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Argh I'm so frustrated with Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk rn!! I'm on Hugh/Traveller route & can't get the branch at Ch3.1 - I have got all items from shop, but one note remains locked 😔 Any ideas?

falling in love with Hayden 😍😘 one of my favorite otome. story ,MC character all perfect. i really luv this `Twilight lovers´

New screen. Russian version. Don't worry about the quality of the translation from Russian to English. We work with a proofreader who lives in the USA.

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jsjksskkskskwhwiekd PLEASE tell me more about ikevamp story and characters 😤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Oh my god, anon, here we go!!!!

I apologize in advance because this got super long???? So feel free to read as much as you like. I’m putting it under a cut because of the length and mild spoilers, just in case there’s anybody searching the tag that wants to enter the game without any previous exposure. Now without any further ado:

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Get to Know Tag

I saw @lxvescramble​ do it and I love doing tags so why not haha

RULES: Answer the Qs & tag 10 people you would like to know better!

Name: Angie

Gender: Female

Star sign: Taurus

Height: Tall (I legit had my height measured yesterday but I don’t know it haha)

Age:  21

Wallpaper on phone:

yes I’m still big ddadds trash ok.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

First ever crush on a teacher: never had one, I never had any attractive teachers and I find teacher crushes gross.

Coolest Halloween costume: Ghostface from Scream

Favourite 90′s kids show(s): Sailor Moon & Digimon

Have you ever been stood up: no

Favourite pair of shoes: My boots I guess? they’re comfy but falling apart.

Favourite fruit(s): Lychee

Stupidest thing you’ve ever done: I was 12, I ran up the down escalator, got to the top and thought I’d jump onto the floor above, nope, I tripped and tore my knee open, 4 stitches and a lifetime scar.

All time favourite shows: The news lmao it’s the only TV I watch on a daily basis.

Last movie you saw in the theaters: Incredibles 2

I tag @thatonelindolover @lntellectual uh and I guess anyone else who wants to do it like I did hahaha


Italian Gameplay

by: Otome & Games ITA

My CYBIRD Otome Games experiences ~Pt. 1~


So lemme tell you my story

The first Otome Game by CYBIRD I started playing this summer is Ikemen Sengoku:

How I started playing it and what made me chose my first warlord?

Well, I was getting ads related to Ikesen and yeah… It seemed very entertaining and interesting so I finally gave up the temptation. XD

When I was getting them ads I firstly noticed Masamune and he was the one I wanted to chose…

But then I’ve read the prologue and I was like:

This dude Nobuna sounds intriguing… Even tho now I don’t have romantic feelings for him, he is really hot and attractive.

So I’ve chosen him.

As the story went further I was getting amazed by how he was making me be more and more… He always got me blushing like mad. But I actually started liking him in a romantic way…

I’m still remembering that even the MC in his route made a bet with Masamune and Mitsuhide that she won’t fall in love with him, yet she starts developing romantic feelings for him… Just like me lol.

So, slowly, no, actually kinda fast, I was starting to think of him more than a simple “Warlord with benefits” x’D

And this definitely got me shocked. I’m mostly relying on my intuition. For me falling in love happens very fast. I only need to see someone and if I think that person is good for me, then that person really is good for me. I don’t remember falling in love with a person as the time goes on. I mean, if I don’t get romantic feeling for that person as fast as possible as I’m seeing it… Then I probably won’t fall in love with them later. But… Nobunaga is special lol. The more I got to know him, the more I was falling for him. And when I want someone more than just because they are attractive, then I really love them.

And so I began liking Nobu’s route very much. I guess I really love how he opened up for me. I like guys who are confident, cold, charming, even a little bit cocky and hard to understand and then they turn out to be so soft just for me. Nobunaga was always making my heart beat faster and my face turn red like a tomato. The fact that he went through so many bad things is one of the things who are making him so attractive in all the ways.

Which route I’ve chosen and why?

Well at first I wanted to chose the Romantic Route because I heard that is pure fluff… But then I have seen some spoiler of both of the routes and though that the Dramatic route is more interesting. And so it was.

I haven’t finished the route, I think I have the last love challenge to pass, or idk… it’s the one where you have to buy the kimono set. And of course imma buying the normal one cuz I’m broke xD I don’t even have enough gold to buy the normal one rn =]]]]]

Anyway, I really like the dramatic route. It’s amazing. It made me cry a lot, so it does the job for us, the drama lovers xD

My opinion of the whole Nobunaga Route?

