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Do you think you’re a person? A positive mental attitude can improve your health, enhance your relationships, increase your chances of , and add years to your life. via

“You barely even notice things that actually matter in life. You’re always off living in your little fantasy land. What, did the unicorn kingdom run out of cotton candy or something?”

"Embracing and strength of will over adversity can be a game-changer for us and our colleagues - to enable us to achieve our goals in life. I recommend we embrace optimism champions and role models as part of our journey in life." Tony Harding

This is a great reminder that being or doesn’t mean that you have to be all of the time. You can still be positive, have hope, and being optimistic while going through challenges.

If you repeatedly see this number popping up in your daily life, you now know the message it brings

Cheerful Chick illus. Enjoyed this story of a chick who wants to cheer on the animals.

If you want to follow my attempts at trying to look cool in the outdoors (and failing!) then why not check out my 🌍🗺️📸 I can't promise you perfect photos, but what I lack in finesse I like to think I make up for with and !

The two hour delay didn’t prevent us from enjoying with yoga!! Then we shared our research and got advice for our !! Ending the day with books that promote , striving towards our !! It’s been a great day at !!

An optimist is the human personification of spring. ~Susan J. Bissonette

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Jeff Bezos has advise for Executives… “You are paid to make few high quality decisions. Not thousands…”

🚀Become Your BEST Self!

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Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.

Roy T. Bennett,  The Light in the Heart  

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Better Worlds: a new animated sci-fi series

This is a cool project. Between Becky Chambers’s “Wayfarers” trilogy and the most recent season of Doctor Who, I’ve been very into optimistic sci-fi lately.

My favourite quotes | Happy Finals

Hey Guys,

These are some of my favourite motivational quotes- that help me get through some of the worst things in life (like homework)

This is dedicated to those doing their finals right now- I’m in the same boat sis.

  • Hustle until your haters ask if your hiring (Unknown)
  • Shoot for the moon, even if you miss- you’ll land among the stars (Les Brown)
  • The Best view comes after the hardest climb
  • She slept with wolves without fear- for the wolves knew a lion was among them (R.M Drake)
  • It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.
  • Your not going to master your life in one day
  • You have been assigned this mountain, to show others it can be moved.
  • The question isnt whos going to let me, its whos going to stop me (Ayn Rand)
  • No one can make you feel inferior without your consent (Eleanor Roosevelt)
  • Dreams are free, hustle sold separately.

And there we have it, some of my favourite empowering quotes at the moment. I don’t remember where some of these are from, which is why there is no name attached. Sorry!

Also, remember that no matter what you are going through, there is always a way to get out. The way to get out may not be the easiest, but it’s there. No matter what, you need to take the step to get there and make choices that benefit YOU in the long run. Keep working harder than you did yesterday, and remember that the dreams you have are just dreams until you work towards them. Keep being the badass you are, and remember to make the best of the life your living!

Love you guys!


pearl white

grip in the sand,

pain sifting like

small hands,

like innocence

born again, in

a jovial dance,

catch a breath

like the wave ahead

as sun rays redden

kissable cheeks, sore

from smiling, hazel

eyes, be sky blue,

the clouds have cleared,

and you are anew,

beautiful, to dip toes

and learn how to float,

swim ahead, without

looking back, ran

miles just to make

this: anchorage

incredible, isn’t it?

to exhale and observe

a whole new world

a baby pink beach towel

cuddles the worry from

huddled backs, grouplove,

tongue tied with happiness

I want to get to a place where little things in life don’t bring me down. Where I can smile because I’m alive, and let the world know that I’m glad I’m here, that I’m someone worth having in life.

I make great strides and see glimpses of the man I could be, but then… it seems almost as if every year, something happens and I slide backwards. I feel like I can’t get out of that place, and I know it isn’t true.

I have friends and family that love me… even when I feel alone and hurt. I wish I had been able to be okay last year. I caused so many problems for so many people I cared about because I was too weak to handle life.

I’m sorry I failed. I’m going to do better.