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por Daniel Olesker Recordando el 2004 para valorar el 2018

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Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

Francisco Contreras: Refriega entre iliberalismo populista y democracia liberal parlamentaria - El mundo vive su momento populista. Nada más ilustrativo que el suceso del incendio del Amazonas. Por un lado, la Unión E ... -

"Nos sumamos a este llamado de urgencia para que demos el giro de timón que nuestro planeta necesita, dejando atrás ese sistema voraz que empresas y gobiernos han alimentado para alcanzar un falso desarrollo":

"El Presidente, en su manojo de veinte “vivas”, dedicó una a la “fraternidad universal”. El concepto en realidad sólo tiene un sentido inobjetable si con el mismo se pretenden lazos de amistad entre los humanos":

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"Respecto del amor, ¿qué es lo que se da cuando se da amor? ¿Qué clase de bien es el que se regala al otro? Es uno quien se entrega, sí; pero ¿qué cosa es uno? [...] Lo que uno da en el amor es todo lo que es uno":

"Salinas, me dijo la fuente, le pidió a Collado que sacara al ex Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto de México. No era la primera vez que recibía una orden así.Antes había ayudado a Ahumada a trasladarse a Cuba por orden también de Salinas":

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supercoolgarrett  asked:

Not sure if this has been asked (didn't see it in the link), but what are your thoughts on Priest's Justice League run?

So remember how right before/as this was coming out it was being heralded as the rightful, long-in-coming climax to a painfully unappreciated career finally being given the credit and opportunities he deserved, springboarding into him getting a spot in Detective Comics #1000? And then he did that one interview and now we just don’t talk about Christopher Priest anymore?

In the shining twilight beforehand however, this was a hell of a little run. Plagued by artistic inconsistency and chained to being an interim run - one that would only ever have so much space to explore what it was tackling in the main DCU under even the best of circumstances - but the most successful attempt at doing what DC had been trying to make Justice League for 15 years, right on the eve of finally dropping that approach. After years of the League grappling with inter-team drama threatening to tear them apart and the vaguely political repercussions of their actions and widescreen destruction, we finally got the plainly post-Authority take on the concept.


Not purely that: the currency this book traded in on an issue-by-issue basis was actually fairly Silver Agey in its puzzle-box science-quiz escapades, the kind that’s always fit well for the group and that Priest was smart enough to do exceptionally here, across scales from industrial accidents and terrorist attacks to space invasions and natural disasters. But the distinct juice here - aside from Priest’s profoundly distinct and calculated style of pacing and dialogue (people complain about how haaaard they have to pay attention to get what’s going on in a Grant Morrison comic, and I hope and pray those poor souls never catch wind of this guy) - is the context and knockoff consequences of the relatively traditional saves. That industrial accident has the dominoes fall in such a way that the League has to prioritize protecting a wealthy neighborhood in the most direct and severe danger, appearing to the public as if the team is pointedly ignoring the impoverished black citizens nearby who are also taking it on the chin. Rescues are blocked or complicated by political circumstance. The League relies on unorthodox methods to deal with global threats that don’t come in the form of superhuman physical force, and drop the ball with all they have to juggle at once. It’s an interesting take on the League as a ‘realistic’ team, less concerned with the nuances of any individual plausible complication than the degree to which they compound over time to tangle them up as they try and go about their superheroic business, with the main villain of the run being the worst kind of fan who, actually living in the DCU, wants to cut through the red tape at any price without a care that there’s a reason the heroes reckon with that sort of thing.

It’s a compromised run in more ways than one: while the assorted art teams all fit the tone and I tend towards being more accepting of those sorts of change-ups than most, having it happen several times in the space of a 10-issue run is unavoidably jarring, especially next to the bold, pared-down, lightly manga-esque aesthetic Pete Woods cultivated here as the main artist in a far cry from his Superman days. And amidst the briefer complications Priest does somewhat delve into more high-minded traditional “are superheroes violating civil rights and accountable for it if so/where and how do they intervene” genre questions without giving much focus to the answers. The implication at the end seems to be that they’ve recognized the criticisms levied at them and will attempt to do better, which fits on a character scale given who we the readers know they are, but thematically speaking - especially since they’re framed as akin to a special ops group in here as much as a classical superhero team - comes across as underwhelming. For a ten-issue run that had to end with the board cleared that’s unsurprising, but I can’t shake the feeling that less might have been more for that aspect given what struck me as the run’s primary goals and sources of conflict.

