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Last Christmas

Reylo AU fic by Semperfidani, Chapters:4/4


Every year, the employees of Organa-Skywalker-Solo Ltd. participate in a cutthroat game of Whamageddon for the company office pool. Ben and Rey also play a secret game of longing, unbeknownst to each other, denying what they long for the most. Will this be the year they stop sabotaging their hearts?


This Christmas fic is based on the game of Whamageddon. Google it. :)

This is my contribution (possibly one of a few fics) to the TWD Plaidam Winter Love Fics collection.

I hope you enjoy. Comments are presents!

Chapter 1: I Gave You My Heart and You Threw It Away

Chapter 2: This Year, To Save Me From Tears

Chapter 3: I Love You. I Mean It.

Chapter 4: Something Special

Read the entire work here.

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Hey so I started reading a fic I found here I think it was friends with benefits, Phil worked on this place and Dan starts working there and they meet cause Phil went to get a coffee or something and saw Dan with the group of new people and I know Phil catches feelings for Dan but Dan wants to make sure it doesn't mean anything? I looked through the whole tag and couldn't find it :(

In The Darkness, With You (ao3) - Ablissa

Summary: Phil, 28, video editor. Phil doesn’t believe in love at first sight, and that is not about to change anytime soon. But what about lust? Just two short weeks ago, he’d say no, definitely not.

Not anymore. Not since he first locked eyes with Dan, the new intern at the company he works for. Not since he first thought, “I want him”.

Phil’s wish does come true, but there’s a catch. It doesn’t mean anything.

- Rose