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NEW SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT We are excited to announce our next round of Midweek Music featured music for the month of February! As always music is FREE and ALL AGES at the Cannafe.

New shoes today! They look amazing. Figured my red/white/blue Hammer shoes needed a rest, so decided to go for the golden/white carbon fiber Force shoes! Love them! Not gonna switch until practice next week; tournament with current ones this weekend in IL.

Happy to announce that's I will be playing this year will be dropping some orginal tracks soon! HMU FOR TICKETS!!!

✅ In depth look at new QB Jalen Hurts recruitment with sourced info on how he got to . ✅ staff on the road recruiting. Who are they targeting? ✅ Potent good news coming soon? ✅ What’s the latest on 4 ⭐️ 2019 OL? VIP:

One day, one commitment can change things. Adding means now No. 3 in rankings & gives its 16th four-star or better recruit for the class. Sooners also ranked No. 2 in star avg per recruit, too:

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Things Quiet Down In Norman Yet? Hale No! | News, Sourced Notes, & Wrap Up

It's real. It's happened. Jalen Hurts officially in the student database:

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Per grad transfer QB Austin Kendall has enrolled at . He will be eligible immediately with two years of eligibility remaining. The Mountaineers have had quite a run of transfer QBs from Clint Trickett to Skyler Howard to Will Grier to Kendall.

staff out on the road. has LOADED Friday recruiting update: ✅ hitting Memphis (TN) hard. Who did they go see? Chance with 2020 stars? ✅ Two 2020 WR’s OU in a good spot with? ✅ WR grad transfer possible? VIP

Solo al Motor Bike Expo 🏍 di Verona dal 17 al 20 gennaio potrai comprare l'esclusivo abbigliamento Bardahl Vintage 👕 🏁 allo stand del distributore Bardahl Verona. 📍 Vieni al padiglione 6 Stand 16G . . . . .

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Waiting for Aurora by mabart

In the Districts, where people had nothing except for their lives, words were powerful. In the Districts, where people dealt with ever shifting allies, oaths and promises were the only currency that counted. Everyone knew it; it was drilled into them from the moment they could understand speech. Most everyone followed this rule. But there are always exceptions. 

Some people found it so easy to lie, to betray, to say something, yet mean it not at all. Some people used this lack of remorse for their own purposes. Some used it for the good of their community. Some people didn’t use it at all. That last group was always the wisest. 

In the Districts, where a promise was worth more than a life, there was a severe punishment for breaking one. Anyone who broke a promise knew that, sooner or later, words of what they did, no matter how well kept of a secret it was, would reach him. And then, he would come, to exact vengeance on them. The worse deeds they did, the worse sentence would be bestowed. 

Some, he left alive. Others, he left dead. And a select few, he left surviving until he had deemed that they deserved to die. 

In the Districts, where words were the law, there was an equal power to enforce them. 

They called him the Witch’s Boy. And this is his story.


The Three Realms:

Underworld-Overworld: The realm of the holy beings. It was created by Unove and Ovunrey, both having been tasked with creating creatures to disperse souls. Ovunrey, God of the Underworld, however, did not do what he was told to do. He created creatures that were to corrupt the souls they were meant to disperse. This led to a neverending war that bittered the angels and ruined the demons. A realm of chaos, to contrast a world of souls.

Elemundia: Elemundia is the designated world of mortals. It is the realm of elements. It was created by Elemund, god of elements, to first house the mermaids and dinasaurs. Once the dinasaurs dwindled, other creatures were created to occupy the lands and skies. This is the realm that was created to occupy the souls and thoughts that were so lonely once before.

Limbo: The original realm. Creation existed here, originally, and as her story goes, so does this realm. This realm is a realm of voice and is the mother realm for the other three. After years of the other realms having existed, Limbo expanded beyond voice, it turned into thought and formless voices (which are just that- thought) gained forms to which they explore limbo in.