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If I didn鈥檛 have stairs, I鈥檇 often be seriously short of drying space. Loved having this of 馃馃馃 adorning my staircase last year

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Loved being apart of Harry Potter day today. It was great to see so many witches, wizards and muggles having fun.

If they can't get the visa problems fixed soon Chengdu might be missing one of their players for the start of OWL Season 2.

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Those are some pretty big implications about the 2020 season if they're true! What're your thoughts on this potential news?

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Personal nameplate.

Sova the boss! Ep.11

i came home to an owl in my yard and it’s. incredible. owls are such powerful animals- when you come across one at night, they’re in control of the encounter, and they know it. they radiate this ethereal aura, like you’re not quite in the same world you’re used to, and you’ve been privileged to catch them off guard. they don’t like it- they don’t like you, you’re a threat to their hunt, but they’ll reward your luck or skill with a few seconds, or even a few minutes, and then they’ll remind you that this is happening in their realm, not yours, and they’ll vanish, leaving you wondering if the meeting ever happened. 

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On the last installment of If You Are Prepared and No. I. Am. Not. Three years ago I finished that story and a piece of my soul was torn out and repeatedly stomped on. Am I a masochist to once again endure that fresh hell? Yes I am, because reading it, I am reminded how utterly beautiful it was written and I shall continue on...(my poor sons)

How To Handle Your Emotions After Reading If You Are Prepared Cycle by Cybele - A Guide: 

When I first joined the Snarry fandom I saw this fic being recommended everywhere, but I read how it was super angsty with Major Character Death warning and I was like nu-huh huntyyyyyy I ain’t gon do that to myself. 

I gave in after a while and read that fic in 2015. And after I finished it, I cried so much. So fuking much. I cried more than I ever had in my entire life, which is insane because it’s just a story and I’ve been through much worse in real life. I finished that fic at 6 am on a beautiful July morning, and then I wrote to my friend, calling her every foul thing I could think of because she was the one who insisted I read it. I am probably never going to read it again, because just thinking about the last few lines of that fic makes my chest ache. 
The thing is, this fic would’ve never been written in this day and age, and we all know why. Calling it problematic would be an understatement. But fuckinng hell if it isn’t one of the best fics I have ever read, and I’ve read hundreds of thousands. It’s a Snarry classic for a reason. Kudos to you for being able to read it again.