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Out by the coast in some lovely crisp weather. …

Quick before they are gone! Not many leaves left on the trees just carpets of leaves waiting to be crunched

Nick Green ... taking a break during a busy day working on the pylons. Kelly Kettle on the job! 😘 Always a good idea to pack πŸ”₯for when you need that warm drink β˜•οΈ and there is no power! Kellys got you covered! 😜 . Where do you use yours?

With these gorgeous crisp winter days in sight you'd be mad not to go outdoors and explore. With footpaths, bridleways, packhorse trails, towpaths, snickets & ginnels in all directions, there's something for everyone.

Nearing the start of the half marathon; just finish is the target all night coughing and sweating and do you know what this is the best medicine – at Waterford Crystal Sports and Leisure Centre

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I’ve missed you!
Got my Flashpup out to the range today!

So I just recently purchased a Hatsan Flashpup .25 from PA, shot it for the second time today. One thing I’ve noticed, and read about, is Quality control with Hatsan (other airgun companies have this issue as well) can be hit or miss. This is the first airgun I have considered returning. Don’t get me wrong, it holds air, it feels nice to shoulder, it’s sturdy, however cocking takes way too much effort, and the trigger (which I know is adjustable), is so mushy, to a point that I would call it a danger, as I experienced a delay of almost 2 seconds before it fired, the next shot was crisp, 2 trigger pulls the next… It’s bad.Instead of returning it, I’m going to learn how to polish/smooth internels, adjust the hammer spring, and adjust the trigger so that it’s something close to what it should have been on arroval. I didn’t pay for a shoot test, I guess I should have, I believe PA probably would have sent me a different gun.I do believe that this Flashpup can be a good shooter, it was very accurate with the small amount of shooting I did today. It’s just going to take a little bit of work to get it close to how my PROD shoots, which was damn near flawless from the day it arrived.

Completed my first high peak in the Adirondacks (NY) and I did not realize how hard 7.4 miles one way could be and then realizing I had to do it again after I got to the top was a harsh reality but a pleasant one in the end


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