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A burst of pre-Easter color courtesy of this phaleonopsis blooming in my garden. Celebrate the holidays with your friends and family.

April 20th of the day: Laelia purpurata var. carnea, one of my very favorite orchids. This photo is from a few years ago.

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Early Purple orchid, Orchis mascula, my first of the year 🎉 The Lots, Silverdale

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So my little Keikei is doing so much madness still don’t know what color it’s going to be, but it looks like I’ll have flowers before it’s ready to plant? Any advice?

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Lyc.Yi-Ying Sakura ''no.157'' ~! ⭐️😊💐🔴 リカステ~ (Lyc.Yi-Ying Sakura ''no.157'') (o゚ω゚o**)

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yo they got crushessss

o boi here she is

does anyone remember that snake character i made months ago? cause i completely rebooted her.

amaru is a kinda anti-hero and vigilante, but also a master-class theif and badass, so no one can figure her out lmao. backstory-wise, probs just gonna stick to the classics: orphan bitten by a radioactive snake.

bonus: she can talk to snakes and dislocate her jaw!


So, with the Easter bunny hopping into town this weekend, now might be the time to dress up for the holiday. For this weekend, I’ll be taking commissions for Chibi bunnies, fully coloured, for $20 US for each. All the information you need can be found in the pics above.
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Cây lan đầu tiên của bố đã nở hoa. Cây này bố mua hôm đi Điện Biên Sơn La gì đó. Mua 4 cây mà ko hỏi tên gì hết làm mình phải đợi nó có hoa mới tìm đc. Hoa kia thấy có đốm nên tìm với từ khóa: lan đốm. Sau 1 hồi cũng tìm đc tên của nó là: Lan cẩm báo 😁

Hôm qua mẹ bàn về việc quây lưới để gà đỡ bay sang nhà hàng xóm đẻ thế là bố bảo từ giờ ko gà qué gì nữa, tui chuyển sang chơi lan rồi. Chiều qua thấy bố mang ở đâu mấy khúc cây về ghép lan vào đến tối mịt. Mẹ chép miệng: trong nhà con thì hồng, bố thì lan. Có ăn đc ko chứ. Tui nuôi gà còn có trứng với thịt mà ăn :))

Mình vốn ko thích lan lắm vì thấy nó có vẻ khó trồng. Nhưng chắc từ giờ lại phải tìm hiểu về nó để tư vấn cho bố rồi…


Eliza & Arthur - Winter’s biological parents (Eliza is missing but Arthur is still alive)

Nicole - Biological sister (missing)

Zoiza - Adoptive mother

Castiel - Adoptive brother

Orchid and Walter - Castiel’s biological siblings, they were separately adopted each by different parents


Miniature Orchid, Lepanthes helicocephala by Andreas Kay
Via Flickr:
from Ecuador:
Epidendrum Radicans Orchid Fine Art Photo Print
Size: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 Medium: Digital Photography Framed: No All prints are printed on high quality archival photo paper. For larger sizes (11x14 or poster sizes), specialty papers (canvas, high gloss), or framing - feel free to submit a custom order or send me a personal message for pricing.
Orchid Swap (1/2)

For a while now I’ve been thinking about swapping some of my orchids for others because as much as I love my babies, I want them to thrive and in some cases, I’m either not good at making that possible or my environment prevents that from happening. A few weeks ago I found a person who was interested in one of my orchids so we talked for a while and in the end we reached an agreement.

I will be saying goodbye to my Cymbidium Floribundum seedling.

I bought this orchid because I fell in love with the flowers and I didn’t mind waiting six years to be able to enjoy them. This hasn’t changed but I see that the orchid is not happy. She grew a new pseudobulb more than a year ago and then she lost all of her leaves (except those from that pseudobulb) and stopped growing new roots or new anything for half a year. Then she started growing another pseudobulb but it’s taking ages to develop and the tips of the leaves turned black and well, I definitely can’t take care of this orchid. I don’t know how. So I thought I should give her a chance with somebody else.

I will also divide half of my Oncidium Sweet Sugar. Despite my abysmal knowledge of how to take care properly of this orchid, she has grown tons of pseudobulbs so I can easily divide the plant and not put her at risk. I hope she’ll thrive in her new home!

And finally, I will be waving goodbye to my beloved tiny Catasetum seedling. It’s only the size of a pea but I’m attached to this little ball and I will miss it, as silly as that sounds. I decided to give this seedling to my orchid swap partner because they have been generous and kind and well, if I’m being honest, I don’t have enough room to house another catasetum (even if it will be a while until this orchid reaches the size of my other catasetum).

Maybe you’re thinking.. well, if this is a swap, you should be receiving other orchids, aren’t you? Yup! I am! But that’s another tale for another entry, which will come tomorrow! 

If you want to know more about these three orchids, please check the tags and the List of my orchids link under the header (for the catasetum and the oncidium, as the cymbidium will disappear from that list)