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And the next one! Same story, same , even some same questions but they added a few more technical ones on . For me still no specific training required Feels like a "welldone". Next week I'll have a shot at (pre)sales exams

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Today’s is urging you to let go of what you . What’s the worst that can happen? Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of that obstacle you’ve set in place for yourself. Keep in mind that life shrinks or expands in proportion to your . Be .

You can't miss it! Really an interesting interview with VP , Chief Marketing Officer for

So, why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Read this article and discover why it was important for Oracle to build their own cloud infrastructure:

Snow in is accumulating quickly - we’ve been here for about 10 minutes and this is what’s on our news vehicle

"ORACLE CLOUD DAY" etkinliğinde yerimizi aldık! Oracle ile geçirdiğimiz 10 yılı anlattığımız ve yeni ürünümüz olan "vispeahen"i tanıttığımız sunumumuz ve standımız büyük ilgiyle karşılandı. Emeği geçen herkese sonsuz teşekkürler...

By employing techniques such as reliability-centered maintenance and advanced analytics, Hitachi Predictive Maintenance for provides significant benefits that extend for years to come:

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- John F. Kennedy ☺️👏😍😘😍😘😍😘🔏 Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. Harriet Tubman
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Dick Grayson with Barbara Gordon in “Young Justice”.

Dick Grayson with Koriand'r in “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract”.


If he has not arrived by Monday morning I will be going in for an induction so I want it to be clear I could be done with readings for a week up to a month, it just depends on how things go with labor and delivery and how our schedule is with feedings and sleeping outside of that. If you’ll be wanting a reading go ahead and message me on what you want and send the payment to

I’m sad to be taking a break from something I look forward to doing everyday but I will also very much enjoy the break and spending my time catching up on sleep and cleaning when I can.

I will be sure to update a lot with photos and info on little man and how the other little ones are doing once he is home 😊


Gemini February 2019 BONUS💕Returning of Past Life Connection 💕


Leo February 2019💖INTENSE Bonus Read💖


Aries Bonus February 2019💓AMAZING💓

Intention ✨

There is no right way to manifest your desires, you do whatever works for you. What’s important is your intention. If it’s pure and true to your heart, you do whatever feels right to make it a reality. We are powerful beings with a soul full of fire, we can achieve anything when we devote ourselves to our cause.

Whispers of Healing by Angela Hartfield, illustrated by Josephine Wall, published by Blue Angel

leap / the great gathering / inner temple: letting the universe & intuition guide you back to yourself ♡

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, is not like the rest of her people—she was born of the earth, her mother’s hands, and the powers of ancient goddesses as opposed to battle. Even though she has named Themyscira, the island of the Amazons, her home, Diana has always felt like she does not belong. In order to prove herself, she decides to take part in the Nemeseian Games. If she wins the footrace, Diana feels as though she will have earned her place on Themyscira. Diana’s path takes her by the island’s coast where she notices a ship sinking. Even though it may cost her the race, she feels compelled to go and investigate. As she swims closer and closer to the wreck, Diana recognizes a potential survivor and chooses to rescue her despite the fact that doing so violates Themyscira’s rules. Diana is pleased by her actions—she saved someone from drowning, but at the same time, she risks exile. The only way out of her predicament is to hide what she has done, but as a sickness strikes the immortal Amazons and earthquakes make the island tremble, Diana realizes that she will not be able to keep her actions a secret from her sisters. Unsure as to how to proceed, Diana seeks the help of the island’s Oracle, who informs her that the woman she saved from the wreck is a Warbringer, a catalyst for war. If Diana wants to save the island and her people, she must let Alia Keralis, (the woman she saved), die. Diana cannot accept the Oracle’s words and asks if there’s another way, a way to save Alia, the island, and the world. Diana discovers that in order to cleanse the Warbringer line, “the Warbringer must reach the spring at Therapne before the sun sets on the first day of Hekatombaion” (Bardugo 44). Determined to not only prove herself but do what she feels is right, Diana travels to the “World of Man” in order to rid Alia of her curse, risking everything that she holds dear in the process.

I thoroughly enjoyed Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman: Warbringer for several different reasons. First, although Diana is an immortal being with superhuman abilities, she is an extremely relatable character. This characterization stems from the fact that she is an outsider—unlike the other Amazons who were “battleborn,” Diana was born of clay and magic. Furthermore, Diana is ridiculed because of her birth. Tek, the Amazon’s general, refers to Diana as Pyxis, “a little clay pot made to store jewels or a tincture of carmine for pinking the lips,” constantly reminding Diana that she is unlike her sisters (Bardugo 5). Diana’s status as an outsider who is ridiculed by some of her sisters makes her relatable—everyone has been made fun of at some point during their lives and everyone has felt like they didn’t belong in certain social situations. Diana’s characterization as a relatable individual is bolstered by the fact that she wants to prove herself to the other Amazons. In addition, Diana is often riddled with self-doubt and surrounded by people who doubt her abilities, (e.g. her mother). Diana is also an individual whom girls can look up to and respect—she’s intelligent, athletic, and demonstrates that she valued her extensive education throughout the course of the novel. Furthermore, she fights for what she believes in and refuses to give up or back down when other people try to control her.

I also appreciated what I felt was an accurate and realistic portrayal of someone with Diana’s unique characteristics. Despite all of her strength, power, and education, Diana remains an extremely naïve and sheltered being—prior to meeting Alia, she had not left Themyscira. As a result, readers expect her to struggle when transitioning to life in the “World of Man.” It felt natural for Diana to be excited by the sight of men, fascinated by New York City’s structure, and amazed by the shampoo selection at the drugstore. It also felt natural for Diana to commit several social faux pas because she did not understand how mortals interacted with one another. I also appreciated the fact that Bardugo limited Diana’s power(s) because it made her feel human, closer to the readers that Bardugo is trying to reach. Diana is a superhero with supernatural abilities, but her body has limitations. She experiences the human condition, (e.g. grief and betrayal), and physical pain, making her just like me. I also appreciated Bardugo’s ability to craft a beautiful setting; I was blown away by some of her descriptions of Themyscira. Finally, I appreciated Bardugo’s straightforward writing style, which incorporated a mixture of long and short sentences because it made the plot easy to follow.

With that being said, there were a few things, which I did not like about Bardugo’s novel. First, Wonder Woman: Warbringer was slow, especially for a young adult novel. I feel as though the novel was slow because it included unnecessary details and a few scenes, which did not contribute to the plot, (e.g. the scene in which Nim, Alia, and Diana shop online and try on dresses). However, once the novel sped up, it did not slow down! Second, I did not like two of the novel’s characters—Alia and Jason Keralis. I did not like Alia because she was whiny and disrespectful, (she made fun of Diana a lot). I didn’t like Jason because he was overprotective, overbearing, arrogant, and extremely controlling—he was convinced he was always right and fought to maintain control over his younger sister’s life. Even so, the novel was extremely enjoyable; I highly recommend it.

Rating: 4.2/5 stars

Work Cited:

Bardugo, Leigh. Wonder Woman: Warbringer. Random House, 2017.

Love oracle

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