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franch toast brunch… 法式吐司早午餐… . . .

Zu diesem wundervollen Dienstag senden wir euch viel positive Energie. Startet den Tag doch mal mit einem Lächeln! 🥰

: I'll be working on a brief bio for tomorrow. Details will include his current location, involvement in , his skill set, personality, etc. (Time permitting of course) And we'll work on further SLs from there.

just decided I'm not going outside for anything tomorrow/today.

Neighbors fighting and the one I was talking to is acting the craziest. THATS cancelled

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:... That image made me bust out laughing hard enough to wake up my cat, breh. LOL

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…Are you serious. I sent 10 asks and only 1 went through?!

So… I want everyone to know: while this weird notification/ask apocalypse is happening, feel free to send me IMs to ask me if I got and/or saw stuff. I’m trying to be as proactive as I can… checking my tag, checking up on blogs, checking up on permalinks of threads to see the notes at the bottom and make sure of who replied last… But yeah. A bitch be tired of tumblr’s shit.

I swear I’ll get stuff done ! Has a off day and I was making a sideblog. I have work soon sadly, but things will come I promise !!!

A fan of bioshock? a fan of big scary creatures who are actually misunderstood loyal companions? do you like personifications?

Well if you do ! Go follow my new BLOG ! He is the personification of the Songbird from Bioshock Infinite !!

So I saw this mother speaking to her four years old-ish child, “Look at those swords, and the skull!”, “Look, a dead person!” in exciting voices. Why can’t my childhood be like this?

Y’all it’s 6am and it’s already 73 (23c) degrees. It’s going to be 97 (36c) with a heat index of 109 (43c) today. I’m gonna be so miserable. I just need to get through the next 3 hot, hot, hot days…

Character Sheet: Allie Sweetsong

Character Sheet: Allisel Sweetsong

Character Chart

Character’s Full Name:  Allisel Sweetsong

Reason or Meaning of Name: Harmony

Character’s Nickname/Alias: Allie

Reason for Nickname/Alias: Shortened version of first name/hates her full name

Birth Date: April 15th

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does anyone know something like psd you can use without owning photoshop that work for other like programs too? i’d love to do some snapchat icons for my muses so i can like have shorter threads but i cannot afford photoshop.

     And time to crash for the night. Got another closing shift tomorrow, but got Wednesday off. Probably going to throw out a starter call when I get home, but for now, I need the sleep. I am exhausted. Feel free to respond to any of my open starters or throw in a meme! Goodnight, friends~ ♥