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: ce Titre Noah Noah - Ose

Turns out it wasn’t a dead Gnome after all! Thanks looks great. And naturally the Gnomes are in the “Advanced book”. All Gnomes stand down, repeat this is not a Fry Agaric alert, this is not a fry Agaric alert!

Oslo Society of Exploration Geophycisists at . SENSE was also preseted at the meeting.

“ I’ll make you mine; you’re my own and I’m yours “ {Art by: kulz on tumblr}

Trwa debata panelowa "Uczeń w cyfrowym świecie" - Internet to nie wszystko. Najważniejszy jest człowiek, bo to nauczyciel na lekcji zdecyduje, co z nim zrobi. Chcemy pokazać, jak można dzieci zainspirować - mówił dyrektor ds. ekosystemu Tomasz Łukawski.

Reduzca el esfuerzo de su área contable para el ingreso de comprobantes en sus sistemas ; mediante la adopción de nuestro Portal de Proveedores ; completamente integrado con y .

Hey salut à tous! Nouveau dessin de Shiina Mai du manga français O.S.E! J'espère que la video vous plaira comme dab' n'hésitez pas à RT et FAV la biz

The Good Laboratory Practice on-site evaluation (OSE) has been successfully completed. We would like to thank the team members and all our stakeholders for their efforts in the OSE process.

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donde quedó lo dé incolora???? – at Arcor Uruguay (Van Dam) 🇺🇾

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♻️ Grande opération de nettoyage citoyen ! 📆 Dimanche 10 nov dès 8h30 📍 RDV quai Henri Pourchasse / rue de la baignade ⚠️Gants et sacs poubelle fournis ! ➕ d'info 👉

C'est jeudi après bourse, toujours le même patron de communication pour , lol

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? │Parmi les maisons de l’ : le Château de Montintin, au sud de , a accueilli entre novembre 1942 et janvier 1944 des jeunes , pour la plupart, qu'il fallait cacher à chaque arrestation de la .

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jambavan: Are you lost, little boy?
ose, cheerfully: I’m 33 years old!

Meet a couple of my f/os!! (Part 1)

(DISCLAIMER: none of the following GIFS are mine….all are found on the Tumblr search option)


1. Ahkmenrah!!! The cutest Pharaoh in town….(Night At The Museum)


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2. Bucky Barnes….the cutest, dorkiest, most handsomest dude in the MCU (Marvel)


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3. Jefferson Hatter….the Maddest Hatter….and the one who stole my heart when he gave me his scarf…(OUAT)


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4. Draco Malfoy….the sweetest Slytherin in the dungeons!! (Harry Potter)


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5. Fred Weasley…my fave twin!!!


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6. Racetrack Higgins….one of the two cutest Newsies at the Lodge!


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7. Albert Dasilva….the other cutest Newsie in the lodge!!! (Race and Albert are both from Newsies…)

(In the below picture he’s the one with the towel)


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8. Carlos Deville….the shyest VK on Auradon!! (Descendants)


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9. Harry Hook…the pirate who stole my heart with a smirk…(Descendants 2 and 3)


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And last but no least….a secret f/o of mine…

10. Eddie Brock!! (Venom)


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So here are 10 of my boys!!! I love them all so much…and I know they love me too! Feel free to ask me about them, I love to gush about them!!!

I don’t mind that you’re not as strong, brave, smart, or whatever as me. You’re probably better than me at other things (though I may not admit it). 

I don’t mind if you need extra support sometimes. I’ll do whatever I can for you, even if I can only stand by and give words of encouragement.

I don’t mind if you get scared easily. What am I here for if not to protect you? 

I don’t mind that you make a lot of mistakes. I’m just glad you’re honest enough to admit to them, even if it’s not actually that bad. 

I don’t mind if you’re not conventionally attractive. You’re my type of attractive as you are. 

I don’t mind if your mental state stops you from doing things. I’m here whenever you need me. 

I don’t mind if you like to talk a lot, or hardly at all. I’m down to listen to you whenever you need it, no matter what it’s about, even if it’s about the same thing as the last time. 

I don’t mind if you’re “clingy”, I like receiving affection from you, even though I might not want to admit that either. 

I don’t mind if you’re into something “weird”, it’s good to see you happy. 

I don’t mind if you can be a bit emotional at times. I’ll listen to you rant, hold you, whatever you need to calm down and feel better. 

I don’t mind any of what you call your flaws and imperfections. Because I love you as you are, and to me, you’re perfect. 


Your F/O(s)

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This isn't as much as a roast but Venom and Eddie remind me of the BANG! video. "What did I have for breakfast? BANG! What did I have for lunch? BANG! What did I have for dinner? A FELONY! (CanineCalamity)


I don’t see a difference at all IM WHEEZING OM G—- GOLD—

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scorpia doesn't deserve to be in the horde. does she even know HOW to be evil. there's nothing in that head of hers but sunshine, rainbows and love for her gf lexi. smfh -sosoftandsweet

I know right? What a fukin wannabe

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chuuya sounds like a japanese protein bar thats actually really fucking gross and the company went bankrupt but people still remember it years later. because it was so fucking gross.


The Chuu Chuu bar is no longer being sold because it was a nasty piece of garbage. XD

Everyone’s taste buds are safe now. The Chuuya bars won’t hurt us anymore.