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The fun never stops!! We can’t wait to see you for all of the amazing things we have planned to welcome you back!!

Check out our party FRIDAY, January 18th from 7pm-9pm with FREE food truck, FREE drinks with ID, giveaways, live performance by Lotto Muzik and exclusive deals for fall!!

Come one, come all to join us for FREE food from Eats and Treats, a Live , FREE , circus and , and party-only leasing specials!! Step on up to secure your and have some fun January 18th 7pm-9pm!

If you have: ✔ submitted your app ✔ received your box & admissions letter ✔ shared your good news online using Then you're only a few more to-dos away from officially becoming a Sooner! Check out your post-admission checklist here:

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Call or text 405-321-8877 to schedule a tour to check out our new look and secure your home at the absolute BEST RATES IN ! Fully-furnished, bills-included rates beginning at only $319mo! Smart, simple student living just makes Common Sense!

Bama fans can yell all they want, I'm wearing my tomorrow for our team because they fought hard against the odds and my did their best. That deserves respect, even in the event of a loss. I'm proud to be part of the Class of 2023!

All I want for Christmas is to get my college paid for.... bc I’m officially !!!! ☝🏻❤️

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Look what had Santa leave for under the tree last night! BEST. CHRISTMAS. PRESENT. EVER.

If you have: ✔ submitted your app ✔ received your box & admissions letter ✔ shared your good news online using Then you're only a few more to-dos away from officially becoming a Sooner! Check out your post-admission checklist here:

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Mokala National Park is located in the Northern Cape Province. An ideal location for a stopover while driving between Cape Town and Johannesburg. or

🥳 It’s official! We pushed the button to let her commit! I know I’ve been away, but my was necessary to pray over & sort these things among others out! My baby is you’re getting a great one! ☝🏾

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T H E   L A S T   W E E K .

// these past few weeks have been stressful. it is understood that this is the first year that start sooner has taken place but that is no excuse for leaving the students in the program clueless on what is happening. no set schedule was given prior and no details on what was going to happen throughout the program. since my program was steered towards the pre-calculus and trigonometry course, the results are great. from the beginning of the course to the end, a change on how the instructor taught was hoping to change. it did not.

the pre-calculus and trigonometry instructor would release the notebook and homework before we even learned it or go over the material in class. thinking that maybe it was because of my absence during the study session however it was not. the office hours during the course did not help at all. whenever the instructor explained things, nothing was answered. any time a question was asked about something that was wrong, the answer would contradict and be shot down. this was pretty frustrating at this point. it honestly feels like the main goal this instructor has is to damage our grade point average. not trying to be ruse because this is not the instructor’s intentions.. just maybe everyone in the class is just to dumb for this course. my love for math is dead at this point.

the introduction to university experience has been going pretty well lately. since the big conflict in the group presentation/project was resolved.. things have been going much better. the only thing that has really made me irky this week was coming home after work yesterday to a twenty galloon fish tank on my desk. this goes into a rant about my roommate on how she does not understand how a dorm works? one set of things within the room is hers while the other set in the room is mine. she does not abide by this however.. it seems pretty believable that she does not respect my time or space. this was what caused our separation/friendship during the first two weeks; her failure to respect me as a person. whenever my return back to the dorms occurred, something new of hers is always placed on top of my desk taking over my space within the room. from this experience, my departure on the fifth will be much appreciated in her favor as well as mine.

M Y   F I R S T   M A T H   E X A M.

// so my first exam was today. not quite sure on how confident my beliefs are for my skills in this class. it just seems like the world is against me. sometimes, it really feels like no matter how much my mind goes through and how much my body is exerted.. there is no outcome for it. all the mathematics knowledge that is retained within my brain quickly dims and vanishes like a pokémon minutes later.

that dream of a perfect grade point average is gone now. no faith. hopefully, the fall term goes much better than these four weeks. time management in the fall term will for sure be so much easier. the whole start sooner program where you are required to live in dorms is quite inconvenient in my case. understanding that this is the first year this program has launched does not let me shoe mercy on their side. not set schedule, late minute changed, and very late notifications for what is going on. an honest opinion of the program so far is probably a so-so on a scale to horrible and amazing.

during the fall term, my only time campus would be on tuesday and thursday. this would result in me saving money on gas and time. no curfew of midnight each night or requiring to check-in every time. this really affects my work schedule. not quite sure if the directors understand that my request for a schedule was a month prior to the program starting. for this request for a schedule, the words of ‘dropping from the program’ came up when the request was not met.

my entire purpose for obtaining a degree in my dream profession is to further my career. my school schedule is made to work around that profession. not like this program where we have class everyday and are required to attend a study session at the end of the day, everyday. the frustration of driving back and forth from the city to norman is a waste of my time and gas. hopefully this upcoming week and finals week has a better outcome and changes my views on the program.


Me, mini me and Carlos #35 #OUBound #Roadtrip

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