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Hey just to let everyone know, my new tag for dirty stuff is gonna be demonetized, so blacklist that if you don’t wanna see porn and stuff. 

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Beep beep, I love and adore BStar? I want you to know that I think she's just so darn cute and I'm so excited to interact with her more.

beep beep how’s my portrayal ?  ||  Always Accepting

Aaaaa nonnie, thank you so much!  I definitely wanna interact with you to (who are ‘ya though???? LOL!)  Perhaps we could plot in Tumblr IM’s to get ideas???  

((I keep getting the itch to startup some new roleplay with this lot but I keep holding back cause of limited time.

But I think… maybe I could get into things with a bit more plotting. This winging it thing just doesn’t feel my speed for these girls. Instead I revived Dai for that.

Probably have to find ways to scurry them into other peoples plots. All my recent plotting for these characters has gone into their stories, I almost think I don’t wanna play them in their own world anymore cause of that.))

Oh my god. I’m having one of those days with stuff I bought at the local Dollarama. 
First the pringles I bought, didn’t check ‘em. Turned out they’d been opened in the store, someone had been snacking on them while shopping and closed the lid to make them look unopened and I didn’t notice until I got home. 
Second, I bought some Christmas Cards that said assorted English on the box. All the fronts of the cards are English but inside every single one is god damn French.

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Describe what Marsellus Wallace looks like!

Marsellus Wallace is a major antagonist in the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction.

He is the Kingpin of Los Angeles, the husband of Mia Wallace and the boss of Vincent and Jules.

He was portrayed by Ving Rhames, who had also portrayed Nathan “Diamond Dog” Jones in Con Air.

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I have a great issue with your artistic skills, that being I'm now equally attracted to Susie and Ralsei. I do not know how to work with this and I put the blame on you for making them both so gosh-darned smooch-able. (Good art yo!)

((* Would you smooch a lizard and a goat?

A. Heck yeah

B. Heck yeah

C. Heck yeah

D. Heck yeah