Compromised though it may be, this was quite a special thing. DC let one of their most unorthodox, clever creators loose on all their biggest guns and clearly let him do pretty much whatever he pleased within the space allotted him, and in the process finally successfully realized the ambition of a Justice League run grappling with their place in the modern world after years of trying, as the final hurrah and testament to the efforts of that era before the full shift under Snyder to world breaking Morrisonia moral drama. It’ll never be spoken of alongside your Snyders or Morrison/Porters or Giffen/DeMatteis’ in the annals of definitive Justice League runs, but it deserves note alongside the likes of Orlando and Waid and Ellis/Guice and Simone/Lopez as having done something worthwhile relatively outside the spotlight.

anonymous asked:

Opinion on Lex Luthor being a woman? I think the idea has potential, but at the same time, there are too many ways to frame a female Lex’s obsession with Superman as romantic and/or sexual, which could undermine the character. It worked for Modeus in Irredeemable, but for Lex...

Agreed, plus that there’s in principle an unspoken weight to the idea of the person proclaiming themselves over the TRUE Superman over the ALIEN being a straight white dude.

navek15  asked:

What’s your opinion on Jim Zub and his writing?

I believe I’ve maybe read literally none of his work; from what I’ve heard he’s a solid mid-tier writer, I won’t shed any tears that I’m missing out but glad he’s out there apparently putting out good comics.

anonymous asked:

BTW, do you think 52 is a good book for people who want to get into DC universe? I don’t mean as like, the first thing you read, but as a part of a starter pack. Because I think it shows that DC isn’t just the Justice League and some lame losers, but that it’s this huge shared universe and that many of those characters you haven’t heard of are actually awesome.

Been way too long since I read it the once to really answer, but maybe!

anonymous asked:

Why are people upset about the chanting in HoX and not Frost mind-controlling the UN? I mean, the latter seems much worse than "crowds being happy". And how do you feel about the mind-controlling?

The mind control is mega-skeevy but not at all out of character for Emma, and Xavier’s acceptance of it is I think supposed to be something we’re supposed to raise an eyebrow at (though if the answer there ends up being “Xavier isn’t bad now, he’s going along with it of his own free will because a handful of rich government officials have no right to continue curtailing the rights of mutandkind even if he’s not out to actively overthrow them”, that’s fine with me). As for the chanting, I’ll cop that I’m not the best-equipped to determine how in or out of character it is for anyone involved, especially since I don’t care. If so I’m sure plenty of readers complaining about it were legitimately thinking in those terms, as opposed to couched discomfort with the minority group expressing defiant pride in their community rather than being sad and then going back to defending the group that sends murder-bots after them so that maybe one day they’ll be grateful enough to stop sending murder-bots. Especially since, again, I’m pretty sure the X-Men are supposed to be framed somewhat ominously in places here, if only since we’re getting a detached human perspective on a lot of what they’re doing.

Still pretty sure a LOT of them are the latter, though, from what I’m seeing.

krinsbez  asked:

Y'ever find yourself reading an acclaimed work, and totally understanding why it is so hyped, agreeing with said hype, but also finding that it doesn't do for you? If so, what work?

Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing when it’s not Swampy dealing with the superhero/sorcery stuff that’s framed as way outside his wheelhouse; I respect the craft, but southern gothic horror isn’t my jam.

bathingwithdiggory  asked:

☕️ Abortion bans

One person’s morality should not affect another person’s body. I personally don’t always like abortions (personally i think they’re are so many ppl who want a child but can’t concieve that i would prefer an unwanted child be given over for adoption) but I’m not ever going to judge someone for getting one there’s too many variables in life that i shouldn’t see (cause it’s not my life). There’s so many circumstances where an abortion could be the better choice. I also believe that if a person isn’t hurting another person in some way i don’t really give a fuck what they’re doing cause who cares. (A tiny bundle of cells is not a person). I firmly believe that the only person who should have any decision making power over what goes on in a human body is the conscious person residing within the body.

