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CUENTO EL SECRETO DE MI JARDÍN Cuento desplegable para niñ a partir.. Informacion:

The original writer is not he who does not imitate others, but he who can be imitated by none. ~ François-René de Chateaubriand

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day 19

forever is such long amount of time
but spending it with you is like a dime
as forever will never be enough
to love and make you laugh

I awoke this morning, young and embraced by a warm blanket, seeing the white planes of snow outside and knowing the worlds that lay within them.

But the day went on

And music and voices played in my ears,

Lists and chores were handed to me, crossed out, each one cold and snatching my warmth away

Until I returned at day’s end and looked out to the snow again,

Knowing it was nothing but ice.

And I felt the warm, yellow joy weeping from my body, dissolving into the cold world

But I found it as I lay down again into my youth’s embrace.


Spina is the great influencer of the Egypt River, responsible for everything and everyone. Always calm, puts balance first, avoiding injustice and conflict. When she ascended as leader of the River Goddess faction, she quickly gained the support of her initially opponents, and, over time, made River Egypt a prosperous and peaceful place.

Having accomplished so many achievements, and always perpetuating the word of balance, Spina managed to gain valuable allies, such as the leader of the South, Giga (although now questioning the “balance” established by her), and the leader of one of the factions of the North, Trice. Today, her kingdom is threatened by the tyrant Tira, who seeks to expand her territory at all costs, with only Spina as an obstacle, and she is not afraid to fight the imbalance.

Goblin Week Day 1

Another year, another Goblin Week! Unfortunately, this particular week will be very busy for me so I’m unsure if I can actually do all seven days.

For now, though, please enjoy this short snippet about my goblins Rzekamien’s (originally made for D&D 5e) and Loc’s (originally made for a modified version of WH40K: Rogue Trader) first meeting (you can find out more about them by checking their respective tags on this blog). Please bear in mind that I’m not really a writer, and that this is a first draft and thus contains a few placeholder names and such.

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