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anonymous asked:

Nalum was PR I believe, there were plenty of receipts about it but anyway I just wanna remind people that HV are irrelevant and problematic, they did fucked up shit and now want to delete everything and start AGAIN a new "career".

I disagree, and I feel like the majority of those “receipts” are just reaches. Nalum was so lowkey and the only photos we really ever got from them were very, very LQ fan photos of them out and about, as well as with their families. We also never saw any of the typical tell-tale signs of PR, like there was very little interaction between them on social media. Hey Violet already had plenty of clout simply by association to 5SOS, I don’t think Nalum had to date to increase that any, and if that were the goal then I think they would have been way more public about things. To this day, people still debate about whether or not they actually even dated, that’s how lowkey they were.

That being said, I do agree with your second point. Their career is literally never going to be relevant, because they can’t stand on their own (without touring with 5SOS) and have too much known baggage that they can’t do away with. For example, their history with bullying Julia out of their own band, their support of sex offender Ian Watkins, their lyrics which romanticize and glorify toxic and inappropriate age gap relationships, and now the issue with former member Iain and the allegations currently surrounding him. They’re just a whole ass mess and there’s really no cleaning up their image, these issues will always follow them.

anonymous asked:

Ah thank you finally someone said that, the lashton interview concerned me too about some things they said, I thought I was the only one bc everyone was talking about Lierra and I was like didn't you hear what they said?

This was literally what I said to Piper and Red! Everyone is too busy buzzing about the same, tired comments that Luke made about Sierra to notice how off the vibe was. How Luke hesitated to answer one of Ashton’s questions, and how Ashton made that “joke” about like “….not that it’ll kill us or anything.” This whole thing just reminds me of how Michael’s clear deterioration of his mental health has been constantly ignored, in favor of him mentioning Crystal or his engagement in videos.

anonymous asked:

the top comments on the luke ashton interview are mostly nice things about him saying "my girl". whERE is the hate, show me it?! i'm waiting for sierra to cry and complain over this when there's literally nothing to cry over

I haven’t seen a single ounce of hate since those interviews were posted, not one. It must be sooo hard being Sierra Deaton, being mindlessly praised all day long for Literally No Reason, having your walking music caree- I mean, ahem, boyfriend mention you in interviews constantly, hiding behind your “boyfriend” and having him defend you against all of this hAtE mAiL. God, I just feel so fucking sorry for her, it must hard being handed music gigs and relevancy while you take your emo showers and eat your depression ice cream. Maybe people should just cut her some slack?? ://

anonymous asked:

In the “essentials” interview, notice when Luke shows us his lock screen, he says directly “that’s me and my dog” and then he says “and my girl” or am I just crazy?

Nope! That’s literally how he says it, and some will say it’s just a reach, but you’d think he’d instinctually say “my dog, me, and my girlfriend” (addressing the order of the photo) or perhaps even put his girlfriend first. But the way he answered seems like he hesitated because he didn’t want to mention Sierra.

anonymous asked:

i have a theory on ashton interviewing luke. i wonder if management noticed that some of us complain when the girls are brought up in professional interviews and that’s why they created this inter-band interview thing to show that even when the guys interact they still talk about “their girls.” i don’t even want to watch this interview but it’s luke

The idea to interview each other this way might not have started off as a way to quiet or discredit Lierra detractors, but I think that where Luke is concerned at least, that this is exactly what’s happened. He’s mentioned “my girl and my dog” in too many interviews already, it’s like ALRIGHT we get it, we heard you the FIRST 50 times. It’s becoming overkill at this point, and Modest is just entirely too daft to realize that it doesn’t come across and organic or sincere when it’s repeated time and time again.

Also, if Luke had wanted that photo to be his lock screen, he would have put it there himself without any persuasion necessary. Clearly he didn’t, and if we’re to even believe for a second that Sierra really changed his lock screen (which I don’t, it was fully scripted in my opinion), then he was definitely blindsided by it. That’s just the reality of it. But it’d be awkward and get people talking if he changed it back to something else at this point, so I think it’s just being rolled with at this point.

anonymous asked:

Ashton had almost frown/got off after Luke said he misses Messy and piggy. Yikes!

Yikes indeed!! I thought that was very telling, honestly. He always makes the shadiest comments about Sierra, and anyone who can’t see that has their head buried in the sand.

anonymous asked:

Have you seen Ashton’s interview with Luke and the new GQ Things 5SOS Can’t Live Without videos? Kinda sus that Luke’s mentions of “my girl and my dog” in both seem so scripted. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.

It’s not just you!! For me, it seems scripted because Luke is like, “My phone is an essential because I need to call loved ones and OHYEAHLOOKATMYLOCKSCREENITSMEMYDOGANDMYGIRL.” Which like, trust me Luke, we didn’t forget from the last time you showed us. It was completely unprompted, and added absolutely nothing to the conversation that we didn’t already know.

