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Hoy nos visitó este amiguito en el jardín de la casa. Es algún tipo de lechuza o buho 🦉. Estaba posado junto a un nido de palomas, pero parece que no les hizo daño, pues no vi plumas o sangre.

커미션 신청해주셔서 감사합니다! 오버워치리그 휴스턴팀의 아르한선수입니다ㅎㅎ 여러분 짱 열심히 그려드려요!!! 지금바로 신청 고고!!

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Cute gift tags - a great way to add some handmade charm to your gift wrap

Sneaky peek at the opening page of Hoot in a Boot! Publication date is Tuesday 2nd April 2019. Signed copies available on my author website...

Science today wildlife ecology and conservation degree yr 1. Investigating * through pellet analysis. *small mammals in the pellets- imagine the size of that owl!

Watch the latest Adventure of the Fearless Frankly Frog Putter. 🐸 meets 🦉 Be Fearless. Be Wise. Be Lucky. Putt with a Frankly Frog. 📽️

I finally finished my second Owl Pendant! We'll have it or with us this weekend at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market from 9am-1pm, so if you'd like to check it out in person swing on by. I finally finished my second …

Today’s throwback is from THIRTY years ago! Whoooooo remembers this barn —and our special issue all about predators from March 1989?

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Wir legen Wert auf und - gemeinsam bewirken wir mehr! Hier beim unserer Mitgliedskommunen aus im @GOP_BadOeynhausen. Mehr Infos zur Mitgliedschaft:

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whoever has that ‘vriska did nothing wrong’ sign owes me their life

Hello there! Sooo tonight i just decided to draw a owl. At first when i finished drawing it whit the ink i just felt like “na, lets do something has a background, why not??” And then i went whit watercolour to make it pop more and not be just a simple draw…i don’t dislike it, but i should have kept it more simple…

This is the before painting the “background”.

I hope you like it, i enjoyed drawing it pretty much bye!


GTFO is back with a new format and a lot to discuss! 

In today’s episode, Gryf and Fireclaw break down all 8 teams headed to the Overwatch League Stage 1 playoffs.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to your 20's, where life is atrip and u constantly wonder if you'll make it to next fall. Just kidding, I really hope you enjoy your birthday and have a ton of awesome adventures in the upcoming year! Kiss kiss bang bang, have fun!


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omg is it your birthday?! happy bday!!! i hope you have a good day and eat your favorite food and pet a soft animal. you deserve a wonderful day 💖💖💖 if it hasn’t been i hope it gets better!!!

yesss well technically it was, the 21st is almost over here and no I wasn’t feeling great about my bday but we’ll be fine tysm nonnie ily, hope you enjoy your day as well!