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. is goals. 😍 Read all about this stunning resort:

THE 67TH ANNUAL PACIFIC Tomas will be at the Popow Orchids booth with wonderful miniature orchids Friday February 22 10:00AM - 5:00PM Sunday February 24 10:00AM - 5:00PM San Francisco County Fair Building Ninth Avenue & Lincoin Way Gol, San Francisco, CA 94122

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February 19th of the day: My Phalenopsis Ben Yu Panda 'Rainbow Panda' is now in bloom. I just love this one... so sweet! 🥰

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See dazzling displays & thousands of beautiful blooms in this weekend's Spring Show! Join us Sat 12-5pm & Sun 10am-5pm (+ a special session for photographers Sun 8-10am), included in general admission! Learn more:

Drawings in manuscripts document traditional/cultural life. Details of objects included historical & material culture e.g Flowers in art have a visual symbolism, medicine properties of & can be found in MS Or 829

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世界らん展2019に行ってきました。 らんらんらーん!!! いろんな蘭をたくさん観られたし、お目当ての三松きものショーも満喫できて見応えあり! 美の補給がたくさんできました。 これは毎年行かなくちゃ!

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2019.02.16 世界らん展2019(東京ドーム) ライトダウンは面白い趣向なんだけど、 メイン展示のライティングは変えて欲しかったな(;´・ω・)

Did you know that there's an orchid that is named the 'Crystal Bridge'? It's in full bloom right now and gorgeous! We do plan to be open at 9am. – at Myriad Botanical Gardens

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Bits & Bobs

Here we are again with a bits and bobs entry. What are some of my orchids up to?

My white noid phal is opening her first bud (well, her first bud of 2019). This year this orchid won’t have a very spectacular blooming display because many roots died or were/are still on the verge of dying of root rot. Those aerial roots you see? As far as I know, those are the healthy ones. I know she still has functional roots under the media but they haven’t branched out and…well, it’s frustrating. Still, even if it’s only six buds, I’m happy. 

And talking about buds, this up here is my Tolumnia’s flower spike. Still a week or two until those buds are ready to unleash the beauty. Remember that my tolumnia was growing two flower spikes but one kind of stopped growing? Well, it’s still there, frozen in time. At least this one is ready to pop!

That is the first flower that my Oncostele Masai Red produced this year. Looks a bit rough. It’s been a good run, though. In contrast, this flower under these lines, is the last one the orchid opened and looks fresh and nice.

Such is nature and life. There’s still time to enjoy these blooms even if the first ones that opened are starting to fade. 

If you want to know more about these three orchids, please check the tags and the List of my orchids link under the header.


Sobralia setigera by Andreas Kay
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from Ecuador:

tinypuppysoul  asked:

Hey so idk if it’s your cat but I wanted to tell you that the picture of the cat that you submitted to justchubbycats is beautiful and I feel like crying bc it’s so cute 😅❤️

Oh crap idk how late this answer is but THANK U YES IT IS MY CAT!! orchid my beautiful angle….

Choco party over

The tragedy.

The first thing I saw were the three flowers on the floor. Maybe I had knocked over the spike without noticing? But upon closer inspection I noticed that the flowers are fading away. So yeah, the chocolate orchid blooms are on their way out after a month. I don’t know if it’s too soon or if it’s the right time to go. I’ll find out with future bloomings. I’m a bit sad but I can’t forget that the orchid is now busy growing a new growth!

I can’t wait to have her in bloom asap. But for now, it’s growing time.

If you want to know more about this orchid, please check the tags and the List of my orchids link under the header.

it’s orchid drench day! i plan to drench once a month. drench means full flush of kelp infused water followed by a water flush. i suppose i should fertilize while i’m at it prior to final water flush. they get a good 3 second steady spritz all other weeks. 🌱

OMFG! the kekis have started to grow roots! see the tiny green nubbins at the base? i really didn’t think it would work but it did. i am super stoked! 😊

sadly, the rootless phal did not make it. the crown was completely rotted out and the remaining leaves fell off during watering today. ☹️

Ornithocephalus manabina orchid flowers.

These tiny cuties are white in traditional light and very very small. They appear on spikes originating from the center of a bunch of bird-like green leaves on this miniature plant.

The name Ornithocephalus can be broken down to its constituent parts of ornitho meaning bird, and cephalus meaning head. So it’s a birdhead orchid!

someone suggested i stick a stick in my paph pots to keep an eye on moisture. i need to never let dry, but not keep too wet in order to avoid root rot. so far the stick trick has proven brilliant! might have to stick sticks in all my plant pots! 🌱

Weather change brings spikes

Every winter my Sedirea Japonica (and now my Cattleya Pradit Spot as well) migrates (with my assistance) to a colder room where they can both enjoy colder temperatures and fare Winter together. I’ve been doing that for two or three years with great results. The moment the temperatures go up even if it’s just a bit, Sedirea gets to work and starts spiking. I’ve been checking her every two or three days and today I finally found it. A flower spike!

At the end of this leaf you can see a small nubbin poking out of the stem. It’s really difficult to see and I’m afraid of pulling the leaf down too much and tear something so this will have to do. If the orchid follows the same pattern of previous years, she will grow another spike in a few weeks. I hope she does it, it’s really cute to see those two small spikes cascading their nice blooms. As for my cattleya…

There hasn’t been any change but since I was taking out my Sedirea I thought I should take my cattleya as well. She’s growing a cane and I hope that her winter rest, so to speak, will “force” that new growth to bloom. It’ll be a while until I see the results of the winter rest if there are any.

If you want to know more about these orchids please check the tags and the List of my orchids link under the header.