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Won varsity won the best award of the SU, Footballs always the facking Winner

As well as purchasing your tickets to our comedy show 'The Complete History of Comedy' via our website, you can also get them from Odell & Co in Stony Stratford. Thank you Odells!

Today's Show w/ guest host + all 3 hours: 12:20pmET - Charles Barkley 1:20 - head coach Jason Garrett plus everything , , , runs, your phone calls and more! CALL US: 844-204-RICH

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Odell always looking good but wtf u thinking with that dress

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juice_landry Ima stand on that!!!



Odell Beckham Jr. vs Jesse! | Football vs Football Quiz | Jesse Lingard


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Can I ask all the muse questions for Odell, shadow of my heart?

Yes you can. and then I can proceed to waste my WHOLEASS NIGHT doing all twelve tests. Because i make poor life choices. But at least we both know a whole lot about Odell now. Under the cut because twelve tests jesus.

I will say, some of these are very context dependent and like….idk, not wholly who Odell is? Like, he was trapped in a cave for 200 years. That does things to a fellow’s psyche. I tried to answer from the personality/perspective he’d have in Rattlensake Chronicles (book 1): newly released and sort of…rediscovering everything about life.

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