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Nowadays, a candidate is likely to check out your website and social media channels before they apply for a job. If your online presence disappoints them, you could be missing out on talent.

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In today’s economic world your business needs to have a strong reputation online to be able to grow Customer Feedback Centre can help your small business to grow by managing your customer feedback and online reputation!

Responsive web design term is related to the concept of developing a website design in a manner that helps the lay out to get changed according to the user’s computer screen resolution.

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Digital Development Company USA

Creative Web Standards Offers Digital Marketing Services to Grab Online Presence Standards services for various privileged enterprises of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York.

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A bit of a rushed video because I’m about to drive up to #Auckland , but very happy to have finally made the #MoveToNewZealand !

Would have done it years ago but it never made sense because the currency and wages aren’t as good as elsewhere.

But the people, landscape, wildlife and lifestyle are awesome!

And now finally with an #OnlineBusiness I can live here without being limited by local economic circumstances.

Also #WorkingFromHome means I’m not stuck finding housing in expensive areas for work purposes - get to choose my home based on…..wait for it
………where I WANT to live!



To all #KadeosAmigos : everything in our (working) world is being automated, outsourced and digitised. I am encouraging everyone I know to make sure you have a plan for 2028, 38, 48….

Will your job still be there? Or will the internet and robots replace it?

Anyone can learn to run an online business. And every business needs an #OnlinePresence , and #OnlineMarketing .

If you would like training in this area, comment below and I’ll get you some info.

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Hahah #brainstorming #onlinepresence #socialmedia #remgfamous (at Tina Jan - Realtor - Real Estate Masters Group)

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Lemke’s Leverage: making dreams come true…ok that’s a bit much, but we are here to help you #Command your #OnlinePresence with #Marketing which includes #DigitalMarketing like #SocialMedia (at United States)

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Waiting to make your dreams come true! #marketing #digitalmarketing #onlinepresence #strategy #entrepreneur #startup #letsdothis (at The Lemke Lodge)

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