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Another great talk by HoPE for an international finance institute in Admiralty Hong Kong. Organized by TLC and HoPE

NUTRA-LIFT® Beautiful Healthy Skin the Way with Award Winning PREMIUM Natural & @ Affordable Prices FEATURED by the RACHAEL RAY Show

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NUTRA-LIFT® Beautiful Healthy Skin the Way with Award Winning PREMIUM Natural & @ Affordable Prices FEATURED by the RACHAEL RAY Show

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Rise and Shine! Breakfast is a great way to start any morning... even Monday mornings! 📷: Organic Cranberry Almond Granola Clusters

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item of the Day - - LIVING HARVEST: Tempt Hempmilk Unsweetened Creamy Non-Dairy Beverage Original, 32 oz: Loaded with vitamins, minerals and all 10 essential amino acids.

Did you know? The elevators in the Statue of Liberty use a soybean-based hydraulic fluid. How cool!

It’s likely that , unfortunately, has become is own form of commercialism - but I still dig the sentiment; i.e., growing (in organic soil) & eating these sugar snap peas from my backyard, trusting the growing process, and, “they’re so yummy!” 😎

cancel your case of the Mondays Our ice cream sammies feature our slow-churned four-ingredient cane sugar-free chocolate ice cream on two of our new chocolate chip chunker cookies, or on oatmeal chocolate chip. available

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If you’re rushing for time in the morning, why not make overnight oats for breakfast? It’s easy, fuse-free, and ready to consume in the morning!

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uni started again today and it’s an online course so we have to do intro posts on the discussion board and it’s astounding how little i have to actually talk about with my peers,

So I haven’t posted in a while cause I have been busy taking my A-Levels as you can see in the picture and I’ve been taking some time off off studying after graduating and now I’m preparing to start university as soon as I get answers from the universities I applied for. What have you been up to?

And look, guys. In case anyone wants to get snarky: I am nowhere near the worst of the working conditions involved here, and I still woke up on Sunday and started crying because my fingers were so cramped up that I couldn’t bend them all the way. That goddamn poem was not metaphorical. I was not just upset about the anon thing. I was cry-screaming at fucking god. So I appreciate- trust me, I do- the intent behind all this. I’m glad people care.

But we gotta care enough to make an organized effort, and check our facts, because that is one of the main ways they’re getting away with doing this shit to people. Including me.

The road of only good intentions only leads one place.