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Shoutout to bro Chinn for working hard every day to help Wabash Basketball get better! #22

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me: goes on the klance tag on tumblr klance tag: you have /th /ance blocked do you want to view? that post:

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RT Funbeachcom: Artifacts, first hand accounts, and photographs from shipwrecks in the Graveyard of the Pacific are on display through Mar. 9 at the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum!

The 2018 Dieline Award winner in the Champagne and Wine category is an innovative tin design that skillfully encompasses the brand's message.

I was so honored to have the opportunity to share my .A.D. story today at among such a distinguished group of people.

Mary Poppins, She Wrote The Life of P. L. Travers, 1999 Valerie Lawson .Ltravers

New band, who dis? Got roped into this project playing bass late spring and it’s starting to take shape ~ 2 song promo out today (@tuninghc - bc in bio), 1st show booked in Santa Cruz Dec. 30th, and much more in the works. ⚡️🎙⚡️

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<3 —> food processor —> ____ (puddle)

Today was fun. Not. I spent the majority of the day in labor and delivery. (But hey, I made it all the way through November without having to make a trip. Woohoo.)

I’ve been sick since basically Friday. Feeling awful, coughing horribly so today I finally called to see if there was anything I could take to help. I also mentioned I had been having bad contractions and cramping which I contributed to the coughing. But of course, being me and 35 weeks along now they wanted me to come in to be monitored.

They tested for the flu, negative, thank goodness. They gave me 2 bags of fluids for hydration because when you’re sick you can apparently become more dehydrated even with drinking a shit ton and it can cause contractions.

Even with the fluids I was having contractions that were big enough to be picked up and were true and strong. I forgot what true big contractions looked like. Little mountains and valleys. Anyway, those were coming every time 10-15 minutes but they never got closer together or stronger than what they were. My doctor also came by and checked my cervix to make sure I wasn’t dilated more. I’m at like 1cm. So between not being that dilated and my contractions just being stable “for me”, they sent me home. Which is completely fine. I was not ready to be having this baby today.

I have an ultrasound on Thursday so we will know even more. Technically we have 3 weeks till my induction date. I’m still convinced I’ll make it that far but everyone else seems to not be so convinced and has bets on for dates next week and the following. Mostly from Dec 17-22. I’m just over here trying to get last minute things cleaned and put together. Today made everything really real though. Knowing that regardless in 3 weeks or less I’ll be there again having my baby girl. 😍

Good news out of all of this though: they were able to prescribe me something for my cough so hopefully I’ll be able to get more than an hour or two at a time at night to sleep and I’ll start to feel better!

Ps. Anyone want to get in on the bets with dates!? Lol. I’m curious…

why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit why does spider-man need an a.i. in his suit

what homecoming tried to be: an already established teenaged peter parker trying to navigate through the complicated relationships he has with his villains, school, friends, and family due to being spider-man. a story about how peter parker is the heart of spider-man and peter parker and his connection to others AS peter parker is what makes him such a beloved hero to new york. he doesn’t just care about the big world-shattering problems, but he cares about the people and the community problems the avengers don’t care about/don’t have time for. without a suit, he’s just a guy doing his damn best. it’s not spider-man who saves the day, it’s peter parker. that’s what makes him so compelling.

what homecoming was: peter parker is babysat by a terrible baby sitter i wouldnt hire if he was my last choice, getting yelled at for focusing on problems tony was too good for/created, and learning a lesson crafted for tony that he essentially already knew because peter parker isn’t some jackass. after ton– whoops, peter decides to give tony the suit back, he just gets another one in infinity war anyway. lol. also his next movie isnt set in new york either

aj and i have been together for 3 months now~ 1 more month until i get to kiss him ☺️💖

i love lotr i love the hobbit i love critical role and wtnv and honestly i love to draw!! im not very good at it but thats ok and honestly i might be kinda stagnating rn but i draw WAY better than i did when i picked it back up again and thats cool!!! i like baking and cooking and someday ill do that way more offen than i do, i like a lot of things

In 2014, Claire Denis and Olafur Eliasson connected for the first time to explore their fascination for phenomena not yet explained by science, like black holes, and discovered along the way a shared confidence in abstraction. From their dialogues emerged a three-minute film contemplating Eliasson’s artwork Contact and the feeling of infinity that it’s intense yellow light inspires.

Photographed by Agnes Godard and Yorick Le Saux

This December is starting out to be the worst. Every single day I feel like crap and I’m just so angry and frustrated. I hate people and I hate myself and I just feel hatred for a lot of things actually. If I’m not feeling indifferent I’m full of hate

marvel’s boner for tony stark RUINED spider-man: homecoming and turned it into a film where peter parker’s dilemna was the same dilemna as tony stark’s movies (“who are you without the suit”) because peter parker naturally 1) has powers without a mecha suit and 2) his story has been about the decisions and results of those decisions with those powers aka ‘with great power comes great responsibility’. instead of cultivating a story with those themes in a new and exciting way while exploring more of unknown spider-man territory since so many of the population knows and loves peter parker and his origin story we could’ve had a fresh modern take about the extent he’s willing to take his responsibilities with AND without his powers but alas we got spider-iron-man: the spider-suit

(not to mention peter parker rummaging through the garbage for tech to refurbish into his suit/gadgets is so much more compelling than 'this rich old man gave me a suit and took it away from me when i wasnt super-heroing in a way he wanted’ since peter is often getting yelled at by angry white men who think they know best i.e. j. jonah jameson)