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Atrévete a portar estos colores 🕺🔥 y sobresal con un moderno en cualquier lugar. Compra aquí 🔜:

Modern bedroom furniture bed with genuine leather M01

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White boots #whatthelibrarianwore #submission by librarylooks_1

“Beautiful means ‘full of beauty.’ Beautiful is not about how you look on the outside, beautiful is about what you’re made of. Beautiful people spend time discovering what their idea of beauty on this earth is. They know themselves well enough to know what they love, and they love themselves enough to fill up with a little of their particular kind of beauty each day.”- Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Pretty in pink pants #whatthelibrarianwore #submission by lamodelibrarian

 “I don’t believe in closure. What does it really mean? Does it mean the closing of a door, the locking up of memories, the refusal to allow a flow of consciousness that may involve some measure of grief?”-On My Own by Diane Rehm