UGANDA: The English language is a bully - Rural Development Lawyer meets Social Media

In Case You Missed It: via @PerilofAfrica Ugandans, please stop embarrassing yourselves on social media. Those are global platforms in case you did not know and everything you say on social media remains forever. Even if you delete it.

It was interesting when I woke up this morning and some man in Kampala had been on social media talking about a piece I published and shared yesterday September 19, 2019.

Below is the piece I posted.  Naturally, he has a very poor grasp of the English language.  My sources tell me that his first degree was not law. He did something called Social Sciences specializing in Rural Development.

Many years later, he returned and took a law degree as a side kick.  Now, what is interesting is the foundation.

A rural development foundation naturally does not allow some people to read extensively and get a solid footing in the Queen’s language.  This explains why he would not understand the usage of the word MAY.

MARTHA LEAH NANGALAMA (just use Google if you have never heard that name).
Moncton, Canada
PS: I know more about international diplomacy than a rural development lawyer in Uganda.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

UGANDA: Why Museveni may never voluntarily set foot on USA soil again


CHANGE OF GUARDS - Uganda’s military dictator, Museveni had always been an ardent attendee of the annual U.N General Assembly in New York. However, he skipped the 73rd UN General Assembly in September 2018 but he instead sent his Prime Minister to represent Uganda. According to press reports, Museveni is said to have told his cabinet that he saw no logic in spending taxpayer’s money by travelling to New York to make a 15 minute address to the UN General Assembly.

Around that time, the USA law enforcement and judicial agencies were investigating a $1,000,000 bribe by a Chinese to Museveni and his in-law and Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kutesa. It had been alleged that Patrick Ho, the former Hong Kong Minister of Home Affairs offered the two Ugandans bribes in anticipation of being granted major government infrastructural projects in Energy, railway, and tourism.

The said bribe was negotiated through Sam Kuteesa during the time he was at at the UN. The US $500,000 for Museveni dubbed campaign donation was delivered in cash in May 2016 when Patrick Ho traveled to Kampala for Museveni’s swearing in ceremony. In one of the series of email exchanges with Sam Kuteesa, Patrick Ho wrote;
“As we are about to board the plan[e] to Uganda, we are preparing to bring with us some very ‘nice’ gifts to your President and to [the Ugandan Foreign minister] to celebrate the occasion. We shall require special assistance with your customs procedure. Please assist in whatever way you can otherwise we will have to make other plans.”

Kutesa’s $500,000 bribe was paid via a wire transfer from HSBC bank in Hong Kong (China) through an intermediary HSBC bank (USA) to Stanbic bank in Uganda on May 6, 2016.

Patrick Ho was convicted by the Federal Court in December 2018 and is serving the custodial sentence in the USA. The fate of those that he offered the bribe (Museveni and Kuteesa) is in balance. Coupled by the recent sanctioning of the former police chief, Gen. Kalekyezi by the State Department, it would be risky for both Museveni and Kuteesa to set foot on the USA soil. Unlike the 2018 scenario, this time around Museveni may use the excuse of hosting the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference to once again dodge attending the UN General Assembly in New York.

Watch the space.

anonymous asked:

So I know this kind of screams "I'm a convert!" But I was thinking for my hebrew name I'd like to go by two names, one masculine one feminine? I've been sitting on 'Rivkah Chaim' for a little while because it flows together really nicely, but I'm not sure how it would be perceived... like if it's just as "well that's a gay convert" then that's fine! But if there were particular negativity surrounding it? Should I do the ever eternal quest of looking for more gender neutral names?

anonymous asked:

I’ve been booking up with this girl who’s ‘experimenting’ and she always hides me and still dates dude. Idk how I feel about it because it makes me feel bad about myself but also maybe she’s just in the closet?

Closet or not, if she makes you feel bad, you have a right to let her know how you feel.

If this is hurting you, then something needs to change.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: it saddens me that we will never be able to see Nathan Fillion casted as Nathan Drake in an Uncharted full length film or tv show. Not only is he a good actor, he is passionate about the game. He funded his own short film which even used elements from the video game in the cinematography. He proved he is the perfect person to play as Nathan Drake

jcmorrigan  asked:

Potter asks: 3, 10, 12

10) Which character do you relate to most, and why?

