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Just a couple pics in the cause I felt like it 🤔 💶

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this picture never fails to blow my mind. Three generations of looking almost completely the same. 😂

Deadlines! Our Golden Tag Team show is tonight and SSW 32 is on Wednesday evening.

let’s see how this goes. Really hope it’s not what happened the last time shit was like this for me

haha I irl live an hour away from the Brisbane entertainment centre the amount of concerts I've been to there is staggering

: Layout credit to Mad Hatter Layouts, from way back before they did their Big rebrand. When they were known only as FrozenLayouts, back then.

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((ok so here’s a general list of openings / adoptables in my characters’ lives bc?? gotta. hmu if you memes are interested in anything,,, and also tell me about similar things for your characters cuz I gotta know….

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😀 ; Do you enjoy your interactions and rp community? 

I very much do!  I was actually like SUPER nervous to start this blog originally.  It took me weeks of thinking about it before finally making the jump.  There’s so many Alastor blogs out there and I worried that no one would be interested in interacting with me and my portrayal would pale in comparison.

Overall, though, everyone has been really nice!  And I am so glad that I did because I really enjoy roleplaying and interacting with all of you ^^  It’s been a lot of fun so far and I’m looking forward to more!

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🎁 Do you prefer drawing fandom stuff or your own characters?

(Uhh I usually draw fandom stuff more cause people care more about those. I am trying to draw more oc stuff but it’s hard when no one really cares about what you share H)

Saturday is my birthday, i work from 8-3 and then grandparents are taking me out at 5. I apologize in advance if I am not active Saturday (not like I’ve been very active and I’m sorry)

Just a heads up, in case anyone wonders where i might be on the 30th

Contemplating adding either an AU Nana or an AU Kyururu muse, since season 2 is still going and she had yet to have her background revealed I suppose it would make more sense to try Nana, but i’m not quite sure yet.