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인기 무료 여성향 연애게임・ 게임!

He is professor ? he look like kids so cute 😍 These stories are absolutely ADDICTING!

Fin, why you're not romancable?? Such a sweet and cute guy! But, Ulrik is the first whom I immediately noticed in the trailer. And he seems to be a . Haha, I have an eye on my favorite character type in 😅

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We’re slowly approaching the 500 follower mark and once we do I’ll write up some Sexy Head Canons for Kino~

Also I would love to thank you all for your continued support! It’s encouraging and I’m planning on writing up some scenarios for each of the boys so you can look forward to some new content! :)

anonymous asked:

Ann, who is your favorite diaboy?

Ann: That’s tough … it’s a tie between Laito and Shuu~

Ann: They’re both attractive but I don’t know who I find more attractive? ^^

Ann: I kind of feel like I’d get along more with Laito but I think I may like Shuu ever so slightly more ,perhaps?

Ann: Ruki is defiantly sitting at 3rd place after Laito and Shuu ,whichever one of them lands 1st spot.

Ann: Thanks for including me anon! ^^ It’s nice every once in a while.

cowsandsheeps  asked:

hi! for the question thingy! 7 8 18 22 30 sorry if that's too many >^<

Ann: Not at all, I like answering these! ^^

“Would you stay with the Sakamaki, Mukami, or Tsukinami family?”

Ann: Well if I had a choice … I’d like to stay with the Mukami family, I feel like I’d get along with them the best,also I would have a better chance of fighting them off if they were being persistent about my blood, also I’d get to eat Ruki’s cooking! ^^

Nicknames for the diaboys?

Ann: heheh,let’s see~

Ann: Ayato is Redhead

Ayato: Oi! Is that my honestly feature you can talk about? What about the nickname Mr Awesome! Or Master!

Ann: How about no?

Ann: Laito is Mr Fedora

Laito: That’s surprisingly wholesome~

Ann: Kanato is Brat Boy or just Brat.


Ann: Reiji is Tight Ass/T-cup ;)

Reiji: [sigh] Annoying as ever … 

Ann: Shuu is Sloth/Mr Charming

Shuu: Hmm? “Mr Charming”? Is that so?

Reiji: You must be mistaken if you find this good for nothing to be charming, he’s simply-

Ann: Shut it Reiji for five minutes ,please just spare me your opinions … thank you

Ann: Subaru is Snow White

Subaru: Tch, is my hair the only obvious thing about me?

Ann: It’s one of the prettiest things for sure, I’m kind of jealous–

Subaru: Oi! Be quiet!

Ann: Ruki is Mr Gray

Ruki: Hmm, I would like an explanation as to why I have earned such a nickname, not that I hate it … but I would prefer to be address with my name.

Ann: Yuma is Mr Savage

Yuma: Huh? How am I savage?

Ann: I feel like you’re one of the most masculine of all the boys so I chose Savage to reflect your strength … .it’d be strange if I called you Mr Muscles instead …

Yuma: I see so that’s how it is huh~?

Ann: Kou is Chickie Blonde

Kou: Hmm … . I thought I would have had a more flattering nickname but I suppose its not bad compared to the others… 

Ann: Azusa is Bandages

Azusa: It’s kind of …cute …huh?

Ann: I don’t have a nickname for Carla yet ^^”

Ann: Shin is Wolf Boy or Furry and Kino is Box/Square eyes  … !

Shin: It’s very fitting, not bad.

Kino: Why Square eyes?

Ann: Well when I was younger my parents kept telling me I would get square eyes if I played video games too much; so I just made that connection.

Kino: Oh I see, well I guess it’s not too bad then … 

“Opinion on Karlheinz?”

Ann: Okay now this is going to be complicated … my father is kind of similar to Karlheinz in the fact that no only does he have multiple wives with multiple children but he doesn’t particularly support them; so I’m going to be bias and say I don’t like him that much …  

“Who would you not date at all?”

In all honesty Kanato would be the only one who doesn’t have a chance, I feel that from all of the boys he victimizes himself big time and it really pisses me off.

All the others have had some significant event from their childhood which has shaped them into what they currently are but I feel like Kanato just doesn’t have anything big to be complaining about/that’s shaped him and he just hasn’t matured into a real man yet … my opinion of course!

Also he reminds me of my twin so another reason he’s totally unappealing–

Heck even Reiji would have more of a chance–

Kanato:  … . .YOU– !


Ann: [hides behind Subaru] This is exactly why he doesn’t have a chance … [whispers]

“How would you entertain your favorite diaboy for a day?”

