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I know my fellow liquor rep friends can relate to the trunk struggles! Had to get my baby cleaned back up😎 • • •

How to differentiate a legitimate from a scam site? Check the security details of the certificate and that it belongs to a . , your best friend in .

Just Pinned to Forbua - Twitter - Family, Parents, Kids: Effective Tips for Reducing the Toy Clutter. From purging to finding effective toy storage ideas, everything you need to clear the clutter! via @ashleysuasu

Well, not everything goes to plan and I didn't get to crack open my book this long weekend. I am happy because I was able to get many things done this long weekend...maybe next weekend!!

Quote of the Week!! "Agility is the ability to adapt and respond to change … agile organizations view change as an opportunity, not a threat".

Did you know that clutter can cause major stress? It's actually super legit--4 Ways Getting Organized Can Reduce Stress for Busy Moms

So I've made a complete mess of tracking which short stories I've submitted to publications. Send help and/or beer.

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Day 2 // 50 Days of Productivity

Okay NOW I’ll be productive because classes have actually begun. Reviewing anthropology (again lol) bc it’s my only online class this semester. Also, fun fact, my family has a collection of frog things. One of them is helping me study today.

I’m starting the process of organizing ALL of my school related things and let me just say…wow is this a big job. I have underestimated how long it would take. I just spent like thirty minutes working solidly and feel as though I have accomplished absolutely nothing.


I rarely type up what I want to be organized, but this time around I want to write up about it and the success we have gone through about it! Our house is a 4 bedroom house with 2 full baths and a garage. So far all the rooms I will be listing will have descriptions of what I want done or if they were completed. This is just a spot for me to notate on what we have done and what needs to be done, but if you would like to know well here it is!

Master Bedroom

  • closet - it has been organized and cleaned out of unnecessary items and clothes. Needs: more pant hangers, look through more clear plastic boxes, and shoe stand organizer.
  • main room - nightstands have been cleared out and organized, dressers have been added (with clothes), fabric storage boxes have been added underneath bed. Organized/Completed!
  • bathroom - shower needs to be cleaned, under sink storage need to be cleaned. Needs: a better solution to keeping shower area clean.


  • cabinets - have been numerously organized. Needs: more cabinet storage, get rid of old pots and pans.
  • pantry - declutter and get rid of old food.
  • fridge - declutter and get rid of [old] food.
  • kitchen island - declutter and organize.

Living Room

  • movie shelves - dust.
  • video game shelves - dust and organize.
  • coffee table - clean and organize.
  • tv console/entertainment shelves - added; organized/completed.

Laundry Room

  • extra shelves - added; Needs: to be reorganized.
  • brooms/mops - Needs: to purchase wall mount.

1st guest room(left)

  • closet - reorganize!
  • bed/bedding - wash and put away.
  • end tables/nightstands - unsure if to sell or give away.
  • [toy] chest - give away toys, keep chest.
  • tvs - sell or give away!

2nd guest room (right)

  • closet - organize
  • bed/bedding - wash and put away.
  • table - get rid of/sell
  • nightstands - unsure if to sell or give away.
  • misc. items - store in garage or give away.

Guest bathroom

  • misc. - organize under sink. Needs: buy new shower curtain and floor mat.


  • closet - organized/completed!
  • desks - organize.


  • shelves - built and added; organized/completed!
  • grill - sell
  • old tv console - sell or give away.
  • Water Softener - installed and running/completed!

*I need better simpler solutions to cleaning tubs/showers and the alike. I’m sure there’s a way! Any ideas? Let me know pleeeease! After all this is completed, I can rest, keep it that way and start on actual art projects around the house.


No Curso de Técnicas de Limpeza fazemos tudo na prática para não ficar nenhuma dúvida das participantes do curso, hoje estou postando um trecho do treinamento em Ponta Porã além de demonstrar detalhadamente também temos o momento em que as participantes também fazem na prática, mas esse fica para um próximo post. Em breve estaremos divulgando a agenda de cursos do mês de Junho.

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18.05.19 20/100 days of productivity

there’s this little ladybug who appeared in my bed when I was organising school stuff, and I happen to have a ladybug teddy on my bed so it’s cute❣

i also have all my homework done by now, so far so good✅✅

anonymous asked:

Do you recommend any spotify playlist (or have you created your own) with music for studying and focusing?

silver mist: almost falling asleep, loosing time, studying, staying in the car just to finish that one song, droplets of water on your window, sweater paws. [instrumental | mostly soundtracks]

purple neonlights: lofi, cramming, pitch black nights, being up too early, memorising song lyrics, the edge of sleep, empty parking lots, driving through sleeping cities at night. [lofi | chill hip hop]

The past two years have been an ultimate low point for Ms. Abby as many of you know, depression, lack of motivation, ptsd, and simple laziness are dicks. These have all kept me from maintaining my room the way I want to.

So I’m starting over. I’m using pieces of Marie Kondo’s method and rifling through old sweaters with patchy elbows, three sizes too small shirts and shorts I’ve held onto simply because they remind me of the wind and grass between my toes.

This is the beginning. I’m changing and cleaning my room entirely and am excited for the outcome. So I decided to take you all along on my journey. It won’t be easy or done in a day, but instead chipped at constantly until finally it’s all done.

I gathered my clothes all together and separated a keep and toss pile. The second photo is my toss and the last is my keep. Today I’ll be organizing my vanity desk and putting what I don’t want of my clothes into bags to be donated or given to friends who may like them.

So follow me on my journey to cleanliness! I’m on my way!


Ruth Ganesh | Elephant Family | Summer 2019

Here is a video about a great charity organization that helps packys in Asia: Elephant Family! In this video, principal trustee Ruth Ganesh introduces the charity, then explains the problems that packys in Asia face today, then goes on to explain how Elephant Family helps these wonderful animals, & then promotes a lipstick that helps their organization. Anyway, if you can, certainly check Elephant Family out!

한국어 배우기

I’ve been thinking about making a blog with Korean lessons, grammar, vocabulary and so on. It would be in both English and Spanish but idk if anyone would actually look at it. It would help me as a practice so I think I’m just gonna keep on with the idea, once I set the structure and how I’ll do it I’ll post the link here ~~

한국어 배우기 블로그를 만들고 싶지만 누가 볼 것을 몰라……그냥 바로 하고 링크를 포스트로 알려 줄게^^

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