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How stinking cute is this topped with my from . How creative!🦉 Listed in .

😳Wonder what kind of OWL he is & why he’s out during the day? 105 degrees in AZ today!! So Beautiful!!

おはようございます☀ カルティエちゃんまるで神の遣い✨ 天使です👼 本日も11時から営業です! ご予約は03-6280-6364まで🎵 ご来店お待ちしております☺ – at フクロウカフェもふもふ銀座店

可愛いクラブ女子 at OWL osaka!!!

Update: we have pretty good news - two of the baby owls survived. Socrates and one sibling are now in Niagara, Ontario at the Owl Foundation and have been adopted by an adult Eastern Screech

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I've been feeling down this week, and this drawing remind me, that when i was feeling bad i started out by trying to imitate another one, and i came up with this piece, and i felt amazing and reconnected with myself and my craft

Surprise avian visitor Rickie Northern SawWhet with Emily from a hit at the Purple Martin Festival here in with

Day 3 of Tawny Owl Watch. Because standing in the lane staring into a tree for ages is so much better than looking at someone’s house through binoculars

Eastern Screech (Gray Morph) A small owl, about 8 inches in height. It is quite the challenge to photograph them in trees with so many leaves & branches to conceal their location.

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Owl cry 😍😍😍 ♪ フクロウの鳴声
#ニシアメリカオオコノハズク#owl #フクロウ #ScreechOwl #kuuowl #owlstagram #ふわもこふくろう部

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Some small details you might have missed in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole books
  • Eglantine has a spot over one of her eyes
  • Madame Plonk is described to have a ting in her singing voice
  • The closest it gets to a measurement for the size of the Ga'Hoole tree is “hundreds of feet”
  • The tree has darker bark in warmer months, and whiter bark in colder months
  • New shoots of the Ga'Hoole tree have a bright red tint
  • The Great Tree is around 1,000 years old. Making the legends about Grank and Hoole that much older
  • Instead of First Flight, puffins celebrate Puffinflockin-in the Nockin, named so because fledgling puffins tend to crash into things a lot

Okay so I’ve been making a size chart for all of the relevent birds in the world of Ga’Hoole and some stuff never made any sense in my chart? I have them all lined up and properly sized by length (tail to head), and from talons to head, the short eared owl is shorter than a lesser sooty owl in my chart and I was thinking “I HAVE to be doing this wrong. There’s no way a short eared owl is smaller than any tyto” Not to mention the movie has them being maybe 3 times Soren’s size. I decided to finally try to look up a size comparison of a short eared owl and…

……………………………. yeah I think my chart is actually doing fine……….