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We have added 3 feminist themed t shirts to the website. Find them either in New Arrivals or the Ladies T Shirt sections.

Need to update an ingredient change for your 🍵 blend to keep your current certification? We can help source an ingredient and keep your flavor profile, certifications & keeping budget in mind. Let's get blending! 👨‍🍳

Our first every singer/songwriter event is tonight, starting at 7! it's going to be epic, so get in early to grab a seat! @robertquindaro @marleyrae_lovelace @joehenry_music

Do you need help with your nutrition? Dr. Rachel does hair analysis and nutrition counseling. Call for an appointment, 815-344-0113.

Pollen level is projected to be HIGH in our area over the next five days! 🤧 . Don’t forget to take a dose of 💜 Elderberry Syrup before attacking the outdoors! .

Garden update! My significant other built this beautiful tomato planter with outer cage because we both refuse to kill the rats that live among us. Also blueberry bush and strawberries! Woot!

Sustainability doesn't have to be complicated. Choosing organic options, unplugging electronic devices when not in use, or using less packaging are all small changes we can do in order to make a big impact.

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When you first start studying vs 5 minutes later


Can’t wait for this one 💪

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So here is the question 💯

Will the world ever be 100% organic?

Well Dr. Organic thinks so. Do you you? With currently less that 1% of the land Organically certified?

#love (at Nairobi, Kenya)

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the forester mittens : crafted of huacaya alpaca fiber from safehouse farm in barrington, illinois. these farmers are great friends of mine, and when i moved to marquette i brought along a few sacks of their fiber.

as with all of our handknits, these mittens are made entirely by hand : i comb, spin, knit and wash each piece, taking involvement in each step of construction, after the shearing of the animal (though with this farm i was also present at the shearings to do the unskilled labor). the tags are made of organic cotton.

these mittens are available in threeish sizes : small, for an adolescent or a dainty adult : medium, for a craftsman’s hands : large, for a piano player, or perhaps a lumberjack; and most men.

all sizes are 38.

order by telephone or e-mail :


it is a slow life we lead : please allow a few weeks for handknits. it will be worth it, i promise.