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Office 365

For years I have used free services for almost everything, with Apathetic, I am trying out services. I got Office 365 setup for the domains I have and configured the mail, it was quite a bit more difficult to set up and DMARC than I had expected, however I learned quite a bit because of it. I didn’t get a nice cookie cutter deployment (thanks Microsoft). I had issues getting auditing turned on, it wouldn’t even let me powershell it to enable the auditing. The setup was “dehydrated” so I was able to resolve that issue with a weird workaround and then I couldn’t get DKIM setup. I had to use powershell to fix that. Then I have hostgator which has a weird set of naming conventions for DNS. Maybe I’ll invest in some DNS manager, probably not since everything works fine, just was some weird steps.  It is now up and verified DMARC and even used a free DMARC service from that says it will email the reports to me. Which should be quite simple as most of my domains with this whole thing are new except but it hasn’t been used in years, so not much in terms of that, I’m sure.  So this took way longer than I’m sure a normal setup would be. Also did all this while having to deal with the network I’m on dropping packets constantly. So difficult, but likely several times faster to do when things do go as they are suppose to go. Seems like this is my life, get an easy request like “knock over the first domino” but all the dominos are laying down and facing the wrong direction.

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