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forgets that & shows like help those communities who feel like they're being erased (via hate & deportation), feel visible. It also shows the rest of America that we're human & we are more alike than different!

Quote Weekend: On Tuesday’s Round 2, Catherine and Terri continued their watch while feeling sad that will be shutting off our supply. Listen at

Assistir One day at a time é basicamente aprender uma coisa diferente em cada episódio, aprendi mais vendo essa série do q em vários anos na vida, a série toda é uma lição de vida, como a teve coragem de cancelar?

I’m not Cuban, a veteran, a nurse, or a mother, but I relate to Penelope from so hard. I NEED this show to continue.

Anyone else wake up with the sound of a long beep everyday 😖 it’s so early...and kinda reminds me of a heart monitor

Daily reasons why needs to keep existing. Reason 8: Positive represantion of hispanic people and immigrants. Which in today's climate, we kinda REALLY need right now...! The Alvarez is just a lovely, goofy family. We'd love them as our neighbours!❤️🇨🇺

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Yesterday marked 9 mother fucking months.

Hey again gays!

So I decided to post my gay shits on IG too! I dont know if you guys like there. I personally prefer Tumblr BUT maybe you dont. Anygays, follow me there too xoxo

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Elena and Syd are sooooo adorable together, and we could totally imagine them having a sweet time making some matching (or matching-ish) jewelry together to celebrate their beautiful relationship. #onedayatatime #elenaandsyd #elenalvarez #isabellagomez #sydnificantother #sheridanpierce #nonbinary #queer #relationshipgoals #younglove #latina #lesbian #lgbtq #loveislove #matchingjewelry #customjewelry #diy #crafttogether #dateideas #bonding #romantic #love #shop #nyc #unionsquare #beadsofparadise (at Beads of Paradise NYC)

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Getting back in the gym at all has been almost impossible. Schedule was so packed (with good, wonderful things) that even food slipped off the radar from time to time.
Finding a rhythm to it all now. While still shaky and weak compared to where I was, can’t get stronger if I don’t start again. Thanks to @billdozer77 for coaching and handling my terrible form 🏋️‍♀️
#DONTLOCKYOURKNEES #CAITLYN #legday #slowlybutsurely #babylegs #progressnotperfection #but #maybe #perfection #later #whoknows #onedayatatime #トレーニング (at Los Angeles, California)

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