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just painted. already off to for plenty more @

The Josef Kote show "Swept Away" opens this Saturday 1/25 from 6-8 pm and Sunday 1-26 from 2-5 pm. Stop in to view brand new originals and limited edition prints. RSVP to 561-355-8061.

Original art by that we framed and hung for . We feature original work from several local artists.

アイ(目)+アクアリウム=アイリウム [アイリウム] [アイリウム(浅瀬)] [アイリウム(深海)]

Ma douce Yhiel (Yui), mise au digi d’un dessin de mon sketchbook, voilà voilà.

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The historic Genoa Bar located in Genoa Nevada. This bar was built in 1851 and is considered Nevada’s first watering hole! This is a commission I painted of it for a Genoa resident.


💖I did a doodle with gelpens then edited it in ibisPaintX. I have different edits and the original color version, and I’m going to post them later this week.💖


My etsy shop is officially open! I will be adding more items constantly! I am also available for commissions! I can do paintings, drawings and possibly tattoo design if you trust me that much. Please, let me know if you have any creative idea that I can help you with. Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far! There is so much more to come!
Original abstract painting 'Breaking Dimensions' by award-winning artist Simon Kenny

For just $9660.00
A stunning abstract expressionist mixed media painting on triptych canvas by award winning artist Simon Kenny. Colourful contemporary statement piece. Unique expressionism. Contemporary abstract large oil painting on canvas Size: 48 x 48” Rarely available Commissions welcome. Please contact me to discuss requirements. Global shipping included in price. Lead time 3-4 weeks. Many thanks


She lay there, falling asleep, 

Slow rhythmic breathing 

calming and innocent as she crosses over into her dreams. 

Soft locks of blonde hair fall on her flushed cheeks, 

still burning red and hot from her tantrum. 

How quickly moods change: 

one moment she was crying 

yelling, demanding- 

unable to control how she felt 

or communicate to us what she needs; 

the next minute she was sleeping 

So small and fragile, 

as if she never could do anything wrong

I wonder if I am wrong 

to allow this behavior at all 

should I yell back, 

or give her what she wants? 

Should I be calm while her storm rages on? 

She clutches her bottle, 

like a teddy bear 

It was the only thing I could think of

to calm her down.

I begin to clean up the room that felt her fury, 

picking up things that she was strong enough to throw.

Maybe it’s time that I ask for help. 

She is finally asleep, so I carry her to bed. 

I tuck her in, 

when I’m done I kiss her forehead. 

carefully pull the bottle from her grip.

It is empty now, the last drops of wine staining my mothers lips. 

Goodnight, I whisper

I love you
Original, contemporary, abstract expressionist painting 'From The Night' by Simon Kenny

For just $9870.00
‘From The Night’ is a unique expressionist painting on large canvas by award-winning artist, Simon Kenny. His contemporary, abstract style, coupled with originality in every piece, invites an individual and personal experience from every viewer. A truly Contemporary oil painting on canvas. Size: 150 x 100 cm Rarely available Sizing from 24 x 24" - 98" x 79" Prices from £3,300 - £22,995 commissions available. Framing options available. Please contact me to discuss requirements. Global shipping included in price. Lead time 3-4 weeks. Many thanks
Framed painting Abstract Paintings on canvas falling rain Original acrylic white blue painting large wall pictures

For just $140.00
►ABOUT THE PAINTING. *This is an original painting ,100% hand painted acrylic painting on canvas; * Framed:Unframed/Not stretched. * Size: 20x20 inch 24x24 inch 30x30 inch 40x40 inch 48x48 inch 55x55inch 60x60inch packing: Rolled and shipped in a solid tube. * Style: modern, contemporary. * Delivery time: You will receive the painting around 10-27 days. (5-7 days to finish the painting, 5-10 days to your express delivery) * Material: Professional acrylic paints, canvas, handmade. * The painting come with EXTRA 2-3 inch white border around for stretching or framing. BROWSE OTHER SECTIONS: My shop Abstract Animal Landscape Flower Van Gogh POP Art Meditereanean Cityscape