When I first read the books, I bonded with Harry right away. As I got older, Harry and I saw eye-to-eye less and less (mainly when his Gryffindor!gut-centric!thinking clashed with my Slytherin!look-past-the-surface-damnit!!-thinking), but even now, I still really relate with him. Even if we’re very different as people, I think if I’d been in Harry’s shoes, I would’ve loved flying, magic, and Hogwarts, hated Draco, Snape, Umbridge, and Voldemort, and felt just as much self-doubt as he did. Dunno if I would’ve been able to carry off Harry’s wit, but I would’ve definitely thought a lot of sassy comebacks to myself


Originally posted by quiblrr

And 3 and 12 are here!

HP Ask! 

Pokemon: Evil Team arcs (Manga), Divided by Tiers.

The Godly S Tier belongs to Team Rocket’s plot in the Red/Blue/Green Chapter and Team Neo Rocket’s plot in the Gold/Silver/Crystal Chapter. I place them here mostly due to the fact that Kusaka had such limited story material to work with for both of these, yet he somehow managed to make two very intricately plotted, well told, virtually flawless story arcs out of the material he had. They’re everything that a great Pokemon story should be, with the first one having Gym Leaders get involved with combating the evil teams and their Legendary-centered plans years before Black and White did this with it’s story, and the second one gave us a proto-World Tournament AND a “stop the villains’ plot right off the heels of the big tournament” climax/finale long before this happened in the XY&Z and SuMo anime series’!

The Exceptionally Good/Great A Tier belongs to the Kanto Elite Four’s plot in the Yellow Chapter, Team Galactic’s plot in the Diamond/Pearl Chapter and the Platinum Chapter, and Team Flare’s plot in the XY Chapter. These ones are all so high quality and would be up there with the above arcs were there not some glaring minor nuisances in them. With the first, it’d be the whole Viridian Forest nonsense and how Lance threatening to “wipe out all humans in the world” feels like a precursor to Lysandre’s plot in X/Y in how the stated end goal doesn’t match what we’re actually seeing (on page, Lugia’s power will only decimate one continent and a few islands, not the entire world). With the second, it’d be Sird. Literally just Sird - her inclusion added nothing and went nowhere. And with the final, it’d be, of course, the Ultimate Weapon. It’s just stupid on a conceptual level no matter what medium it’s featured in.

The Good But Falls Short Of Being Fully Solid B Tier belongs to Team Rocket’s plot in the Fire Red/Leaf Green Chapter and the Heart Gold/Soul Silver Chapter, and Team Plasma’s plot in the Black/White Chapter and the Black 2/White 2 Chapter. As great as Team Rocket’s comeback in the former is, with Giovanni being especially awesome there, it’s held back by the presence of that stupid Beast Trio, of which one of it’s members causes a frustrating cliffhanger ending that went years before being resolved in the Emerald Chapter, and Team Rocket’s arc still couldn’t be properly finished until a totally different remake-based Chapter! And as great as Team Plasma is in the latter, particularly Ghetsis and Colress, it’s held back by it’s earlier sections where not much of interest happened beyond pale replications of the games’ plot beats, and the depiction of N was wildly OOC. Also, Ghetsis causes another frustrating cliffhanger at the end of the B/W Chapter that took years before being resolved in the B2/W2 Chapter! Nothing but bad hiatus memories from that little plot turn…

The Moderately Good Or OK/Average C Tier belongs to Team Skull, the Aether Foundation, and the Ultra Beasts’ plot in the Sun/Moon Chapter. It’s got some really strong moments and great adaptational choices to it, but then it also has really weak moments and downright boneheaded adaptational choices (looking at Manga!Faba here!). It’s overall just alright. 

The Below Average Or Poor D Tier belongs to Team Aqua and Team Magma’s plots in both the Ruby/Sapphire Chapter and the Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Chapter. The former, as with the Chapter itself, ran the gauntlet from being Average to Below Average to flat out Poor the longer it went on. And the latter was mostly just poor all around, with a few bright spots due to Zinnia being a very fun and very well-realized character here, Archie and Maxie finally finding redemption, and I the new Aqua and Magma characters being preferable to the old.

