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Five Ways to Build Community in Online Classrooms - via

Spring 2019 Reminder: Today is the last day of FastTrack 1 courses (6-Week). FastTrack 2 begins on April 1.

Looking to evaluate your program effectiveness? Here's how you tell if your program is top notch. 👉

Happy Did you know through you can take online courses in how to start a pet sitting business or an introduction to becoming a veterinary assistant. Gale Courses are free for WPL members.

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“Quick Changeovers”, based on SMED, Do you need to reduce changeover or set-up your processes.

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Anak guru kepada
Semua guru
Bakal guru
Anda boleh jadi
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Sambil masak boleh jawab dan buat duit

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Discover Why Positive Psychology Can Transform How You Teach
Do you see the best in your students now? Or will you be so focused on classroom management there is only time to get the job done each week? Do you teach online and see a group of anonymous students you may never really get to know? Or do you take the time to learn what you can, through discussions

💬 Brand New from Dr. J: Do you see the best in your students now? Do you take the time to learn what you can, through discussions and feedback, to help students with their developmental needs?


English Language Primitivity

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Camping tips! I made this 3D animation in my own time around client projects as part of @schoolofmotion ’s Cinema 4D course taught by @eyedesyn. SoM provided the sketched storyboards and sound track. I did the polished boards (with a few text label edits…), modelling, texturing lighting, and animation.

I’m loving C4D and being able to create things in 3D. It’s like a whole new world of creative possibilities has opened up :D I still have tons more to learn but that’s part of the fun.

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(at Mair Perkins Ltd. Animation and Illustration)

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