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Shoulder pain is when you experience discomfort physically in the joints itself or in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Ever wonder what happens at an ? Well, Mari Stecker was at an advanced seminar in last weekend. There are lectures and lots of practice needling on each other! Click here to request an appointment:

Have you heard of 'foot drop'? ? No, it's not the latest dance craze! Foot drop is a condition that prohibits people from properly lifting their foot off the ground, which can lead to tripping and further injury. This can be due to muscle weakness or trauma.

Mendocino care: NCMA’s Jennifer L. Stewart, MD, treats minor orthopedic issues, including knees, shoulders, ankles & other joints. Same-day appts. available for current & new patients. Call our friendly staff today: 707-937-1055. More info:

affecting bones and joints can be caused by degenerative conditions.

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Get Hip Joint Replacement treatment by arthroscopy surgeon

Arthroscopy surgeon is Dr Lalit Modi who provides effective treatment of hip joint replacement.
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