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Jibon - Charity Bootstrap4 Template Live Preview - More Details -

is lifeline of any . To sensitise on tools and techniques of fund mobilization, in association with organized a State Level Training Programme on β€œFundraising” at Sundara, Rajnandgoan, .

: Dignity and the - international and approach to and Organisation Studies by Marcela Mandiola, 2019

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Jailaxmi Education Society is a not for profit organization working for the betterment of the underprivileged youth of dynamic society. JLES conducted a 2-year training program for the SC community youth in Banking and Financial skills

A Plan for Supporting New Initiatives: When your is implementing a new , figuring out what works and what doesn't is essential.

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is a and produces copy that ensures the of your . We have over 25 years of professional experience Email Us: +91 124 400 6317 +91 9990 297717

We’re excited for our tomorrow! We have a quite a few joining us. Looking forward to a great day on the ! Always enjoy partnering with a great !

Their best work. Their term papers, book reports, math test with a big smiley face. Their theme books. Not only did they work hard, but you stayed up late, rose early, and edited their efforts. But what do you do with it all?

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bullet journal video done! uploaded to youtube since tumblr only takes videos up to 100mb and I didn’t want to chop it up nor compress the file and reduce its quality. hope you like it !! :)

Lenovo setting up a specialist unit for tablets and smartphones

How far we’ve come. It was only a couple of years ago that Lenovo was closing a deal to sell its mobile phone business, but a quick re-acquisition in late 2009 and some recent heavy flirtation with the tablet form factor have led to the creation of a whole new unit in the company’s hierarchy, one dedicated to the development of smartphones, tablets, TVs, and other internet-connected devices. Headed up by Liu Jun and working out of Beijing, this squad of designers and engineers will focus on harnessing the “tremendous growth potential of the mobile internet.” Cloud computing will be a major feature of Lenovo’s plans moving forward, which places its goals for the future right in line with just about everyone else’s. Still, it’s good to see one of the big desktop computing players diversifying its portfolio with gusto. Read more
Sony's Kaz Hirai consolidates power as likely CEO successor to Howard Stringer

Sony’s in the midst of yet another realignment this morning. Most notable is the promotion of Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai to Representative Corporate Executive Officer and Executive Deputy President, effective as of April 1st. The change in title also carries new responsibilities for Sony’s Consumer Products & Services Group putting Kaz in charge of all of Sony’s consumer electronics businesses including TV, audio / video, imaging, PC, gaming, and mobile in addition to overseeing Sony’s global sales and marketing, common software platforms, and design operations. The move makes Kaz the number one candidate to replace Howard Stringer, the 69 year old boss from Wales, who is expected to step down in 2013. Read more
Nokia head of sales resigns, department aims to reduce 'layers of management'

Colin Giles, Nokia’s executive vice president of sales, has announced that he’s stepping down. It follows the company’s dour financial results for Q1 and will lead to a restructuring of the company’s sales organization, aiming to strip layers from what’s currently in place. Giles has been with Nokia since 1992 and was heavily involved in the company’s movements in China and the larger Asia market. However, he had only been involved in Nokia’s Leadership Team for just under a year. He will stay with the team until June 30 and cites a desire to be closer to his family following his departure. Announced through Nokia’s official channels, the process aims to “ensure greater customer focus” – we suppose that will involve more than just white polycarbonate.

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Wireless label maker is a boon for cable-hating office supply fetishists

For some just the phrase “P-touch” elicits feelings of organizational euphoria. We get that label makers aren’t exactly the sexiest gadgets in the world, but like ever other gadget there is a need to evolve. Brother took the obvious route and just crammed a wireless radio into the PT-P750W. Under the hood is a WiFi radio that multiple computers, phones and tablets can connect to and, since you have the option of powering it with batteries (either 6 AAs or a rechargeable lithium ion pack), you can even use it while travelling. Even set up is painfully simple since there’s an NFC pad at the top that will automatically connect your phone to it. Obviously, it takes a certain kind of person to spend $130 on a label maker, but there are more than enough people out there with a fetish for organization. And, if we’re being honest, there might be a few of them on staff here.

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Samsung promises 'differentiated' smartphones based on its camera expertise

Samsung has instigated a small corporate reshuffle that could potentially have big implications for its future smartphones. The company has shunted its digital imaging unit sideways so that it sits under the giant umbrella of the mobile division, in the hope of combining “technical know-how” in these two areas and ultimately “differentiating” its smartphones with better camera technology. At the same time, Samsung expects expertise to flow in the opposite direction, allowing its engineers to create cameras with better wireless connectivity. It’s a move that makes plenty of sense given the recent spate of Galaxy-branded hybridized products, such as the slightly awkward Galaxy S 4 Zoom and hugely over-priced Galaxy NX mirrorless shooter. It also suggests that Samsung has paid attention to what Nokia has achieved by rethinking mobile camera technology for its PureView phones, instead of using standard off-the-shelf parts.

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anonymous asked:

any tips on carrying around your onecard? i hope this isn’t too silly of a question but i want to know what works best!

Don’t worry this is not a silly question! Most people I know carry their onecards on a lanyard in their pockets, but some people wear it around their necks too! Or, the campus store sells stick on wallets for your phone that can hold your onecard! The best way to carry it though I think is with a lanyard because you can also put your room key on it too!

-Anna ‘21


Bee different

For this month I couldn’t decide which topic I want to draw, I had the idea of drawing watermelons or bees. So I made a voting on Instagram. In the end of the vote it was 50% to 50% for each topic, finally I had to decide by myself anyway.

Maybe next month I will chose the watermelon topic, what would you think about that?

Your unique Mel

Haven’t slept past 2am since arriving home from the U.K. and Ireland on Sunday...

What I’ve been doing in the mornings when I can’t sleep anymore

1. attempt to keep sleeping which i shortly give up on 

2. make coffee while doing the dishes for my parents

3. organizing a different cabinet in the kitchen each morning 

4. laundry

5. prepping food for the week and marinating dinner for everyone

6. applying to other jobs 

7. watching either Bob’s Burgers or Brooklyn Nine Nine to laugh at other people’s lives and distract me from my own

8. leave my house early before actually going to work to watch the sunrise (or lack there of because of crazy storms, but still watching the sky get brighter)

blog post 18th july 2019

Another bujo spread, this time from may - my extremely hectic exam season & I survived it!

I don’t know how but this school year went by so so fast and I have no idea how I got those grades I got and in the end I’m kinda happy with how I did :)


Hello world! I am Morgan, and I have decided to open an etsy shop to share with you all the printables I create for Planners and Bullet Journals. University has been rough the past months, and I think I have found my hobby :-D

I will update soon! (is 2am and I need to sleep ._.) but you can check my etsy shop, I already uploaded an article, I am posting it here in some hours. Cheers!

Etsy Shop

Made some more progress cleaning out my wardrobe! I think I’m actually done with all the clothes now!

I’m getting rid of a lot less of the hanging stuff than I expected, only about 5 items… I guess that means I was very effective the last few times I went through them? Haha.

Now it’s organized, too. I mean, it’s a pretty arbitrary system tbh. Like I distinguish between “Chinese dresses”, “dresses I don’t wear often” and “casual dresses” for instance, so they aren’t all next to each other. And “casual jackets” are next to “fancy jackets”, but “jackets I don’t wear often” are in the back.

I also replaced a lot of old clothes hangers, because a lot of them were kids ones from Ikea and my clothes kept falling off.

Oh. Oh shit, I should check for clothes that have fallen off their hangers. Guess I’m not quite done after all.