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En alpha están pasando muchos sucesos 👀 alguien está de cumpleaños 🎈 pero no sabemos quién es 🤷‍♀️¿Podrás descubrirlo? 🤔 📱

🐣Mikah's Case File🐣 New episode is now available in the app for a week! Log in to find the pop-up! *You may need to restart the app a few times to get it.

👻✨NEW Biscuit Collection "Mystery Tours" is out today!✨👻A chance to visit the mysterious places in London with him! An underground maze, a haunted house and his secret room?! Enjoy your unusual journey! 💞💫

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Wasn't interested in long-haired guy at first, but carefree and flirty Matsuouka is a first for me. Curious~ Meanwhile, poor serious Tomose-kun clearly sees the setting and knows his childhood love being stranded in Arcadia with all(?) men does not bode well for him...

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Artistic Parallels. Going from a lighthearted comedy dating sim to a horror game sure does take a toll on the psyche, haha.

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im very sadden that they didn’t have a English translated version of this manga ;-; uwu

I've never played Ninja Shadow before, but quite a few people have been recommending it. I figured I'd start with the newest route, coming out tomorrow. Check back for the walkthrough in 24 hours!

Long overdue for me to edit but while ago me and did a podcast together. We talk and trash but mainly spotlight was on steph getting to know her as blogger :) *had trouble with my audio apologies*

How the Creators of the Genre Bring Romance to Modern Audiences

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✨New Slot: Shall We? is out today!✨What shall we do today, just the two of us? Six Stories and chic Avatar Items are available! Join the event today! ---Please Download--- Shall we date?: Guard me, Sherlock!+

Oh it's ? Check out this drawing of Cailean that's the size of a penny, done by our lead dev, !!

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From KKs twitter about the announcement of Sasuke’s route~ ^·^

“Masamune-san, there is a store I want to visit. Are you on——“

Masamune would respond a place for everydate. Sasuke gives up and asks what is Masamune up to.

Turns out this is a made-up CM in lieu of Kato Kazuki’s concert tour.

This was supposed to be Let’s make a Sasuke CM corner. Hahahaha!!!! So funny.


Shiro to Kuro no Alice -Twilight line- Play Movie [ 3 ]

This was from the recently ended ‘My Promise to You’ story event from MidCin. I was 1 ending away from getting all 10 endings (which will give you a pretty wedding background). 6 mins left and they tell me to throw up another 15K. Lolol. I gave up. ^_^;;;

IkeRev’s Say I Do! story event (also wedding theme!) was also ending at around the same time, but I managed to full clear all endings with 10 mins left before the event ended (and successfully got the wedding background).

Kinda stressful if you ask me. XD;;;