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How to save the world with elearning scenarios. Slideshare

The June issue of the JDL Business Newsletter is now available. June's Newsletter will discuss: "Protectionism versus Free Trade." Visit   to subscribe for FREE!

Do you work in healthcare? Our People Handling Online Course has been an effective tool to aid training Healthcare professionals in moving and handling people. For more information clink this link:

RT SimpleK12: Want to learn 10 hacks for using more effectively? Attend this event on 6/22 to learn more.

🤺 🤺 ANNOUNCING THE BEST ONLINE COLLEGES OF 2019! 🤺 🤺 Our updated ranking is out now. Did your school make the list? Check here!

We were so lucky to have the opportunity to work Monica and her fantastic group of newcomer students last year! This was our first school partnership and we're thrilled to begin expanding into Indiana schools this fall!

¡Feliz día del padre🎉! Happy Father's Day! Kids' Club wishes all the "padres" a wonderful day 🎊. Today we hope to show our appreciation for their hard work as fathers! ¡Gracias padres!🤙

Father's Day Kids' Club Spanish School

Our team is en route to Raleigh, NC for Conference & Expo! Will you be there? If so, swing by our table to learn what you're missing out on with your current LMS!

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Meet David, he’s a production manager, he needs to increase the profits inside his organisation.

At this moment he is unable to find opportunity, but don’t worry a solution is around the corner.

David has enrolled some of his people into a Quick Changeover Course based on the famous SMED methodology. His team will learn how to identify ways to reduce or remove it from the processes.

What’s amazing is they will do this online, no need to travel away from the workplace or stay in expensive hotels.

His team can consume the learning where and whenever they like, they can learn today and apply in their workplace tomorrow.

David will soon see a positive Spike in his production!

If you need help identifying waste and increasing your profits, enrol in our course at QuickChangeovers. com
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Pre-order your Quick Changeover course for a massive saving!

“Quick Changeovers”, based on SMED, Do you need to reduce changeover or set-up your processes.

Buy the course at a further discount with code “pre-order-20%”.
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English Language Primitivity


E-Learning is defined as study courses that are #specifically delivered via the internet to an individual or a group of people #somewhere other than the #classroom.Keeping pace with the growth of #technology, e-learning has #transformed within the last few years to cater to the needs of modern #employees. Newer #methodologies have been very successful in imparting #application-based knowledge.

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Camping tips! I made this 3D animation in my own time around client projects as part of @schoolofmotion ’s Cinema 4D course taught by @eyedesyn. SoM provided the sketched storyboards and sound track. I did the polished boards (with a few text label edits…), modelling, texturing lighting, and animation.

I’m loving C4D and being able to create things in 3D. It’s like a whole new world of creative possibilities has opened up :D I still have tons more to learn but that’s part of the fun.

#fridaysketch #cinema4d #3danimation #3D #onlinelearning #schoolofmotion #cinema4dbasecamp #animation #animator #motiongraphics
#motiondesign #mograph #c4d #campingtips #freelance #design
(at Mair Perkins Ltd. Animation and Illustration)

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#Repost @i.d.s.e.i
All high achievers without exception are #goalsetters
Do you know how to set goals for success in Network Marketing?

Certified Network Marketer course
Lesson 3: Goal Setting

#networkmarketing #mlm #onlinelearning #goals #personaldevelopment #success #workfromhome

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SEO101: Assignment#1

Create a #Tumblr ( account.

- The purpose of this account will be to complement your future freelancer account for SEO/SMM work

- After setting up the account, write a ~250 word post and submit to the intuitivehub tumblr posts. You may choose any topic of your choice related to SEO, your learning experience, your difficulties or any thing else that you may have learned. Some examples may be:

1. Understanding Internet Protocols for #SEO security certificate related issues.

2. Is Arbitrage allowed by Search Engines?

3. Pros and Cons of Online #Learning for adult professionals;

4. Why I chose to become an SEO #Consultant

5. Impact of effective social media searches.

Please, remember to stay professional, use proper meta hashtags to the best of your understandings. Be to the point, and be yourself. Bloggers don’t like formal writing.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the IntuitiveHub Page! Happy Learning!


Friday sketch: My personal project this week is an ongoing Cinema 4D animation. This summer I studied @schoolofmotion ’s Cinema 4D basecamp and I’m still plodding through the final project 😂 Client projects have been keeping me busy (which I’m grateful for) so I’m just hopping into Cinema 4D to keep practicing and learning whenever I have a spare moment on the desktop PC. I’ve modelled everything so now I’m animating and doing test renders for transitions between scenes. I’m using After Effects for composting the render image sequences here.

I’m thinking of trying a 3rd party renderer as the picnic table scene with glass materials took so long to render… 😳

#fridaysketch #cinema4d #3dmodelling #3D #onlinelearning #schoolofmotion #cinema4dbasecamp #animation #animator #motiongraphics

(at Derby)

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We’re incredibly proud to show you some photos of last night’s @cew_uk Achiever Awards, where our Director @lorrainedallmeier received the 2018 Digital Achiever of the Year award, sponsored by Google!
CEW is a global, not-for-profit organisation that started life over 60 years ago in the United States and launched in 1992 in the UK where it now has over 1,000 members. It brings beauty industry figures together and contributes to leading conversations on topics shaping the sector’s future. CEW also provides members with unparalleled access to industry influencers and thought leaders.
Its prestigious annual awards, which recognise professional achievement and innovation in the industry, are the very public face of CEW. The CEW Digital Achiever Award category, now its fifth year, rewards the accomplishments of those who have excelled in their field by creating consumer and business value through remarkable digital execution.
Lorraine and Formula Botanica are so proud to receive this recognition in the beauty industry and to fly the flag for naturals and organics. This award helps push our students and graduates further to the forefront of the conversation, as indie and green beauty gradually takes over the global beauty industry.
When asked about the honour of receiving this award, Lorraine says: “I hope my own story and that of Formula Botanica will inspire other women to seek out and grow their own careers in the beauty industry at every level, whether employed or as entrepreneurs,” says Lorraine. “Women dominate the beauty industry as consumers; it’s about time to see us leading the cosmetic sector’s agendas, conversations and businesses more than ever before.” 🌿 #formulabotanica #CEWAchieverAwards #cewachiever #onlinelearning (at Ballroom at Jumeirah Carlton Tower)

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