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never ceases to amaze me. Even at stratospheric price, buyers swarm it (full disclosure: I missed it; as usualπŸ˜€)

Enjoying the beautiful Atlanta weather along with some Mexican food. Letting the market do its thing. Already made a small profit this morning & waiting on more. Patience pays $$$! 😎

Haven't been taking a bunch of trades lately due to my "real job". Did take a quick scalp today on in apr26 195c's 5cons at .53 out at .65. Just noticed a quick opportunity & took it. Also looking at some trades as well.

"Only purchase a Call when the underlying industry group is down in versus the previous day's close."

$100 Scalp Real Time & Voice with it's Call Sweep Alert Exit Upon Intra Day Resistance (Shaded Region $100/18 Minutes on 5 Contracts) πŸ“‰πŸ’΅πŸ™

New traders! Save this post!!! Options Key Terms: 1️⃣STRIKE: Price the buyer has the right to purchase the underlying asset 2️⃣EXPIRATION: Last day of contract 3️⃣UNDERLYING: Asset upon which the contract is based 4️⃣PREMIUM: Cost (or value) of contract

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This is what we did in today. Open a trading account to work with us. We can manage your account too. Click to connect on whatsapp: ...

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Day 15

“Everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence How many times my potential was anonymous?” -Kendrick Lamar •

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Artist- Kendrick Lamar

Stop limiting yourself due to lack of confidence just jump that’s the only way your parachute will open up‼️

My coach- @capitalconnoisseur
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Two years ago my mentors in finance, #TomSosnoff and @Tony_Battista, enabled me to start a new chapter in my life as a full time professional trader.
I was honored to do a Rising Star Segment, June 30, 2017 on My hope is videos like this inspire others to take control of their own finances. Stop giving your money away to a manager who doesn’t know any more than you. Stop believing that it’s too complicated to learn for yourself. If you can manage a fantasy football team or order a pizza then you can learn to trade.

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Here in New York setting up meetings for our in person classes In 2016. You’ll be able to choose distance learning or live learning in 6 locations, New York one of them, next year. Learning to take control of your finances and use the #stockmarket to your advantage has never been more accessible. If you haven’t already call us to learn about our programs - you want to start learning now so that come 2016 you’re ready to rock. Have a good weekend from New York. #daytrading #stockexchange #optionstrading #investing #wealth #futurestrading #wallstreet

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