The just plain BAD E Tier belongs to Guile Hideout’s plot in the Emerald Chapter. Just…Archie. Wearing space night armor from Team Galactic. Given to him by Sird. That he murdered Maxie in cold blood in order to have. But that ends up killing him in the end. When he uses it’s power in tandem with Jirachi’s to try to make his own Kyogre and flood the planet. Yeah, this was just DUMB.

anonymous asked:

1/ 2/ 3/ 6/ 12/ 14/ 15/ 19?

1) What is your Hogwarts house?

Slytherin! (Hiss hiss, baby!)


Originally posted by aesthetics-bitches

2) Who is your favorite professor at Hogwarts?

Remus John Lupin! When I first read the books as a kid, he just reminded me of all of my best teachers, not just in how he was super passionate and knowledgeable about his subject, but also in how respectful he was of his students despite being in a position of authority over them. Remus isn’t just my favorite Hogwarts professor: he’s also my favorite male character in the entire series, and I’ll always be a little disappointed that the films really didn’t do him justice. I didn’t dislike David Thewlis in the role exactly, but he would not have been my first choice either actor-wise or even just visually, and more importantly, the films just never gave Remus his dues as a character. Even Sirius and Snape, whose characterizations were also very slimmed down from how they were originally, at least could give a movie audience a real taste of who these people were in the novels, but I feel like the films robbed Remus of almost everything that gave him depth. The script depicts Remus having a connection with Lily and neglects even giving a passing word to James, who was Remus’s REAL best friend of the two Potters – we barely focus on how much Remus’s lycanthropy has ruined his life – we never see how Remus, despite being so brave and loyal, never stood up to his friends out of fear of abandonment – his relationship with Tonks and the birth of Teddy are cut completely – even Remus’s close bonds with Sirius and Harry respectively are barely given their fair share of screen time. Plus, if you’ll permit my personal tastes, I just imagined Remus being more of a Tom Hiddleston-type visually – slender, oddly fragile, and not traditionally handsome: young, but haunted, with brown hair, tawny eyes, and a clean-shaved face: almost boyish, and yet too coy to ever be considered innocent.


Originally posted by hiddlescheekbones

3) Would you have an owl, cat, or toad?

Cat, definitely! I’ve had cats most of my life, so I’m very comfortable around them.


Originally posted by ofallingstar

6) Avada Kedavra, Crucio, or Imperio?

Euuuugh…I’d really not want to use any of them! I mean, I guess if I had to choose, I could just go with Imperio and then just have the person do something harmless like shrug their shoulders, but still, that’d be such an invasion of trust! I’d feel nauseous if anyone tried using the Imperius Curse on me for whatever reason, so it’d feel disgusting doing it to someone else! Ugh!!


Originally posted by accio-lucax-blog

12) Thoughts on Severus Snape?

Snape in my opinion is the ultimate “gray” character. Yes, he did put his life on the line time after time for the sake of his deceased best (and likely only true) friend’s cause, all while chasing no glory or praise for himself, and it was partially thanks to his efforts that Voldemort eventually met his end. But despite this, and despite all of the objectively bad things that happened to him as a child, Snape didn’t grow past the worst of his flaws and instead grew into a bitter, cruel, mean-spirited bully who perpetuated the abuses done to him rather than ending the cycle, let alone rising above it. Snape treated his best friend’s son like dirt solely because Harry was also James Potter’s son and physically resembled him – any decent human being would not have held the crimes committed by a dead man against an innocent child, and yet Snape did so…and Snape had even less reason to bully Neville Longbottom than he had to bully Harry. Even if Snape went through a lot of hardship in his life, he could’ve worked to be a good person regardless – just look at Remus Lupin, who – despite being turned into a werewolf as a very young child, being ostracized by the entire Wizarding World for it his entire life, struggling through poverty nearly all of his life, losing all of his friends in the First Wizarding War, and having to grapple with that grief all by himself due to him being convinced that he shouldn’t burden other people with his problems – still managed to be a kind and noble person and a mentor figure for his deceased best friend’s son when he needed it most. But yeah, Snape not overcoming those shortcomings does still make him a very interesting character. I would loathe the man as a person, were he real, but he is still very interesting to analyze as a character, all the same. After all, not everyone is good enough to break the cycles they’ve been roped into. Not everyone is strong enough to grow and improve themselves, rather than wallow in their own self-pity. It’s not admirable in the least bit, but it is sadly realistic, and I doubt the revelation of Snape’s true loyalties would’ve been such a surprise to everyone – including Voldemort – were his personality less detestable.


