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Only 14 days left until we announce the Winners of the 8th Round Flash Fashion Round of the Looklike competition! Which looks will win this round and take the title of SA's most fashionable trendsetter?⠀⠀

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It’s the final day of this ish… @ #protocol weeks in S-curve world 


Xperienced… @ Read those fudging descriptions 

“Beep Beep, Richie.” 🎈👓🔪

By the way. You can find my writing and indeed, my outfits, over on Instagram under @thecryptwriter and @crypt.jpg respectively. Give them a follow if you like, angels.


Once again… Fcuk S-curve #workouts on this day…  


It’s a #weekday. Most of you won’t be having ‘fun’ on a #Tuesday @ workouts. Unless…  


☀️Simplemente Sexy ☀️

-Urban Outfitters Floral Tube Top

-Levi’s Wedgie Fit Jeans

-Brandy Melville Hair Barrette


Air… Air… Breeeeeathe…