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Trying to 0px; " tag="ulate with all the time difference like

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Thanks for showing up, being exclusive, not getting nearly as much airtime as you deserved, but...

y'all dont understand my folks had this exact image as a magnet on our fridge since I was like 5 🤣

// It is very very rare my writer eats chocolate but these I just can't resist hehe

"..Wait a minute, there was no Kane in Citizen Kane..."

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People say Mtt is egocentric because they are afraid of those with high self-esteem

Here’s an unpopular opinion

No one in the losers’ club actually calls themselves or their friends losers because at the time it was a degrading name

If I had to turn the light on to see the delivery man was in my driveway, the dude across the road should not be mowing anymore. Finish it tomorrow, dude.

when ur life’s work gets corrupted and u have to use the baby jaeger to try and help save the world but it, quite literally, belongs in a junkyard and ur 73% sure its going to fail at any given moment but what other options do you have

//Hi everyone! It’s me, Natsu, the owner of this blog.

I have some slightly sad news and that is… I sprained my wrist. So I have to take a break from drawing for a small period of time. Don’t worry though, I’ll get back to answering your asks soon.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent in an ask so far. It’s been a lot of fun responding and I’m glad to see you all enjoy it!

I hope you enjoy more of my responses in the near future. I’m hoping 2 days from now that I’ll be better but who knows?

<3 Mod Natsu <3