Originally posted by starrymorgue

14) Best subject at Hogwarts?

My first instinct is Defense Against the Dark Arts, but that class only ever had a good teacher about 3/7 of the time. History of Magic would probably be really interesting too, but only if it weren’t being taught by Professor Binns. So, with those two aside, I’ll go for Charms! It seems like a fun subject, and I think I’d like learning from Professor Flitwick!


Originally posted by alessiajontrunfio

15) Worst subject at Hogwarts?

I’ve never seen the point in Astronomy as a class. If Divination is an elective and is considered “whoolly” in this universe, then why is Astronomy a required class from year 1-5? From what I’ve been able to gather, it can be helpful to know the placement of the planets or the moon’s phases when brewing certain potions, but it just seems like constantly writing out star charts would be really monotonous and dull.


Originally posted by danforth

19) Favorite Weasley?

Ron, hands down! I would love having a best friend like him.


Originally posted by amaranthinedraco

HP Ask!

UGANDA: Youth need to stop asking “how do I get to Canada”

Make yourself worthy of Canada. Work hard at school. Read as if your life depends on reading.  Because it does.

I did not choose Canada. Canada chose me.  They saw potential in a young girl. In fact, the first school I attended for my 2yrs of high school UWC Lester B. Pearson College used to have a motto.

UWC Lester B. Pearson College is for students from every corner of the globe who show potential to be effective positive change makers for their communities.

Canada gave me one of the best education in the world. Canada gave me one of the best jobs in the world. CANADA SAW POTENTIAL. Then incubated me.

I just got a private question. “But do you even have papers in Canada? Mu gaseveni will get you deported.”

REPLY: He should have thought about that before he took away my Ugand a citizenship.   PO

Moncton, Canada
Bududa, Uganda

Why do some changes in fiction work and others don’t?

-Note= This was a pretty late update but it is likely to be the case now thanks to work. I’m still planning on the same sort of releases on a weekly basis, but for practical reasons it will likely be released later in the day.

First of all, this covers games, movies, television and everything else.

  I started thinking about this when Doctor Who tried to abandon the Sonic Screwdriver in favour of the Sonic Sunglasses or whatever. The Screwdriver wasn’t in the story since the first episodes, so why is removing it so offensive? Besides y’know, Sonic Sunglasses being super dumb.

  It’s pretty simple actually. We got attached to the Screwdriver and don’t want to see it go, but we probably wouldn’t have thought twice if they had tried to add something, and that’s the key point. Taking something out of a story is taking away something that people love: there’s something so very cool about the Doctor whipping out the harmless tool in the face of an aggressor, and taking that away in favour of something a whole lot less fun (whichin the eyes of a fandom is literally anything) is a loss.

  But if they added… damn, I’m struggling to think of something that doesn’t cross into something that already exists. Let’s go simple and kinda cheesy: rocket boots. Give the doctor a pair of rocket boots that don’t replace anything else and we would be cool with it.

Let’s try another example.

  Give Spider-Man a new power like organic webbing, or a full-body sticking power or wrist-spikes and people will generally accept it without much of a fuss, even if it is dumb. But take away his ability to stick to walls then there will be blood!

  Of course, he does lose his Peter-Tingle for a while, and there have been stories where his powers vanish too, but it’s usually done pretty well. He sacrifices his sixth sense in order to protect people and we assume the story will bring them back. But if they tried to replace it with, say, Spider Sunglasses, ignoring the original power for something that is kinda goofy, then you are basically urinating all over what people love.

It’s the same with video games. Kingdom Hearts 2 introduced Reaction Commands which were (obviously, or else I wouldn’t have said “introduced”) new and added to the game. Then it was a disappointment when they didn’t appear again in future instalments.

  I don’t know how much of an uproar there was at the time, I was late to the Kingdom Hearts party, but it was a case of removing something and being a disappointment.

