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Waterfall fascinates tourist with the beauty of its foamy and milky water, gushing sound, and surrounding greenery. To experience this, book your stay with us!! Learn more at

Don’t just travel, explore the beauty of the Northern Drakensberg on one of our glorious hiking trails. The mountains are calling!

Here is something a little big different from the summit of Mount Leinster looking towards the Blackstairs Mountain.

"सनसेट्स इतने सुंदर हैं कि वे लगभग ऐसा लगता है जैसे हम स्वर्ग के द्वार के माध्यम से देख रहे हैं।" - जॉन लुबॉक . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Stunning views over Lake Windermere on my morning walk today. It’s a great way to start the day!

Our doors are always open to new customers so why not come down and see us at , Patterson Industrial Estate today? We print state of the art, onto glass using scratch-proof ceramic ink. Ideal for indoor and use.

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We found somewhere really nice not too far to walk from my house, so I took some photos! We decided we’d come back here another time with food and have a picnic here, there’s three different picnic tables and we even picked which we’d sit on, there’s a conservation park that’s a while away from this spot and after we eat here we thought we’d venture over there then as we were too unprepared for the extra walk today. Had to go back for hydration and lunch! Laura took some photos and videos too so I’ll post them below:

It was really good to find somewhere new and a great time to as well considering the suns been out today. Watching TV and about to eat salad and have a cup of tea so all in all I’m pretty happy.


Sunday Morning Got Rained Out (Vlog #23) - Wesss TV


Seasonal rivulet.
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