IT’S PERFECT, at the least for me. It got everything you can want:

  • Steamy scenes (especially at the start lol), “strip Go” cuz why not 😏 I love the idea of him claiming your body parts with each win… I think I have a kink with belonging body and soul to someone lol
  • Cute scenes. Nobu is sooo adorable. I find it really cute that he isn’t good at expressing his feelings~ I love when he blushes, he looks like a fluffy bear (he is cuter than Bearsace xD).
  • Serios/Action scenes. When y'all on the battlefield or you are discussing about the war.

Nobunaga lives up his name when it’s about fighting. Well, I think the MC is fussing too much about the whole “Nobunaga being cold and kills people merciless ” thing. I, myself, don’t find the fact he is like that when he’s fighting isn’t so frightening. You know, in war being kind isn’t always good. If you can make peace or win without killing people, that’s surprisingly amazing. In war you nees to be merciless mostly of the time so yeah, especially if the enemy is planning to kill you…

  • Angst scenes. Aside the Dramatic Route, there are some scenes which I fing kinda sad. For exaple when the MC and Nobu are together and talk about their feeling or even when they think about eachother. I actually think the whole plot is kinda angsty because of the fact 500 years separare you.

It has funny scenes as well . Nobu is kinda my ideal type of guy. The other characters are amazing in his route.

Well, judging by my harsh side, his route wasn’t perfect, so I rate it a 8/10

But if I ignore some minor things, it would be a 9/10

This is it~

Imma gonna post screenshots of the story too! And Imma gonna make a rating of the Dramatic Route itself as well!

Here, add me on Ikesen: P7JZMPEVV

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@dear-mrs-otome is one of the nicest people on Tumblr and I am happy that I accidentally stumbled upon her blog. I didn't have much interest in fanfiction but after reading her Coffee Shop modern AU and her Mitsunari ones, I'm now addicted. I am thankful that she takes time to write for the fandom! I have notifications set for her in case she uploads something~

@dear-mrs-otome aww this is sweet~ 100% true too

Reverse; ~使用人と幼馴染彼氏~ (Shiyounin to osananajimi kareshi)

Vanilla Recipe has announced an upcoming volume of Reverse;!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

As a daughter of a well-established, esteemed family, you’ve been keeping your relationship with your childhood friend and personal chauffeur, 奏馬 (Souma), a secret from your family.

Meanwhile, at your university, you’ve been studying hard with the hope of gaining your independence after you graduate. 

One day, however, your mother tells you that you will be attending formal marriage interviews once you graduate.

Due to this development, you and Souma have a bit of an incident…

CV: テトラポット登 (Furukawa Makoto)

Release Date: September 12th, 2018.

Otome Game Ideas

A few ideas - let me get them outta my head because it could turn into possible fanfic.

1. An Ancient Greek/Roman/Egyptian otome story set around an MC who is either a Queen or a middle class worker who has a curse set upon her or has a death linked to her that results in a clash of cultures, politial alliances or public divide.

2. A witch/wizard coven that stirs trouble. Think Harry Potter meets Kissed By the Baddest Bidder.

3. A female con-artist who has been out of the game for sometime and is pulled back into the old lifestyle she promised she never would by someone from her past she expected to never see after an ambical split.


Lol I think I made a a character I wouldn’t get along with irl

So Soonah is like, the poster child for hot-headed and poorly thought out antics for the sake of thrills and chills. Before the count’s murder They were ofc doing the whole medical apprentice thing with Julian but also actively organizing and heading guerrilla protests against Lucio’s government and the bureaucratic inadequacies in Vesuvia that probably got a lot of people hurt or jailed. Soonah and Asra probably fought a LOT more than Asra let on, cuz Soonah started using magic more irresponsibly in the name of direct action against Lucio and the plague doctors that came in the form of violent anarchy. And y’all know Asra ain’t exactly about confrontation an volatile behavior (FOR THE MOST PART)

But yeah they’re angry and sporadic and an absolute force to be reckoned with. 100% romances Julian and honestly? Would not be a good influence on him,,,,

R: Thank you for your help, Shanrae! What would I do without you?

S: If you went with Kalaseth, then you would not be lifting anything. In the forest, you can’t hire servants.

R: Or maybe he would convince a bear to help us?

S: He would rather talk the poor fellow to death.

—  Shanrae and Riilai discussing Seth behind his back.