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Direct Messages – Are They Worth Reading?

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Fuck fandoms

Ok Imma bout to tell y'all people something that keeps always happening to me. When I first became part of the mlp fandom I thought I could be somewhere happy and shit yah know. Ok but look when I created my username KUSHPRED4TOR I thought it would be OK and chill, cause I always been a fan of the movie PREDATOR. But people half to take it in a way they think I’m a Fucking Predator, Like Nigga what the FUCK every time I try to say something like, *hey how are you,* motherfuckers don’t wanna say hi back. They’ll always take my username in the wrong way and it makes me want to Kill some Nigga right now. I don’t usually say the N word like that no more but I’m mad as hell. Also WTF happened to “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Ok let me say this I’m a Black guy getting ready to be 19 next month. I’m just a young adult/kid come on yo, for real. I can’t even joke with anyone with out being called or treated like a Online Predator. At first I thought it was a race thing but no its my old username. LOOK if you see me as a regular online user like yourself then I thank you deeply, but if you see me as a Black African American online Predator THAN FUCK YOU NIGGA. thank you all for reading,following me and being nice and cool to me

Sincerely Daiquiri-211/KUSHPRED4TOR


Carrera armamentística en #gearsofwar4 #online

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