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Nick Tsagaris-Naked Group Swim in Pristine Jervis Bay Helps Photographer Highlight Climate Change Check the news here

Wait, did Halak just play Holi with the Chicago river? Head over to the blog to read the latest post on a very unique celebration!

Fun with all the girls at last weekends wedding, its all about capturing the fun and laughter as well as creating it! Want something different? Get in touch

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I think I’m too anxious to play an offbeat rhythm there’s too much tension


Dope! Sometimes my beats bang 😆🔥Repost @nerdyderdy POP A FEW TAGS 🏷 PROD BY @ricopanacea #OFFBEAT #NERDYDERDY

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About this Blog d’Savreux

Shall I begin thus? 

This blog is an interfaith and arts blog devoted to spiritual insights/wisdom as well as the promotion of outsider art & poetics. 

Basic topics to be covered (what the fuck am I writing? A syllabus?) include: 

a. an interfaith approach to spiritual matters 

b. the cultivation of self-expression from omni-creating artistic pariahs who don’t find much of a home in the mainstream publishing world (and sharing of subsequent and relevant material(s). 

c. a syncretic amalgamation of these matters, ideas, posts, and the like. 

Criteria for Artistic, Poetic, or Spiritual Submissions: 

If you’re looking to contribute, please bear in mind the following criteria and restrictions: 

1) Nothing hateful, disrespectful, political, or self-righteous will be published 

2) Effort and thought are important (plz TRY to do something cool) 

3) Don’t WOW us with your academic knowledge or your MFA just send us your awesomeness…if it’s TOO polished or looks too academic, chances are it will be rejected. 

Aside from those guidelines we are pretty welcoming, laid back, and aren’t inclined to reject authentic art that comes from, or is good for the soul (visual, verbal, or multimedia)

Take it with a grain of salt, of course, but I do aspire to be a kind of offbeat, Western, omni-creating, satirical, Czechoslovakian, Zen Rumi … not necessarily speaking to me or my abilities, but rather, the extraordinarily abstract and eccentric nature of what this blog will deal with and incorporate. 



I’ve also worked in a variety of other capacities 

(yes, aside from the appellation “ritalin kid”) : 

1. Ex-journalist 

2. Former Research Assistant at the Second Language Acquisition Lab - KU Department of Linguistics