Ann: Honestly I don’t know if I could choose a favorite,it’s between Laito and Shuu … Ruki falls in 3rd … 

Ann: If it was Laito we’d probably go shopping and night clubbing … ?

Laito: That doesn’t sound half bad~ Nfu, maybe we could pick up some girls?

Ann: I’d probably drink away at the bar ,I have a girlfriend after all but yeah if I was single I would be totally in on that–

Ann: But if it was Shuu I would just cuddle with him while he slept and then maybe read or something? ^^

Shuu: I’d be using you as a pillow, I need something warm and soft after all … 

Steam Prison ~Eltcreed Valentine - Walkthrough~

This is the walkthrough/guide for Eltcreed Valentine. I’ll list all of his endings so that you can fill both the CG gallery and the ending list. I am sorry if the guide is messy. If you find it difficult to follow then please tell me, I’ll do my best to fix it.

In order to fully enjoy the story with the minimal amount of spoilers, I would recommend playing the routes in the following order:

Eltcreed ➔  Adage ➔ Ulrik ➔ Ines ➔ Yune

  • Retrieve bag
  • Is that the truth?
  • Go through first
  • That I have to be stronger
  • Are you sure that’s okay?
  • How curious
  • Thank you
  • Ask for details
  • I’m fine
  • Say I remember
  • Very well
  • You did a lot for me
  • Of course

Bodyguard Route

  • I’m happy
  • Was it right to let him go?
  • Thank you
  • Of course not


  • I want to know more about him
  • Say his name
  • This is my job
  • Got it
  • I did
  • I can accept it


  • I’m his girlfriend
  • Got it
  • I want to rescue him
  • I want to eat something nice
  • Don’t rush it


  • Ask Ulrik
  • Walk a little with Ulrik

➔  My Queen (Best End)


  • We hardly know each other
  • I want to go with you
  • Poor man…
  • Please, I don’t want to be a burden
  • You can’t change the past
  • Ask Ulrik
  • What were you talking about?
  • I’m afraid


  • Kill him with sword


  • I will be your knight and protect you

➔ The Lasting Future (Good End)


  • He’s just my boss
  • You’re more of a child than I am
  • Poor man
  • I want to help anyway
  • I hate him
  • I don’t think I can do that
  • How rude
  • It damn well should’ve
  • What are you doing here?
  • Tell the truth

➔ One-winged bird (Bad end)


  • I can’t kill you
  • We will be together until the end

➔ Sweet Recompense (Bad End)


  • We should escape

➔ Flying In The Far Sky (Bad End)


  • Find Fin yourself

➔ The Place I Must Return To (’Other’ Bad End)

meep-1-meep-2  asked:

10, 13 and 23?

“Least favourite thing about the fandom?”

Ann: I would have to say those who make Mary sues as their Oc’s, of course this isn’t just for Diabolik Lovers there’s some for every fandom but I feel like Diabolik Lovers is one of my fandoms that has it really bad… just my opinion ^^

“One thing you would change for the entire series?”

Ann: Hmm … . I honestly don’t think I would want to change anything I’m satisfied with everything as is ^^

“Any words of wisdom for any of the boys?”

Ann: Ayato, you ought to be more careful with your words; one day you’re going to cross the line and you will regret it for the rest of your life–

Ayato:  … . . 

Ann: Kanato, stop being a little brat; enough said.


Ann: Subaru, now this applies to me as well but you need to be more honest and open about how you feel; bottling your emotions up is unhealthy! When you’re feeling depressed and just really want to give up you need to go to someone instead of playing it tough by yourself … or trying anything stupid

Subaru: Fair enough … though I’m not promising anything.

Ann: This was enjoyable ^^

Loving otome games… still

So this happened this Friday:

My dad: Wow, congratulations on your driver’s license!

My mom: Yeah, now you can take a ride any time you want!

Me: *mumbles* I would rather ride Sigurd…

My mom: *crossed between a grin and a wince* What was that now?

Me: *almost screams in panic* I would rather ride SIGURD’S SKY BIRD!!

My dad: Sure, that was what you said… *smirks knowingly*

Me: *starts crying, waiting for Sigurd to come with Smokey to pick me up*

Anyway enough Mystic Messenger salt for now, time to go back to drawing lol. Here’s a doodle of Mikoto.

I’ve been playing Norn9 recently and I absolutely love it so far!! I still have Ron and Natsuhiko’s routes left but I feel like I should pick it back up and finish it soon… if anything, at least to relieve my Mystic Messenger salt.