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because everyone’s doing it, apparently i’m baymax

دائماً هناك محاولة اخيرة نشعر بعدها بالراحه قبل ان نتخلى تماماً 👌🏼

OU Responds After 'Derogatory' Video Posted By OU Student Circulates On Social Media

Services are tailored to each resident’s specific condition and approved as a part of a comprehensive plan of care with the resident’s oncologist.

Bridge West CannaBlog: Six Months after Oklahoma State Question 788: Challenges and Opportunities#Oklahoma

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Credit Overdue - based on fic: A BOLT OVERDUE by @bangyababy created for the @hdowlpost 2018 fest. I hope you guys like it. 

Too soon

This is all too soon

let me wrap myself in your fabric

moment fleeting, run away

standing still

You enclose me with your scent

time just a concept

no rules we have to abide

not in your head!

Singing to me in beautiful melody

you can’t hear me over all this noise

just - listen, child

I wanna stay

just let me stay!

you can’t see who is

touching, smelling, singing

open your eyes and look,

oh please just look

It’s all too soon

why now

later, somehow

just leave me be

I am safe!

You’re NOT safe

come on, be brave

this is no place for you

just open your eyes

Why can’t you see,

what’s right in front of me

Poured a can of coke in a glass the exact same size and shape of a can of coke and it fizzed so loudly it started making this whistle scream noise I could hear from across the room and it didn’t stop for 5 mins