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Masked folks 6/99 : Leachan “My favourite joke is my life” -probably her.

Idk when somebody feel like he putting mask.Saying everything is ok and give fake smile even in inside want you cry and scream... I feel it like that everyday so...I must used to it...

I'm callin this babie Koharu! /o/~ I love incorporating my favorite color combination on my OCs *-*

Testing out some new brushes by coloring Madoma and Poison, still working out Madomas character details but she's our little girls grandma. ♡

SNEAK PEEK: Looks like my Crashsona Joyce Devil wanted to get on the Rustland action, so here's her post-apocalyptic outfit! What do you all think? 😊

Ainda tenho que melhorar o meu estilo, mas está ficando bom. Esse aqui é o Maruko, o meu protagonista.

Последняя картинка прошлого года, которая начиналась еще как арт к хэллоуину ha-ha

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Ay papá, es hermosa, se llama Grecia, una pequeña comisión que hice por los rumbos de

his name is Sky :3 not sure what color to make his hair. I was thinking maybe Black or like a dark purple or grey?

Mirion and sunshine on Wonder st! It's so fun having a fuzzball hang out with you all day! So fluffy! 😍😍💖 Do you guys want a fuzzball too!?

They are pretty, wonderfull, cute but not innocent!So more of my and BFF and 💓More of them I will upload soon😘Now drawing boys...😇

some doodles from the last two days the third one is a redesign of my catradora kid oc, Salem.

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[OC Reference] Fraud Chellock 

As I’ve been getting back into Outlast, I really wanted to revisit this character of mine. He was originally design for an Outlast comic flannelRaptors and I were working on but I really felt as though he didn’t really fit the style as well as he could have. As well as his previously design being incredibly complex and so he’d be kind of a pain to redraw several times, especially for a comic.
I’ll eventually add a bio, but currently I don’t have too many details figured out with him yet.


Artwork & Character © to RoneOmbre
⊗-Terms of Service-⊗


ACT I, Scene I (pt. 2)


A mute young man lights out for the Colorado territory to cure his cough and his mind, but gets mobbed by a gang of outlaw rustlers. Stranded in the desert, he finds a family of outcast cattlemen plus true love along his journey to personal freedom.




This is like BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN if it were more upbeat, more diverse, and set in 1895!


Follow #outlawsandoutcasts on Instagram and Tumblr, or find the script on AO3!

Redrawing Character Refs part 2

Had to retype again -_- Tumblr closed on me. Hi guys Galaxy here aka Brett so today I will show more character Redraws! They may not be the best but here they are

Skippa 2020 redraw


Here is the new 2020 version of Skippa I know she looks more shorter than the old version but blame my drawing skills



The old 2019 version of her.

Tristan 2020 remake


I think I have given her a more sporty look since she’s a character that’s into sports.


Here is her old version the less sporty kid

Candy 2020


The bisexual pastel goth bi girl here. And also a happy married mom. The outfit was something I referenced from google.


Her old version though she didn’t look goth at all

Heung 2020


The 2020 version of Heung also the bf of Manuel. I decided to give him a casual look than his 2019 version


His old 2019 version

He be scheming tho

Melinda 2020


Her drawing concept started as Paper sketch so I traced it. I also gave her another outfit based on Google execpt for the boots


The old version of her yes she used to wear pigtails but I don’t think I she does anymore.

Well hope to all enjoy I will make more soon !!

Love you all

This drawing is a bit older than the other two but I think I’m still really proud haha
I drew this for a reference sheet for Tony :D

In this fullbody you can really see some details of his species:
Their bodies are partly covered by feathers and partly covered by this gooey black stuff (I always just call it tar, idk why)
The tar parts are more flexible than the other body parts and in Tony’s case, he can draw sharp claws and spikes out of there (as you can see on my previous post)

I’ve always struggled with finding a fitting name for Tony’s species, so if you have suggestions let me know! I would love to hear your ideas!

Werewolf Hybrid OC

Name: Fergus Welch

 Nicknames: Ferg, Fer, Gus

 Gender: Male

 Age: 17

 General Appearance (height, weight, skin tone, markings, eye color, hair color, ect.): Fergus Welch stands at approximately 5′2 (157 cm), weighing 105 lbs. He has somewhat pale skin, and hazel eyes with a mix of yellow; His hair is a dirty blonde/brown mixture, and he just has normal ears. Most people think he has actual werewolf ears, but where he is a hybrid, they cancelled out. Ferg doesn’t have that big of fangs like everyone thinks he does either; but it’s alright, less noticeable. 

 Species: Werewolf hybrid

 Outfits: Fergus can be seen dressed in a oversized black turtleneck, some blue ripped jeans and a pair of white slip on shoes. Other times he wears a black and white stripped sweater with a grey colored scarf, and a pair of dark ripped skinny jeans, 

 Personality (likes, dislikes, quirks, ect.): Ferg is a really shy person and has a slight stutter, but it is only noticeable when he is nervous. He likes to go on walks, eating junk food even though he shouldn’t and he enjoys knock knock jokes. Ferg isn’t really one to dislike things unless someone becomes extremely rude towards him unprovoked, he also really hates that he can’t be held all the time due to past anxiety issues. He is a baby, and throws a temper tantrum when he can’t have his way. 


Take Mermaida Tykio, one of my personal favorite OCs.

P.S She has a fin on her tail but my ass was too lazy to draw it .


Ink in inky dinky ink sink inking video.
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