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Tanto va el cántaro a la fuente... Si te dan de límite 50 fake News al día y se sobrepasan... Y qué queréis, que encima os aplaudan. Hasta mis pájaros se reían de vuestras noticias. 💚💚

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NEW SINGLE "THE EMBRACE OF THE HYPOCRITES". Mixed and Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio - Germany. Listen & download at our digital platforms

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We like to be in so much because it has no opinion about us. - Friedrich Nietzsche

⁩ moves up to #15 in ⁦⁩ state rankings! This team has it all: the shooting, the steals, the teamwork, the grit attitude. Join me in cheering them on tonight at 7 pm. These ladies deserve some fans in the stands! 🏀🔥

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#Narakasura #cut #out #animation by Vinu Haran and #Team.

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small towns. big cities. six thirty curfews. lights that take the place of stars. blanket nests. light through the blinds as a wake up call. found family. finding a single star in the middle of new york city. window shopping. watching something terrible and enjoying it. growing numb to the sight of injustice. wilted flowers. faded caricatures. bright, bold colors.

crickets and lightning bugs. car engines and air conditioning units. a phone call to your parent(s). laughing with friends. jokes that are so bad you have to laugh. the clicking of computer keys. noise canceling headphones. the sound of silence. muffled music from another room. drumming fingertips on a table. clicking of pens. listening to a clock and swearing the ticks get slower. ringing in the ears. the voice of someone you love. pitch shifted songs. the sound of waves crashing onto distant shores.

being held close during a long night. fleeting reassurances. holding hands when you’re scared. brushing fingers through strands of hair. freshly dried clothes. bruises on your knuckles. silk and satin. your favorite pet’s fur or feathers or scales. wringing your hands anxiously.  snuggies. comforters in the dead of winter. nails against skin. cold metal. leather in summer. wet sand between your toes.

coffee in the morning. tea in the evening. bubblegum that lost its flavor. alcohol burning the back of your throat. homemade cooking, no matter what’s made. blood in your mouth. stale air. mint. fresh vegetables. that processed taste of citrus candy. the first meal you cook by yourself that tastes good. foreign sweets. fast food. bittersweet. sour. spicy. sweet. bitter. too much salt on fries.

ocean air. morning glories and honeysuckles. freshly cut grass. hot chocolate in the middle of winter. nail polish. acetone. hospital rooms. campfire smoke. incense. hair spray. your favorite shampoo or conditioner. the scent of home. perfume. cologne. mint. something burning. wet dogs. copper. metal. unemptied ash trays. something familiar yet different.