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“The best are infectious and lead their teams to discover greater , and self-mastery” Victor Perton June 2019 Thanks for the photo

You can always have a mind set to be successful if you put more effort in what you love doing........I’m proud to be one of the “ Hitdjs” Member....... Music is my passion!!!

"Open not broken is my motto. isn't false perk or cheer. It's the beauty of -telling, , and sharing what we've learned climbing mountains, knowing we've cleared some way for those who follow." That's what Cissy White told

This man never misses a beat. Carrying on my shoulder every single day 🙏🏼

For whoever needs to hear this - your work to help matters. You inspire people everyday to make changes in their lives, and pursue their dreams. You share the joy of the sea with others, and are part of a wave of change. Keep up the good work.

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I’ll make it happen.

15 June 2019

hello again! So, I think the game plan is to post every two weeks for now.  Tbh this plan only arised from the fact that I procrastinated two weeks to make a post…  My stress levels are through the roof because I’m starting a new job and school but I’m hopeful about everything.  I have a newfound motivation to focus on school so that I have stuff to include in my studyblr.  I also plan on trying out one of those productivity challenges, but I think I’m gonna try 30 days first and then move onto 100 days.  Since I joined the community, I’ve seen so many wonderful spreads that have inspired me to try new things in my bullet journal and become more dedicated to living a lifestyle with healthy habits.   I’m gonna try a new style of habit and sleeping tracker that I saw on my feed and we’ll see how it goes.  I’m just trying to have an optimistic and growth mindset, so I don’t break down from the increasing stress :) but it’s all good in this hood rn! 

Sunday the 16th of June

There is so much I don’t know yet. If I put myself in the shoes of my younger self, my 365-days-ago self, my 730-days-ago self, it’s impossible not to see how truly clueless I was. Nobody has precise foresight. This is a comfort to me. I may speculate about my future as much as I want, but my 365-days-later self will undoubtedly look back on my Present Day self and think, “If only she knew what was coming.”

Whether it’s a new person in my life, new characters, a new plot, another hardship, or a bout of amazing luck… I just do. Not. Know. And that’s promising.

It means that a year from now, things might be radically different in ways I can’t begin to imagine. It means that maybe, things might not be so bad. 

I will remain hopeful.

“How can you be always positive? Don’t you have worries too?” she asked me almost both confused and amazed

It made me think back for a bit,
then it hits me.

It was not like a sudden bump at a door. It was slow, almost like a torture. It is like falling off a stair, only the steps are too far from each other that you will still need to roll a few times before falling again to the next one.

It hit me hard!

“I guess I was just tired of being worried and sad about many things?” I answered reluctantly with an unconscious shrug of shoulders.

“But isn’t it normal? To worry? To be sad?” she followed, and now very curious of what I might say next.

I got myself in a bind. Because honestly, it is so hard to explain to other people your experiences. I don’t know how to tell her how I used to eat worries for breakfast. How I got drunk with sadness then later on vomiting all of it, just for me to eat it all again the next day.

It was horrible. I have been like that since I first got my heart broken. I suffered the same routine for years. Until one day, I just got tired of feeling like that. So I started looking forward to eating my breakfast, I started eating it with pleasure. Every night when I feel like burping up, I take a bowl and catch them all so I can eat them back up more completely at that same night. I repeated that until I got used to its taste. And later on, I just realized that it doesn’t bother me anymore. In fact, I was already looking for a new taste. A new dish that will be served on my table. I won’t say that I got used to it. Because after all, they are still nasty feeling. But maybe the right way to put it was that I got to really know that kind of feeling that I know now where I will put it in my heart whenever it appears. There is a dedicated place for it my stomach for it to take its time before completely leaving my body.

Suddenly, I feel this tap on my left arm. “Hey, are you still there?” I heard her laugh as she said that.

I was completely lost in thought that I forgot she was there.

“No, it isn’t. But some people might say that it is because we sometimes forget that we always have a choice on what to do with things. We decide it ourselves.” I explained, trying to make up for the time when I spaced out.

She was not convinced. I can see it in her face.

“See that river over there?” I asked, pointing at the river just a few yards away from us.

“Yep!” She nodded.

“People will have different ways of crossing that river. Some might swim through it or some might use that bridge over there.” I continued while pointing at the bridge on our right side.

“But either way, all of them will face problems while crossing it. The problems may differ but they will still have them.” I finished, hoping she’ll understand it somehow.

“Even the ones using the bridge?” she immediately follows

I was startled. But a smile is slowly forming now on my face. I never thought she was paying that much attention when I was just casually trying to give her simpler analogy.

“Yes! Especially the ones on the bridge.” I said while slightly laughing. Amused by her curiosity.

“But why? Isn’t it much safer?” she was confused

At this point, I was already happy. I completely understand where she is coming from, her question was indeed very rational.

I pinched her right cheek gently.

“Yes, it was exactly because of that reason that they will have problems.” I stopped, then smiled at her

“You see, when people feel safe, they tend to take things for granted. They will be blinded by the sudden rush of happiness and will start to just look straight ahead. And when things go for a little curve, that’s when they start to panic and overthink things.”

She was silent.

She was slowly absorbing things. I can tell this because her face slowly brightens up while looking at the bridge.

“So where are you? At the river or the bridge?” she is now beaming with a big smile on her face looking at me.

“I’m at space staring at how tiny this river is.” I answered, sticking my tongue out.

We both then ended up bursting with laughter.
—  hishiddenletters, Optimism 

Challenging tasks and challenging projects are manageable if we approach the project bit by bit or if we tackle the task one piece at a time. 

To be

Now I know I knew nothing and there are yet many things to be learned, to be seen. I must start my conquest to find a purpose, i should wander this paradise, search for knowledge and wisdom it provides, for I am

an Explorer and i am not to be feared by anything as I tread this path, not even death. And when my time shall come, I finally be a wise man and my words be alive even after my demise.

Es una maravilla que no he abandonado todos mis ideales, parecen tan absurdos y poco prácticos. Y sin embargo me aferro a ellos porque aún creo, a pesar de todo, que la gente es verdaderamente buena de cotrazón… Veo el mundo ser lentamente transformado en un yermo, escucho el trueno que se aproxima que, un día, nos destruirá también, siento el sufrimiento de millones. Y sin embargo, cuando miro el cielo, de alguna manera siento que todo cambiará para bien, que la paz y la tranquilidad volverán una vez más. Mientras tanto, debo aferrarme a mis ideales.
—  Anne Frank