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Last year, for Wautober, I drew Ali got a milk from his uncle and this is like the continuation of it. Turns out,his uncle gave him an milk (by accident)

Buried in an old wrecking yard in Tucson, AZ, this 1972 Chevy truck hood is now home to our friends in Atlanta, GA as a coffee table.

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Liking isn’t helping - Crisis Relief Singapore (2013)


Apparently NASA trotted our their new space suit designs. I’ll take the word for how great they are. But I’m a little concerned about the astronauts themselves… they look so old! Are the holder overs from the Apollo Space Program? Or like Disneyland, are there not enough applicants so they resorted to hiring senior citizens? I mean, a few look old enough to need adult diapers even when they aren’t performing space walks!


I guess My expectations are influenced by Hollywood.

Thoughts on the Judy movie

- this was a MUCH better portrayal of judy in her older years than me and my shadows. they captured her sense of humor so well and renee zellweger played a better “older judy” than judy davis did, who seemed to be playing a 1990s disney channel villain instead of judy garland. zellweger felt complex and like a real person. davis felt like a cranky woman that had no personality outside of wanting to pop another pill. they got her sense of humor down so well

- judy made me laugh a lot in this

- that said, me and my shadows had a much better younger judy. [tammy blanchard as judy>>>>} this actress [while very talented and not her fault] looks nothing like judy in most shots, nor does she sound like her. this movie has the opposite problem as MAMS

- pool scene was somewhat weird but i appreciate the attempt of showing judy’s rebellious side when she was younger 

- the constant mickey rooney mentions,, please stop insisting judy was hugely into mickey rooney when there has been nothing to suggest that outside of the roles she played in their movies

- the final “over the rainbow” scene was fantastic and i cried. SO glad they didnt show her death and ended it on a high note, i hate the over dramatization and glorification of death in biopics

- they didn’t go the route i thought they would,, over dramatizing her final years and making it a stereotypical “tragic story” biopic where judy is just miserable for the entire film. i’m very pleased with that. it ended up being a cute watch. it was fun kinda!

- that said, the film lacked a clear plot or clear excitement. i often think it’s best to set a biopic in just one time period in someone’s life, but this was so lacking. i think it would have been better to explore some more…

- so,, i think it should have been maybe an artsy christopher nolan thing? just out of order bits of her life that still detail a clear story. instead of a few flashbacks only showing off the “oz” 1939 era, have them more scattered, showing off her entire life. this way, the movie doesn’t have to just tell her whole life within 2 hours but can still have more of a plot by showcasing more major events in her life 

- i wish it was more of a character study [or in this case.. person study?] the title would make more sense and it’s the only way to cram all that story into a movie. an artsy character study kind of thing [while still retaining the fun nature]

- the flashbacks should not have centered on only oz. it makes it seem like her problems stemmed from that one movie and doesn’t give you the scope of her career and what led up to where her life ended up

- did love the oz quote at the end tho 

- was kinda bummed we didn’t see real judy in a picture at the end like how most biopics show the real person in the credits

overall i appreciate the hard work of everyone who made the movie and all that went into it. i think there was a lot more that could’ve been done, but every actor and actress did a wonderful job and its nice to see judy content still being produced! i only hope judy would’ve been happy with it. what did you guys think?