As for the Lashton interview, it just left me a bit concerned. There were a couple of comments from each of them that left me feeling like something was off.

anonymous asked:

I know you are tired of people asking you about this but do you think like Brashton, Larzaylea started out as PR but became real over time? It must be hard for them to find a stable relationship since LA is golddigger city!

Personally, I don’t. But the other girls might have different opinions about this, so they can add their thoughts if they’d like. I will say that initially I was suspicious of Larzaylea being PR, but I think over time I came to conclude that obviously wasn’t the case. I never really saw any of the tell-tale signs.


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anonymous asked:

Mitchy is so fake, I never liked him I always got weird vibes. I remember back when luke was with Arz he was friends with Arz and they would take pictures together and snaps together joking around etc. He'd also comment on her posts about luke just like he does with Sierra now and the comments on both are very similar. Its all sus to me. Honestly Sierra being on good terms with Luke's friends means nothing because arzaylea was too and we see how that ended

Honestly, agreed, but I think it’s the same case for most of 5SOS’s social circle. There are people who’ve been around for years, but they’re mainly only ever around to party, and you always see the exact same redundant type of comments (“🔥🔥🔥” “MOM” “😍😍” “QUEEN” etc) under any of the boys or their supposed girlfriends IG photos. They party and take photos with the girlfriends all day long, but the minute those girls are gone, you never see any of them continue to stay friends with them.

Which begs the question not only of how genuine the friendships were in the first place, but also how genuine these people in the boys’ social circle are regardless? I mean, they’re loyal, yeah. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not motivated to stay loyal for the wrong reasons (attention by association, public image, etc). There’s literally only a few people AT MOST that I feel are genuine friends with the boys, for the right reasons, and who’ll be there long-term.

anonymous asked:

Ok random cuestion but Isn't it weird for you that kaykay has only taken pics to Nia from hey violet??? Like... I know that calum and her had a thing (PR) but idk is weird for me??🤔

Honestly, I never thought that Nalum was PR, but I don’t actually think it’s that weird that KayKay would photograph Nia? I mean, if it was KayKay who had dated Calum, then yeah, I’d find it weird. But regardless of what history Nalum has, the members of Hey Violet are going to have a connection with the boys for the foreseeable future (like for example, even though Iain isn’t a member anymore, he was/possibly still is living with Luke).

I’m curious though, was there another reason that you thought it was weird??

anonymous asked:

Does anyone else find it weird that there are Zepto 5sos accounts on IG & Twitter, including ones for Sierra & Crystal. It’s odd af

Yeah, not only is that weird but it’s really pathetic too. I’ve seen ones where they’ve included Crystal and depict her like, hanging out with the boys and whatnot… As if that ever happens. It’s cringe city.

anonymous asked:

So it’sleahk posted a video of her and Luke talking about the tequila note she’s been bragging saying how he loves it in the video he sounds so done and not even interested

Did she delete it? Because I’ve went down her timeline several times, up to 5 days back, and I haven’t seen a video of this. Only photos.

anonymous asked:

itsleahk on twt is cringey af i can feel the secondhand embarrassment and the way that luke talks to her uninterestingly about the tequila makes me wanna sink to where i am right now lmao

Wait, is there a video or are you just talking about another video she’s posted with Luke? Because when I looked at her Twitter last night, all I saw were photos of the tequila she gave him. His smile looked very awkward to me, like the kind of smile you’d give someone when you want to be polite about a gift you didn’t like. Sksks. Also she just posts so much in general that it lowkey gave me a headache looking through her tweets. I really hate stan Twitter.

anonymous asked:

Remember when 5sos and their friends started commenting everything on Instagram using “stan language”? Sierra had posted some pic and in a reply to a comment by Mitchy she’s said that he’d had to tell her she was a snake to be doing it right. Wasn’t that interesting how she knew people called her a snake - but she doesn’t look for hate or her own name, right? Also if she jokes about it with her friends this “hate” doesn’t really tear her apart the way she wants to make it look. Again, so fake.

Oh yeah, I definitely remember that. Believe it or not, but that joke came right after we’d recently started making a lot of jokes about Sierra being a snake on this blog. We hadn’t really done it before then, and had only started doing it for a few days, and then suddenly he and Sierra are making jokes about fans calling her a snake? Like yeah, okay, sure. Which is also something that I hadn’t seen ANYONE else (by which I mean exposing pages and their followers) doing at that time either. It’s not something I’ve really ever seen much of in this fandom over all. That was one of our first concrete clues that Sierra lurks around here.

