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Miranda's superiority If you like my art why don't you visit my blog and share? 😉

Love everything about this image. Submerged got snapped up over the weekend. Definitely going to need to play with this palette again!⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀

Meet my Gentle Giant <3 Ban is large and looks a bit scary to some people, but he's got a big heart to match 😍 HQ on DA:

Gentle Giant

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Finding the perfect art for your home is an art form in itself. Kuldea Co-Founder, asked an expert, Lorraine Aaron, Director and Co-Founder of for ideas and inspiration on bringing art into your home:

Reflections on the Pebbles collection The tranquil ripples of the waves washing over the pebbles on Brighton beach as the sun rays creates colourful patterns in the sea

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If you follow me and you're a fan of , then you'll lile what i just put up in my teepublic page. The original canvas sketch was done as part of a gift I gave to , where i blended the hollow mask with his ranger helmet.

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Crisostania Herbasyo (My OC)