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Kivaa tiistaita! Happy Tuesday! Saariston aamulle ☕️To the archipelago morning 🎋🎋Ja nyt matkalla saaristotietä kotiin. Now on the way home.

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Les juro que ya me estoy resignando en esto del “amor”, no se me da con nadie

Now that I’ve gotten used to the use of the definite article as the relative pronoun in Old English, I feel as if I can read a much greater amount of texts in it; “ne fyrhteð þa þe on synnum lyfiað“. I’m glad I’ve made headway here. I suppose I could have also just alikened it to the use of ‘that’ as a relative pronoun in English, but my brain is slow.

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what is your favorite word for penis?

Old English euphemistic use of weapon (wǣpn)

                                                      ’εντρoπαλιξoμένη is how Homer says
Andromache went
after she parted from Hektor – “often turning to look back”
she went
down from Troy’s tower and through stone streets to her loyal husband’s
house and there
with her women raised a lament for a living man in his own halls.

— “II.”, The Beauty of the Husband, Anne Carson

“Next time I have to stick my neck out for you, it better be to bite off your god damn head.”

÷ - Nononono, not now- Go away-

-Scorn’s feet suddenly took him off in the opposite direction where he came from. Trying to lose the people, he just want to fix his errors…Now he’s starting to think like Librarian.-

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"Mr. Motus!" The apprentice drops his guitar as he runs to meet them. "Wh- what happened!? A timer started and-and-"

x-  The Incompetence Here Have Forgotten To Put An Special Reel Away. Now We’re Swapped With Some People In Particular. Some Might Be Able To Say Enemies Or Mutuals. But Scorn Have Retreated To An State Where He’s Too Poor To React With Nervousness.

x- All We Can Do Is To Wait It Out Until The Swap Lift Off Us.