  To continue the video game theme, there were a number of reasons why Bioshock Infinite was unpopular with fans of the series: it wasn’t what was promised, it wasn’t underwater and most relevant is that it took a lot away from the game. The original had various upgrade options and extra abilities to purchase and such, but being such a big change to the series the creators apparently decided to remove much of this and the gameplay was far more streamlined and simple.

So in short, changes to a story are essential and often good; the Sonic Screwdriver is huge in the Doctor Who fandom and the series wouldn’t be the same without it. But a change shouldn’t remove something beloved, for pretty obvious reasons.

Pokemon: Evil Team arcs (Anime), Divided by Tiers.

The Godly S Tier belongs to Team Rocket’s Kanto arc in the Original Series, and Team Rocket’s Unova arc in Best Wishes!. The former was centered entirely around Mewtwo - it’s creation, it’s weaponization for Team Rocket’s uses, it going rogue and attempting to conquer the world for itself and it’s clone army, and Giovanni’s endeavors to re-capture it to make it the head of his Pokemon army - and it was very well plotted and well executed by the then head writer Takeshi Shudo, even if it included some bullshit like magic healing Pokemon tears and forced memory wipes, and the proper conclusion had to be delivered later on in the Johto region. The latter was centered on Giovanni sending some of his most prized agents, the newly promoted TRio included, over to the Unova region in a conspiracy to harness the powers of nature in order to take over the region and make it their base for world domination, which ended up being an intricate, multi-phased, almost flawlessly handled storyline.

The Exceptionally Good/Great A Tier belongs to Kalos’ Lysandre Labs/Team Flare arc in XY&Z. This was THE best arc for a non-Rocket evil team in the anime, with Lysandre and his deadly scientifically gifted henchmen being intriguing and formidable villains, and the arcs for Alain, Mairin, Clemont, Bonnie and the Zygardes being tied heavily to it, as well as it being a centerpiece of the series’ Myth Arc itself, which ensured that all major players in the series came together by the time of it’s grand finale, a riveting, epic apocalypse event that came directly off the heels of the Kalos League and lasted for five episodes straight. And even afterwards, there was actual fallout, including Xerosic trying to recapture the Zygardes and making one final stand against the heroes. It’s biggest drawbacks would be it’s midsection sort of dragging things out with Z-2 getting tortured in experiments and Alain temporarily forgetting what he was even fighting for due to being enamored with Ash and his Ash-Greninja, and the climax having some distracting similarities to Team Plasma’s plot from Black and White, even Lysandre almost directly quoting Ghetsis before getting taken down.

The Good But Falls Short Of Being Fully Solid B Tier belongs to Unova’s Team Plasma arc in Best Wishes! It’s not the Plasma arc we were meant to get in this series, but in many ways, Team Plasma, N, and the culmination of Unova’s Myth Arc getting a post-League story arc to itself was an even better alternative, especially since it could incorporate elements of Black 2 & White 2 that could actually serve to improve Team Plasma’s anime depiction, particularly Colress as it’s most prominent leader. As a result, we got an arc that provided not only a well played personal growth arc for N and a well thought-out plot for a well handled Team Plasma, but it felt more epic and was more tightly serialized than any arc in the anime had been to date. What keeps it from being fully solid is that it was only 14 episodes long even when it’s contents could have carried an arc twice as long, at least two or three of those episodes weren’t even that good (especially the totally superfluous Aspertia City Gym episode), Anime!Ghetsis was super generic and flat as a villainous character, much of what went on was blatantly recycled from past scripts (you could fucking call this “Pikachu Re-Volts: the Arc!”), and what much of it was building up to, the Genesect movie…wasn’t…all that good.

The Moderately Good Or OK/Average C Tier belongs to Team Skull and Team Rocket’s Alola arcs in Sun & Moon. Team Skull didn’t really have an arc until Plumeria and Guzma got introduced, with Guzma becoming the main antagonist of the Alola League. Beforehand, since here they’re not backed by the Aether Foundation and have jack shit to do with the Guardian Deity/Z Power/Ultra Beast mythos, they’re just recurring comedic antagonists who, in the second and third year of the series, weren’t handled nearly as well as they ought to have been. Team Rocket has a whole separate arc from them that only intersected thrice, and it also has factors holding it back, mainly that it’s really not much of a villain arc. Our usual TR gang are the protagonists of their own subplot and it gradually sees them shifting roles from bad guys to good guys due to them growing accustomed to their Alolan lifestyle and living with a loving, nurturing and protective Mama Bewear. The more truly antagonistic Rockets, the Matori Matrix unit, are sparsely used and for a supposedly elite force, they aren’t anywhere near as competent or credible as the likes of Domino or Dr. Zager were. And as cool as Giovanni always is, he’s just not quite as menacing here as he was in OS or BW.

