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Oh the joy of bryggvakt när årets underhållsprojekt är att måla bygget.

Longitude and latitude Port and starboard Fore and aft Ukc And Air draught Ahead and Astern N, S, E, W What a life..

Oh Vetiver, let me count the ways! This week's essential oil spotlight is of course on Vetiver. If you aren't familiar with it, take a look at it here:

Vandaag mogen we ons Interdisciplinair Project ‘School voor de spiegel’ - rOK UA samen met voorstellen op EAPRIL congres Utrecht.

Now on stage: with a guest-lecture for the learning at the workplace course in our master program

Join this Singapore session on Wednesday, March 27, with @ashishrayon to hear Oracle Database enterprise customers share how they use Oracle as part of their digital transformation strategy:

Join this Singapore session on Wednesday, March 27, with and keep yourself up to date with current and future capabilities, including disruptive in-memory, public cloud, and Oracle technologies:

MyPOV - All things come back.The and events combined are basically ... What used to be. Before it was folded into . needs an / Apps only event. Now it's time to call it whatit is. (Modern Apps...) Cc

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. reminds us of the new UX launched at 2018. MyPOV - Was well overdue. Good to see in place now. With some interesting instrumentation innovation.


Join our session on Wednesday, March 27, with and learn how you can protect your investment while providing a choice of paths to the whenever you are ready:

Join our session on Wednesday, March 27, and hear leading industry analyst and Tech Target author Marc Staimer share the tangible business advantages of shifting from conventional legacy IT environments to Oracle :

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Oow;; Yes! Just released my first wolfie of the year!!! Aside from jumpers I ADORE these parental babs 💙

I think it was a she since I didn’t see any large ‘boxing mits’ and she was so scared!! I fucking love their puppy dog eyes and I hope she gets big and strong outside!!!


Out of this world!! (With @gamedev_barbie)
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Dark Skies and Sapphire Seas

Ryan was making his way to Lilycove City in a hurry. “Poachers. The day they no longer exist would be to ideal.” Ryan thinks as he makes his way to the Pokemon Center. He had been told he could meet up with Officer Jenny there to get a complete debrief on the situation that was playing out on Route 124.

“Ah! You must be the person I was told that could take care of our Poachers.” Jenny would say upon seeing Ryan enter. “The person is out on Route 124 and is rounding up Spheal and Wailmer. I hate to think what they are going to do those poor pokemon once he is done.” Jenny laments on the situation. “Leave this to me, Jenny. With any luck, I’ll have this poacher in his own net and at your feet in no time.” Ryan would say enthusiastically. He had no sympathy for those who hurt pokemon.

Ryan makes his way down onto the sandbars east of Lilycove City, to the water’s edge of Route 124. He calls out Rin-Jin, his Jellicent and Orth, his Kingdra. “Time to hunt a Poacher, let’s move.” He orders to his pokemon as he dived into the water. The trio would move out, Orth scouting ahead to find their target while Ryan and Rin-Jin followed.

“Found him. Follow me.” Orth says and leads his trainer and fellow pokemon to an advantageous spot. They could see the poacher working and his catch so far struggling in a net pen not too far nearby. “You two, Wring Out and Bubblebeam Combo, do not let him escape. I am going to go free those pokemon.” Ryan relays to his pokemon. A simple nod and the trio scatters.

The Poacher was about to grab another Spheal he cornered when he got wrapped up in the wavy tentacles of Rin Jin and then barraged by Orth, disorientating the man. Ryan swam over to the pen and pulled out his knife. “Stay back!” he says to the pokemon trying to crowd towards him. Ryan slices through the pen with the greatest of ease and the wild pokemon pour on out.

Rin JIn and Orth had brought the poacher to the surface near his ship. Ryan surfaces and climbs aboard. “On the deck, Rin Jin.” he commands his Jellicent. Rin Jin dumps the poacher onto the boat. The man has barely a moment to recover before Ryan is on him. “Alright, Scum! Who is your seller? Who are you working with?” Ryan presses.

The man would remain silent, but only because he was staring strangely at Ryan. Ryan is about to bark his question again when the man speaks. “Ryan? Is that you? By the seas! Haven’t seen you since you were a small fry!” he says in a very interesting accent. Ryan stops and stares at the man with a puzzled look. How did he know him? It was then that he noticed the tattoo on the man’s right bicep.

“Seawolf? But….that means…that means….” Ryan would stutter. This meant only one thing: The Sapphire Fleet was in the region. He hadn’t seen the Fleet and their Captain, Aogiri since, well, since right before that day. Ryan shakes his head. “Take me to Aogiri, now! I think he will be rather disappointed to find out that one of his crew was poaching!” Ryan ordered.

Seawolf would nod vigorously.”O…O…Of course! Right away!” Seawolf would mutter as he ran towards the front of the boat. As Ryan recalled his pokemon, Seawolf would smirk with ill intent. “Oh,i’ll take you to Aogiri. But you might not like the results.” he would mutter under his breath as the boat lurched off further east down route 124.

It wouldn’t be long until the Flagship of the Sapphire Fleet, The Glistening Gorebyss, would come into view. Ryan would let out an exasperated sigh. How many years had it been since he had last seen that ship? 16 years? And it looked no different now than then. Yet he could not shake the ominous feeling that was starting to creep over him. This was not what he was supposed to be doing, but if he could take care of this at the source, then maybe Lilycove would be left alone.

