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I am so happy to see that you all Beautifuls are liking my new try on haul video from @myntra EORS.

Thnx for liking the filming, editting and the outfits ♥️♥️
Your comments just give me so much happiness 💞💞

You can get to watch the video here -

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E - HOOKED: Top 3 Fashion Apps (Featuring: Brooklyn Bleu)

1. Etsy: Fresh, new, and innovative products with a touch of personalization. Etsy is extremely underrated and has been on the upcoming rise for a few years now. Their main offerings include crafts, handmade items, and vintage items. They also have jewelry, handbags, furniture, home decor, clothing etc. Their claim to fame being the custom items and unique merchandise Etsy brings to the table!

2. Amazon: Fastest shipping in the world!!!! Serving as one of the most popular commerce websites in the world, Amazon has sky rocketed up the charts. Amazon has become so widely popular domestic and international because of how fast, simple, and easy everything is. Any commerce platform that wants to make a serous profit should learn from Amazon’s example. While not possessing any retail physical store, Amazon has remained one of the most dominant leading competitors in the online business.

3. ShopStyle: An international fashion search engine? ShopStyle is a great source to google any brand or product you want across the globe. With over 10 million products from copious amounts of different brands, in a world for on the go shoppers this is the perfect online platform. ShopStyle offers specific filters to narrow down such a large search engine, making it easier for customers to navigate through the app. All customers like easy shopping, and with the touch of a fingertip ShopStyle allows fast moving consumers to shop on the go keeping up with the fast pace of life!

*Brooklyn Bleu*

This summer I was a Merchandising and Brand Ambassador Intern for a company called Brooklyn Bleu. Out of these 3 apps, the one most suited and appropriate for the company is amazon. This app is the best for my intern company because it offers the most variety of product, and has express speed shipping. Having a creatively intelligent mind also means last minute decision making. What website do you know that can order and ship out as fast as Amazon prime does…. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The flexibility in Amazons’ products is perfect for Brooklyn Bleu because as a vintage jewelry company, we need different supplies such as shipping materials, bags, boxes, pricing labels, and especially jewelry cleaning supply. Amazon offers not only clothing and beauty products, but rather a full assortment of every product you can ever imagine. The efficiency and speed of Amazon Prime has made the company be one of the most leading competitive groups in the industry.

Self Care

I believe self care is very important but oftentimes we neglect ourselves. We get caught up in the chaos that is our everyday lives, be it home, family, or work life. Sometimes I find myself skipping shampoo day, not moisturizering my skin, eating unhealthy, not working, and skipping my skincare routine. When this happens I don’t feel like myself and it shows.

Being a part of Avon has most definitely opened my eyes. Not only am I taking better care of myself, I’m provided with the opportunity to encourage and help others do the same. The beauty of Avon is that there is a wide variety of products that suit everyone’s specific needs. I also appreciate how they have options for any budget type as well.

The weekend is usually when I pamper myself as of late, I encourage you to do the same. It can be something simple like using a face mask and a good moisturizer before bed. You’d be surprised how impactful this can be! If anyone needs help or has any suggestions I’m all ears. I love exchanging tips and tricks!