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Schedule is up at , and continue. I've also got two streams scheduled at 2pm PT on Wednesday and Friday, but I'm not sure what games to play. If you've got a preference, let me know :)

Spending some of Hikari's birthday with the two best couples in Kasjory and Talikari :)

whatttt??? sailor pluto has been von all along?!

I need 3 more friends for my field research HMU

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        sweats that oc tho

my goal before bed is to finish this one draft…. the one i’ve been working on for days. also me,  my mom, and my grandfather apparently just spent the last 15 minutes making dog howling noises in the front room.

@blue-and-blonde replied to your post “@blue-and-blonde Reginald McReggie is my senpai, guys. Been following…”

….Wait… Before you made your Cooler blog?? I thought he always existed! =O

No, he’s kinda new-ish actually. He’s like seven months old I think? Made him sometime in March. That’s around the time I was getting back into dragon ball after my hype for Destiny 2 was crushed by constantly having to defend my love of it(but that’s a story for another day).

I actually didn’t even intend on using him. I thought up this re-write for the Cooler movie that doesn’t make him a carbon copy of Frieza but boring and I had an idea for a stupid url because I was like 100% positive that no one would want to rp with him.

So long story short I made him just over six months ago just to have a blog where I call my own creation a bastard.

Oh how the turn tables