The boat pulls even with the ship and a ladder comes down. Seawolf goes up first, followed by Ryan. Once Ryan gets on deck, he feels several hostile eyes turn on him. That feeling was getting worse, but Ryan would press. “Aogiri! Where are you, you old salt! We need to talk, now!” Ryan would roar.

Seawolf would stay close until a figure came up on deck from below. It was an older man, but he still cut an imposing figure despite his age. He takes a moment to measure up Ryan, then chuckles as he recognizes the young man. “Ryan my boy, is that you? Haven’t seen you in a few turns! What brings you back onto my ship?” Aogiri says with a smile. It was like he was greeting an old friend.

Ryan sighs and then pushes Seawolf forward. “Since when did you allow the people beneath you get away with poaching? I thought such things were below the dignity of the Sapphire Fleet?!” Ryan says. He was not thrilled that Aogiri seemed rather nonplussed about all of this.

Aogiri would look to Seawolf and back to Ryan, then back to Seawolf. He would exchange a head nod and a wink with his crewman before turning back to Ryan as he walks over to him and throws an arm around him. “I am sorry, Ryan my boy, I had no idea.” the man starts out, somewhat easing Ryan’s anxiety. “I’ll make sure he isn’t so sloppy again.” The old man growls before elbowing Ryan in the gut, dropping the young man to his one knee. Ryan would look up with a confused look. What was happening?!

“Ryan, you were always such a naive boy. Poaching is not below us. Nor stealing or looting. We aren’t the upstanding trade people you think we are. We are pirates. Wicked to the core. Not that a little kid would of ever understood that, so it was easier to just lie to you.” Aogiri explains to Ryan as he walked around him.

Pirates? But then? “The why…did my parents…” Ryan would gasp out in his confusion. “Ah, them. They were good business partners, until they found out the truth and betrayed us. Would of been none the wiser if it hadn’t been for those greedy elders in your Village. And honestly, I would of let it go, if they hadn’t stolen from me. Can’t have it be known that some no name traders stole and got away from the Sapphire Fleet. Had our pride to uphold, ain’t that right boys?” Aogiri says, beckoning to his crew. A call of yeahs came back from the men.

“What are you saying, Aogiri?” Ryan gets out. His parents had died in a storm all those years ago, right? Right!?

Aogiri leans down to look Ryan in the eyes. “They almost escaped, if it makes you feel any better, boy. But I couldn’t let them get away with that precious treasure. So I sank them in that forsaken storm they tried to use to escape in. A fitting end for a pair of thieving rats.” Aogiri explained with a wicked grin.

As this information swirled and sunk into Ryan’s mind, he snapped. In a blind rage he would use his pokemon to attack Aogiri and his crew, using his channeling skills to do damage as well. Aogiri and his crew would manage to escape Ryan’s wrath on an escape boat, watching as The Glistening Gorebyss would slowly sink to the depths, leaving Ryan a massive emotional mess. He would slowly recall his pokemon before returning to Lilycove City.

He would avoid the Pokemon Center, having failed to deliver on the promise he made to Officer Jenny and in no state to talk to her about what happened. He would return to the base of the team he was apart of and just curl up in his room, his pokemon his only comfort and companionship for days.

carlitagt  asked:

I just have to saw that I went through your whole blog because your art is so adorable, I truly love your style. Also, I'm so sorry for spamming you with the notifs and likes 😮😅

Thanks! And it’s okay lol. Sorry btw for no art lately, on a bit of a break rn

Character Sheet

Ryan Caughtem LV.35


HP ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛

MP ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛

ATK ⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜

DEF ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜

LCK ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬜

SPD ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜

STA ⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜

Well then. This is almost exactly spot on. If Sta had been 3 marks higher.


@tonykim17 requested The Rolling Stones, so here’s “Paint It Black”. #OnlyOnWeekends #OOW #TheRollingStones #PaintItBlack #Acoustic #Cover

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Do you have sketches of Wander?

Yeah haha I post pretty much all of them if I think they look okay. Mostly the traditional ones-


When #YourKid #HomeAlone and #TriesToCook they think that they are #CookingLikeAChef #CookingLikeABoss until… #Oow #OooWeee #HotLikeFire 🔥 when #CookingForBeginners goes wrong … #Cooking #Hot #911 #LMAO when cooking #Fries #Chicken #PorkChops #FriedMeat #CookingGrease #ChickenAndFries 🍟🍗🥩

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Why I love being a gen z kid

  1. Most of us are very accepting like we can talk to each other about anything from feeling suicidal to talking about aliens
  2. Most of us are not racist
  3. Most of us are not homophobic
  4. Most of us are not Islam-phobic
  5. Most of us believe that everone deserves equal rights
  6. We are starting to fight back against the government
  7. We won’t stand for anyone getting discrimnated against
  8. We all have that since of humor that only we can understand for example I post a picture of a trash can I can guarantee there will be people saying ‘oh you never told me you had a picture of me’ or 'me’,'big mood’
  9. When we are older we will probably some of the most accepting people ever
  10. We spill our hearts out to people on the internet