The Below Average Or Poor D Tier belongs to Sinnoh’s Team Galactic arc in Diamond and Pearl. When at it’s best (which was only in places in the “Charge of Team Galactic” two-parter, “Gateway to Ruins”, and the midsection of the three episode climax), it’s below average. For the rest of it, it’s poor. Like, really poor. I know many in the Pokeani fandom held this arc up as being solid and the villains as being well handled, but I REALLY beg to differ there - there were so many needless complications like the freaking Spear Key, the Veilstone Meteorites, Team Galactic needing the two orbs, their early work with Team Rocket that went nowhere, the fact that they had to search for a location that is meant to be at the very top of Mt. Coronet, Hunter J being hired to attack Lake Valor, the utter pointlessness of Charon, etc. Team Galactic’s depiction was such a stark contrast to how they are everywhere else that it just felt like Atsuhiro Tomioka totally misread the characters and their purpose. And how it all ended was so anticlimactic, so underwhelming, and so asinine in how it went so hard for Edge™ only to then deliver total schmaltz that it almost made me think worse of it than of the Aqua and Magma arc and it’s finale! In terms of writing and execution, it just wasn’t good.

The just plain BAD E Tier belongs to Hoenn’s Team Aqua and Team Magma arc in Advanced Generation. Yeah, this one is still technically a lot worse than the Galactic arc, ‘cause at least that one started a story that it stuck to and wrapped up with a climax/finale with more effort put into it, particularly in the animation. This one just had Team Magma and/or Team Aqua appearing beat-by-beat at places they appeared at in the Ruby and Sapphire games, with no heart or passion to be detected in how their obligated roles were carried out, and them acting like pretentious, “mysterious” yet totally inefficient imbeciles - both teams had the exact same plan and end goal as each other, yet they kept it under wraps to each other just to keep the audience enticed in the “mystery” - and then suddenly they began appearing less until suddenly, out of nowhere, BEFORE the Mosdeep Gym rather than after it, the two-part arc climax hits and it’s a horribly animated, horribly written, just plain horrible to watch slog that is the only time Archie and Maxie are featured, makes ludicrous choices like bringing Johto’s Champion Lance (who we’d never seen before in AG and hadn’t seen in the anime since the Lake of Rage two-parter in Johto) into the conflict rather than Hoenn’s Champion Steven (who was doomed to be a one-shot until years later where he became a key player in Team Flare’s arc in Kalos instead) and having Groudon’s orb possess Pikachu for some reason, the Red and Blue Orbs working on the opposite Legendary, the great, big, potentially world-ending battle between the Legendaries being merely a “scuffle” that’s barely even animated and uses lots of still frames, and plot points built up earlier like the Cave of Origins receiving no payoff whatsoever. Heck, the two teams are just left on a tiny island at the end and that’s it for them. Lance is gone as abruptly as he’d come by the next episode. A Magma agent from one episode prior to this finale actually outlasts the rest of the teams when he’s the villain of a later episode! There’s just no other way to describe this but miserable, miserable failure.

And the bottom-of-the-barrel abysmal F Tier belongs to Team Rocket’s Johto arc. Which only gets this spot because THERE WAS NONE. Yeah, even the two above-mentioned terrible story arcs were at least story arcs. With this, pieces for an arc were in place but the story just straight up failed to materialize. The GS Ball, Celebi, the Iron Mask Marauder, Professor Sebastian and his crew of silver Rockets, Silver himself, Butch and Cassidy’s new internship, TRio’s demotion and the whole Delibird affair, TRio’s career questioning, what “Project R” was all about, Giovanni having any role at all…none of it was coherently linked or adding up to anything, all of it was just a whopping waste of potential, which will always be a travesty.