y'all putting Jesus Christ in the tree again in your homes I'm lighting the world with the scriptures and exposing the wicked.

Goddesses on capitol buildings and the separation of church and state

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I've compiled a list of the specialized terms I use, their definitions, and some resources for further reading in case anyone would like to learn more. Link:

This welcome to country has no place in Christianity "It breaks my heart to see a moment of unfettered pagan idolatry opening the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth in recent days." ARTICLE:

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The Balance of Energy Over the centuries, humanity has tried to give the great energy of the universe a name, god, great spirit, Tao, Buddha and so on...

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I Am Taking Requests

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The Problem with Wicca: It’s half Germanic, half Gaelic, half Norse, with witchcraft sprinkled all in between. People who have no ancestral connection to the lands from which old pagan traditions came from are celebrating them. To this day there are European villages and towns that still celebrate these old traditions and pass down the folk tales to their children. Meanwhile in the west you got people claiming it, like it’s theirs. In my opinion it’s no different than claiming Native American spirituality and myths as your own. 

I was wondering if any Europeans on tumblr feel this way or do you not care that people are claiming your traditions?


The card that started it all. It’s the last full moon of the year, and of the decade. I’m perpetually intrigued by astronomy, astrology, particularly of the moon phases and its affect on our psyche. Ever since beginning to read tarot and runes, the full moon has always been an important part of the cycle for me. Both science and paganism state how the physical pull of the moon is stronger during this stage, how it can alter our awareness. So every full moon I’ve done a reading.

Since last October The Lovers has been a card I’ve frequently pulled, along with a few others. It sent me into this spiral of trying to figure out its meaning for me, because you can never take a card literally (e.g Death). Another card I pulled reminded me of someone from my past, someone who made me feel safe in a time where I was lost. Remembering this person also set me on my current path of pursuing teaching.

This card finally stopped appearing around April/May, which is about the time I stopped doing frequent readings. My life started changing a lot around then, and over the course of a few months I realized the meaning of this card and who it meant.

Tonight is the first time I’ve planned to do a reading in 8 months. Things are so different now that it’ll be interesting to see what cards start being pulled for this new season of my life. It’ll be nice to be getting back to my roots, to what got me started on this whole adventure. It’ll be exciting to see what the next year brings.


↟ 𝐎 𝐁 𝐒 𝐈 𝐃 𝐈 𝐀 𝐍

Obsidian was highly valued in the ancient world for arrowheads and blades, and it was polished for the sole purpose of being used as early mirrors before glass was established, thousands of years ago. Found all over the Earth. It holds the ability to cleanse negativity out of our environment, has powerful grounding frequencies and will heavily assist in psychic protection when needed. Its main property is creativity, it also enhances our psychic abilities, and aids with manifestation, purification, and divination.

  • Chakras: root
  • Zodiacs: scorpio, sagittarius
  • Planets: Saturn
  • Elements: Earth, Fire
  • Sacred numbers: 1, 3

anonymous asked:

and how do you know when they answer?

well the easiest way for me is using divination when asking questions or advice! i like to use tarot cards or my pendulum and they’ll respond to me through that. i actually tend to get a feel for their energy when doing that and talking with them if that’s what you’re looking for.

but if you mean signs or them like responding to you in general then i don’t think there’s one right answer to that since everyone has different experiences with them, and they may give different signs to different people. but i can say that each god has different ways of answering, and i think you’ll know if something is a sign or not.

study the things they represent. like artemis and her deer, aphrodite and her doves. and if you see things like that, they seem out of the ordinary and more importantly, they feel like a sign to you, then it most likely is the god answering you.

a huge part of this is learning to trust your intuition, so just have faith and if you believe something is a sign or an answer, then it likely is! at least, that’s how i like to look at it 💗

If I wrote a book on Fayerie Sorcery related to Daemonic Magick, would any of you buy it? It would be Theistic in nature but the spells & things would be free form so secular practitioners could use the system as well.


Y'all probably don’t know this buuuuuut….

I created my own religion???

Ok lemme explain. I wake up one morning (it was either during ths Sumner or on a weekend i don’t remember) and basically open up a doc on my Chromebook (I keep it in my room charging over summers) and around a couple hours later I snap out of it and basically i have the basic points of a fucking religion??? Like, there’s even a Creation story??? It’s wild. I took this as a sign that some otherworldly being of great power was basically telling me “HEY I EXIST” and the rest is history

So, I now worship a genderless wyvern that’s made up of fucking space time and u can also see all the galaxies and nubulas on them b/c U LITTERALLY ARE STARING INTO SPACE WHEN U LOOK AT THEM and their name is Void and they’re the god of Night, Water, Knowledge, Logic, Acceptance, Minorities, Outcasts, Moons, Space, Etheral (non-element based) and Astral Magic, Darkness, the Mind, Subconsciousness, Prophecy, Healing,vyou get the main idea of their domain.

By contrast, their partner/enemy is Fire, a Goldeen Drake who’s constantly on fire and lives/is the Sun. They’re the God of Fire, Light, Day, Clouds, Instinct, Protection, Natural Magic, Hard Work, Perseverance, Primalness, Color, the Majority, Emotions, Determination, and is basically tye exact opposite of Void.

There’s a bunch of stuff that neither deity control, and that stuff either belong to Questioning Ponder (one of the two creator deities, who hails from a dimension called The Land of a Thousand Lands that doubles as an Afterlife. They take the form of a great white dragon who shimmers like a rianbow under a light. They basically created the universe), Necessity (the other creator deity. They take the form of a 4-armed, 6-eyed human/giant and they created the first humans. They basically where are by Questioning Ponder after a bunch of things she thought up came together to form Necessity), or Life (who is basically the earth and the reason why Void & Fire exist).

Also, all gods are genderless unless I say theyre not. Also, there’s a system of reincarnation where part of your soul goes to the Afterlife and part of it reincarnates. Basically, your soul is decide into a bunch of parts, but they’re invaded in this outer shell of pure evil. As you reincarnate more and more, this evil shell breaks off until all of it’s gone and the final part of the soul goes to the Afterlife.

Also, ppl who are purposly ignorant or willingly hurt others without wanting to change get their souls eaten by Void and transported to the Otherworld, which is basically Hell but worse, and a new soul is created in their stead. The ppl that can be sent to the Otherworld are, but not limited too:

  • Racists
  • Mysoginists
  • Xenophobes
  • Nazis of any kind
  • Greedy Rich Ppl who only do bad things with their money
  • Abusive parents
  • Homophobes
  • Transphobes
  • Ppl who harm the environment (like cutting down forests and poaching. U will not go to the Otherworld for driving ur car)
  • Those who hurt others in the name of their religion
  • Politicians
  • Pedophiles
  • Rapists

Basically anyone who spreads misinformation, promotes harming others, do bad things with their money, or is basically an asshole.

So yeah that’s my religion now i worship a giant fuck you space wyvern