Also worth mentioning that at the time, I was undecided about whether or not I felt like Mitchy was just being shady and making Sierra feel like she was in on the joke. But honestly I think Mitchy is just as big of a snake as Sierra is. I’m sure she jokes about the stuff she reads to at least a couple of people, just to make it seem like she doesn’t care about it, and probably to cope with it too. But I really do think that it gets to her, otherwise she wouldn’t seek out “hate” to respond to, hoping she’ll get pitied, praised, or defended for standing up to her ~haturrz~ and all that. If Lierra was real, she wouldn’t be so concerned with what people are saying about her, and it really wouldn’t affect her like it clearly does.

anonymous asked:

who's going to tell @/itsleahk on twitter who gifted a bottle of Sierra Tequila to luke that sierra means mountain range in Spanish and doesn't have anything to do with his girlfriend.. thought tbh he'll probably enjoy this gift because he needs to be drunk to tolerate her. yikes.

OOF, now that’s just cringey all around. I think it’s actually really sad that the only time Luke looks happy around Sierra, is when he’s drinking. Yay for happy, healthy couple goals though, amiright?

anonymous asked:

Think she got an eyebrow lift as well as cheek fillers. There's nothing wrong with owning so I don't know why she has to lie about not getting anything else done. The older fans from early a&s days have commented on her looking like a completely different person with a botched face so that says a lot compared to those of us that didn't know of her existence before she started dating Luke.

I don’t have any personal experience with getting cosmetic work done, but I follow a lot of popular professional injectors on IG. Sierra’s been showing something that’s referred to as “filler face” for a while now. Which is basically where you get over-filled, and it causes your face to look unnaturally bloated, and often makes people look much older than they actually are. Kylie Jenner is a classic example of this, if you look at IG vs IRL comparisons made by accounts who expose people for lying about getting work done.

I believe Sierra’s only admitted to getting lip filler, but she’s definitely had cheek filler too, in my unprofessional opinion. But honestly if that amount of filler is what makes her happy, who am I to care? Personally I don’t think it looks flattering, but also no one asked me. I will say that my only issue with her lying about having cosmetic work done, is the fact that she’s lying.

It’s just as common to lie about having it done as it is having it done. It’s just unfortunate all around, because the people who lie about the work they’ve had want everyone else to just believe that they’re ~au naturale~ and hit the genetic jackpot. When in reality they’re just as human and flawed as the rest of us, but young impressionable people develop serious body and self-esteem issues due to these seemingly harmless lies. I feel like it’s greatly contributing to this new era where things like body dysmorphia and eating disorders are becoming more prevalent.

anonymous asked:

i was reading y'all talking about how 5sos don't seems that passionate about easier or something like that, and i think it's because they didn't write the song. ryan tedder kinda gave to them, so. and nobody asked but i think that song would fit so much more with charlie puth tbh.

I definitely think that contributes to the issue, and I definitely agree about Charlie Puth as well. Like it just sounds wholeheartedly like a song he’d put out (I mean I know he helped write it, but you get what I mean I’m sure), and I feel like it might have charted higher if it was him who released it. What makes me nervous is that apparently Easier is going to be the direction the whole album is taken in, and I’m just…I’ll support them no matter what, but I’m really not sure about how much I’ll end up liking the album if that’s the case.

anonymous asked:

Luke has definitely some codependence issues and Sierra seems to have the same, I don't think they're real but if they were (for what I see) their relationship would be toxic, maybe not as much as Larzaylea but still toxic, it's never good being so dependent to another person.

Honestly, considering they’ve both only ever had one public relationship prior to this stunt, I’m really not sure that we can conclude that either of them are co-dependant. I see people claiming this about Luke a lot, but I just don’t see where they’re coming from, because he really doesn’t have a long enough dating history to conclude one way or the other. I’m still open to hearing elaborated opinions on this, though. As for toxic, I definitely think Sierra is toxic for a lot of reasons. Her behavior has been far from healthy.

For example, always playing the victim, being unreasonably defensive, lurking by searching “luke and sierra” in order to seek out “hate” to pop off and respond to (spoiler: it wasn’t hate and she wasn’t even tagged, and she promptly deleted the response when she realized that she exposed herself for lurking), creating fake accounts to push dating rumors, and privately keeping contact with several fans who can apparently do nothing but sing her praises. Which is problematic because there’s a clear power imbalance between herself and her fans, and therefore it’s completely inappropriate to engage that behavior.

anonymous asked:

“luke” followed a fan immediately after they tweeted about how excited they were about seeing S perform her 1.5 songs at this charity event. I’m livid because you shouldn’t have to kiss a gf’s ass to get a follow

A bit late on this one, but I still feel like it’s worth addressing. I have to completely agree with you anon. There are heaps and heaps of fans who have faithfully and respectfully supported the boys all along, but somehow they’re less deserving of a follow just because they don’t like your little girliefriends problematic behavior? Like yeah, okay, sure. That’s really the message that Modest is sending at this point and it’s just tragic and embarassing, because I’m completely certain that it’s not Luke following these Lierra stans. It’s never been his style to pander to one type of fan over the other (i.e. desperate versus loyal fans).