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Very proud researcher moment today. Our paper based on my Honours research from 2016 has been published! With eternal thanks to and circumstances in the use of in 2008-2018

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OUT NOW: “Trends & circumstances in the use of drug detection dogs in , 2008-2018” & I provide the first systematic analysis of the use of since the 2006 NSW Ombudsman Review (1/2)

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Dr Belinda Crissman discussing the relationship between and , and identifying temporal points and system contact prior to incarceration as opportunities for early intervention

I'm at the point of my life were if I want to tell someone off, I start quoting Monty Python "I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

Why are &S selling that clearly has embossed in letters? الله 😡😡😡 Remove it from your shelves NOW Disgusting behaviour demonstrated by this company. &S

Apparently Twitter did not like me saying what I thought .. so they me. I the Tweet .. Now I am back again. Hopefully my Tshirt does not any people Follow & our

Lol... FB just warned me about this ad! Told me how to report it for me !!!

...must Ultimately Rule Against a GOOD LUCK with All That. No Is Going To Rule Against Another EVER & What Is The Board of Going To Do, Take Away The Judge's ?

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Replying to and

Privileged am invited contributor at this important event-Snap of me , addicted ,actively ,but glad to say, no more! Come along and hear my take on Addiction is an illness not a crime

RT CastlelandBarry "The Youth Offending Service works with aged between 8 and 17 years who are offending or at risk of and the... "

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Remember guys just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean that this chart is any less accurate.


#JohnCleese and #DickCavett discuss #offending people on #TheDickCavettShow in 1979.

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1 Stick of Honey: Saint Paul’s advice on offending people

You’ve heard the saying that one stick on honey attracts more bees than twenty sticks of vinegar right? Most people think it has to do with appeasing people, but it doesn’t. You’re actually doing a good service to the truth by making it easier for people to swallow and a DISSERVICE to the truth by making it harder to swallow. Insulting people in the name of truth makes it harder for those people to swallow the kind of truth you’re offering to them. That’s why Saint Paul asks us to work to not offend each other: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God. Avoid giving offense whether to Jews or Greeks or the church of God, just as I try to please everyone in every way, not seeking my own benefit but that of the many that they may be saved” (1 Corinthians 10:31-33).  

*Someone else posts something I don’t like*

Society: Ignore it, scroll past it. People can post what they want and being offended is your choice.

*I post something someone else doesn’t like*

Society: That was completely rude and uncalled for!!! How dare you!!! Apologize right now!!!

How to offend EVERY Religion or Faith:

Christians- Jesus was crucified and confirmed dead within hours, so he was kind of a pussy considering the others crucified with him had to have their legs broken to kill them huh?  Also he had that whole, missing years thing, he had a big Vegas trip to knock out, so much whoring and gambling…damn

Jews-  You know, your god must really hate you, he lets every body shit on you, the Assyrians, Babylonians, Hitler, the United Nations and the news media.  Good god, your god sucks!

Muslims- So your own book of religion, says your religious icon had sex with a 9 year old, robbed his way to wealth, then bought converts with the money he had just stolen.  Yup, great guy.

Buddhists-If you are a person now, you have already screwed this thing up lots of times and hamburgers and steaks are great!

Other religions- Your faith is so out there or redundant nobody even cares if you are offended, that’s how worthwhile you are to the world today.  Hamburgers and steaks are Still good.

Agnostics- You are so unsure of the world you live in, you can’t even commit to an idea.  Your belief system is essentially built on the idea of “I don’t know and I’m scared to even make up my mind”.

Atheists- If god doesn’t exist, why are you so scared of him/her/it?  If god doesn’t exist isn’t god basically like Peter Pan or Mickie Mouse?  Are you scared of people reading, talking to or about Peter Pan in school?  If god doesn’t exist, why the fuck does it matter if god is even mentioned?  Stop being scared of a god you don’t even think exists, or I’ll get the boogie man on you…grrrr

If I failed to offend anyone…you really weren’t even worth offending.. so…so fail to be offended elsewhere, because I am sure nobody cares.

Mostly I personally am agnostic, so I admit, me and my kind are basically too chicken shit to admit a god exists, but are also too chicken shit to admit a god doesn’t exist.  So we sit on the fence like the asshole who won’t take sides in an argument until the last possible second.  


Thank you for existing!!!!

ok literally tumblr is like “dont judge people bc its bad and demeaning” but literally u guys are the quickest to judge and it makes me like terrified to post or say anything bc i might offend someone by talking about what kind of dish soap i use