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Technologie Crystal Sound pour le smartphone LG G8 ##LGG8#ThinQ #

that will directly replace your / character module. Isn't it time to upgrade to the superior optical performance of OLED? All popular formats covered!

【新製品】 BS/CS 4Kチューナー内蔵😀 ハイセンスブランド初の有機ELテレビ「55E8100」登場‼️ ➡️ご予約はこちら

Our Red Pulse, Research Analyst, Emilie Wu, gives her insights about the OLED screen market. Check out the segment in here, her interview starts at 4:23.

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[D-2] 전기전자재료용 첨단소재 핵심기술과 분야별 기술동향 및 상용화 방안 세미나 [02/21 한국기술센터 국제회의실]

[D-2] 차세대 디바이스를 위한 고효율 전기전자 소재기술 세미나 (페놀/에폭시/나노탄소/스마트점접착/OLED발광재료/방열/실리콘) [02/21 한국기술센터 국제회의실]

Animation using image on a 128x32 display using an micro.

Read this to know about the patent for which Apple applied for indicating Apple might bring out foldable iPhone with OLED screen and a hinge.

2.08" 256x64 Smart OLED COB module. Built-in ARM M4 CPU, FLASH & OLED Controller/driver. I2C interface, super wide viewing angle of 180degrees plus a wide operating temp of -40~80degC make this module suitable for a host of industrial applications.

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Canon revela a câmara full frame EOS RP

Canon apresenta nova máquina fotográfica full frame.

NIGHT SKY TIME MACHINE | N-Seoul Tower lures with panoramic views over South Korea’s capital from high above; yet, upon entering, you first gaze at the skies from underneath – an OLED tunnel leads into the pinnacle’s womb and innumerable next-generation stars adorn the glassy firmament. To me it was like time travel to a nearby future of towering virtual realities. It’s ironic, considering that the actual sky is a time machine too, offering rides headed into the opposite direction – the past: light from faraway stars voyages for thousands or even millions of years before it reaches us, rendering the night sky a black window onto bygone eons and even the daytime sun a testament to what our very own star looked like 8 minutes and 20 seconds ago. I wonder, whether the copycat sky could spark more fascination in our modern day than the original, which is admittedly pretty emptied of stars in a light-polluted city of millions. If you ask me, peeking from the present into a fancy proximate future can’t outshine the distant past a simple everyday night has on display.


Reposted from @gigadgets - This TV is basically invisible.
Samsung QLED TV with ambient mode
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#Samsung showcased its new ultra-large television with a 219-inch diagonal at #CES2019. Dubbed “The Wall”, the TV uses the company’s Micro LED technology that offers very high brightness and deep inky blacks, essentially competing against #OLED TVs when it comes to picture quality. Separately, Samsung introduced its 75-inch Micro LED Ultra-HD TV aimed at general consumers.

As the name implies, televisions based on the Micro LED technology use tens of millions of individually-controlled tiny LEDs (25M in case of “The Window”) that do not require any backlighting, which is why they can offer a very high contrast ratio. Samsung hopes that its Micro LED technology will be free of issues that OLEDs are known for (including off-axis color shifting, ghosting, burn-in, etc.), but will retain all of their advantages (brightness, contrast, fast response time, wide viewing angles, etc). As an added bonus, Micro LED screens do not need any bezels and can be made incredibly thin. (at Las Vegas Convention Center)

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P2.5mm round video media LED screen#ledscreen#media#screen#videoledscreen#roundscreen#led#medialed#videoled#oled

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🌊 LG Massive Curve of Nature @ #CES2019

The display is made up of 260 55-inch curved LG #OLED TVs which were reflected by mirrors on each side to further create the illusion of infinity. LG made sure to cover the entire wall and ceiling structure in order to fill up the viewer’s field of view.

The TVs displayed different magnificent sceneries such as a massive waterfall, sunset, waves, tree, nebulas and more that will leave a person looking at them for hours. With these displays plus its incredible innovative technologies, LG for sure grabbed a lot of attention at the tech show. (at Las Vegas Convention Center)

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👉 Display OLED com a @franzininho e com a placa de desenvolvimento da Projetos maker. Pequena demonstração das possibilidades do Attiny85.
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From a sunset 🌅, space 🌌, warping through a wormhole, to the stars ✨, LG’s curved screen display at CES 2019, wow! The LG OLED curve of nature display consisted of 260 55” OLED 📺 TVs.
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