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What a beautiful day we're having today! Ronnie Russell must have seen this one coming ☀️

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Somebody called me an asshole

And I don’t know if it’s true

It seemed to everyone else they only speak the truth.

I lie and I cheat and waste my days away

I never once thought “Maybe I can change.”

I only ever changed once long ago.

It was the catalyst for hate I had for the world.

There’s never been a day where I wasn’t so mean

Even if I tried to it never succeeds.

Everything I say and everything I do,

It all contradicts what I think of myself

That I’m not wrong and everyone else is at fault.

I want to call you a liar, say that you’re wrong

But something inside keeps me from shouting along

To the never ending hatred I have for myself.

Maybe you’re right and the evil is me.

The pain that has spread comes from within

And the hate that I feel is deserved in the end.

Never in my life has it seemed to me,

That the asshole isn’t you.

The asshole is just me.


Okay. So I said I wanted to start sharing my versions of lyrics in songs. So, I’ll start with one of my more recent ones from the stylings of Stained Glass Ceilings by The Wonder Years. My thought process behind my version is talking about loneliness in life and feeling like you have no one there for you. Going past just relationships. Let me know what you all think, please. Also, PLEASE CREDIT ME IF YOU SHARE ANY PIECE OF MY WORK. DO NOT STEAL MY LYRICS. I WORK REALLY HARD ON THIS STUFF. The original is posted for reference. Enjoy!

Stained Glass Ceilings (The Wonder Years) Cover

(Verse 1)

The fluorescent smoke

Entices flattering charm

I always sleep past the alarm

Social media,

Makes comparisons seem so desirable

Such a fucking kill to the joy

A pity party of one

Even if someone gave my the time of day

I couldn’t manage not to fuck it up


Playing the lone wolf

Not having a home

Was edgy then, now I’m all alone

What once was a pride point

Has swallowed me whole

It’s all that I’ve ever known

I’m starting to fear that

There’s nowhere I’ll be happy

(Verse 2)

The glimpses of contentment that I exude

The times where I thought I knew

The formula to cure this sadness,

I’m onto a different scene

A spring fling turned into love

Conflicting thoughts frozen in the snow

When it begins to thaw out

Disagreements gonna swallow us whole


It’s so fucked up not having a home

Was edgy then, now I’m all alone

What once was a pride point

Has swallowed me whole

It’s all that I’ve ever known

I’m starting to fear that

There’s nowhere I’ll be happy

I’m starting to fear that

The problem isn’t always them

Maybe I’m being too specific

Maybe I want to know what love is


If I hear, “you’re so young” again

I’m gonna punch someone

Invalidating what I feel with saying I’ve got time

Like you know when I’ll die

Yeah, you know what I wanted

There’s more to life than lust, love, and death

But I’ve never known it

Deceit just runs in the family

Not knowing until it’s over that I was abused in a short order

(Verse 3)

Relationships change everyday

I’m not talking about holding your hand

I want to belong, help me, understand

Christmas is fucking dreadful

I can’t go home

What the fuck is that place!?

I want to belong, help me, understand

I’m just used for comedy, why do I bother?

They still don’t remember me, I miss my father

Flowery words are coined to make me smile

Fuck your sugar, choke on the salt

All that anyone is selling me, is to love myself

But without any trust, how can love be enough?

I’ve flirted too much with the light

I’m drifting into the night

Playing the lone wolf

Not having a home

Was edgy then, now I’m all alone

Playing the lone wolf

Not having a home

Was edgy then, now I’m all alone

I’m so alone

Life Update

So I have been in college for about a year now (getting my associate’s degree–studying to become a teacher :D) and it’s been going pretty good! 

One thing I have figured out through my studies is that the structure of college is way better for me than the structure of high school! I like only going to class for like, 2-4 hours a day (depending on which day it is) then having free time to work on assignments or read the textbooks. Now that I have most of my Core Classes out of the way, I can basically take all the fun classes from here on out!

Also, I know I have legally been an adult for almost 2 years now but it hasn’t felt like it at all until recently, my history professor reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to be a tutor. I said yes, and it turns out, it’ll be my first actual job cause I’ll be getting paid! I’m a little nervous about it but also really excited! 

I was so scared about college my senior year of high school. It’d be cool if I could go back in time, I’d tell that version of me:

“Everything will work out fine! You’ll have a clearer vision of what you’ll want to do after you’ve been in college for a while. You’ll have some troubles here and there with academics, but overall, you’ll learn how to handle them. Things will get easier, I promise.”


Lavorazione a mano su divano.

-Cucitura a mano con ago mezzaluna-

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sing me a song, bird

This bird was not shy. It owned the graveyard and wasn’t afraid to show it. It stood on top of the tombstone and tweeted and chirped, singing out its own loud, cheery, complicated tune. We were only steps away, and he almost defiantly stood his ground and continued to sing. As if to say, “You WILL listen to me.”

I took a few pictures, we walked on to the other side of the stone, and he did a little hop and a turn-about, so he was facing us again. And then he proceeded with his song again. Loud and confident as can be. An admirable little fellow. I like his spunk. Maybe it was a she?? The more I think about it, surely it was a “she.”

Sing me a song bird
Soothe my pining soul
Make it sweet and spirited
While I sit and rest a minute
Croon me your tune bird
It doesn’t need to rhyme
A cheep, a chirp, a coo, bird
Will remind me I’m just fine!